Eyre Toons - Season 1

Meet the funny, crazy Eyre Toon characters. (Inspired by the cartoons from the golden age of animation). Join Diaman, Emmy Cat, Whitey The Unicorn, Double D The Spider and more in as they make jokes and poke fun at every day life with a few wild adventures thrown in from time to time!

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@SketchLines: Yes, Diaman and Double D have gotten some fans over the many different sites I have put them on! I really hope to get a Diaman-based TV one day, and if their comics become popular enough...! :D
Thanks for your nice comment, and just ignore my what for comment in Summer in CQ, I read it first! :P
@Eyre Toon Comics: Well my favorite character by far, aside from Diaman, is Double D, the spider. That sucks that your getting hate from other sites. Oh well, it's the internet. Stuff like that is always gonna happen
@SketchLines: Aww thanks Sketchlines! Means alot! I have been getting criticisms on my comics from different sites, so I am working on improving them a bit. I hope to come back and do more one day! Can I ask who was your favourite character?
Aw :( the comic has ended. Although i didn't read it daily, i always came back to it, read it from start to present.
Thanks for the laughs and giggles that it gave me :) Appreciate ya'!
Merry Christmas everyone!
Diaman thought he'd surprise everyone, but by the looks of things, it backfired! :P
If you celebrate Christmas hope you are all having a good one!
Hope all you boys and girls have been good this year, if not, you won't get visited by Diaman Clause! :P
(Not that I think you would be disappointed!)
That's all everybody! :D
Thanks for being a awesome audience!
Remember to leave comments on the comics or characters you would like to see more of.
So long!
(Til X-mas eve! o.O)
It is an easy mistake! We all mix up dates! Except the fruit kind... :P
I wish I could levitate like Diaman! Would make it so much easier reaching the top shelf! :D
Not quite what you though when you read the title?
We all like to make us our own special holidays, especially if we have kids! (No-Kid Sundays anyone?!)

Diaman isn't fooled by Double D's trickery! :P
Well, we thought Mousey looked cute as a baby.
There are worse things to be called than Fluff-Butt!
Don't do that Double D! It is freaky!
Lyon does love his food! :P

The countdown is on, 8 more comics to go before the Eyre Toons comic finish for the year!
Double D! Don't do that! It is creepy!
Bluebolt is more upset over the fact he lost a bet than Zippy not liking him. :P
Diaman said the future doesn't look to pretty because Zippy had dirty teeth. I don't know if I made that clear in the comic.
Author's Comment
Looks like Diaman was being watched today...
I mean other than you guys! :P
Emmy likes reading when she is alone!
No-one can interrupt her! :P