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Eyre Toons - Season 1

Meet the funny, crazy Eyre Toon characters. (Inspired by the cartoons from the golden age of animation). Join Diaman, Emmy Cat, Whitey The Unicorn, Double D The Spider and more in as they make jokes and poke fun at every day life with a few wild adventures thrown in from time to time!

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@SketchLines: Yes, Diaman and Double D have gotten some fans over the many different sites I have put them on! I really hope to get a Diaman-based TV one day, and if their comics become popular enough...! :D
Thanks for your nice comment, and just ignore my what for comment in Summer in CQ, I read it first! :P
@SketchLines: Aww thanks Sketchlines! Means alot! I have been getting criticisms on my comics from different sites, so I am working on improving them a bit. I hope to come back and do more one day! Can I ask who was your favourite character?
Merry Christmas everyone!
Diaman thought he'd surprise everyone, but by the looks of things, it backfired! :P
If you celebrate Christmas hope you are all having a good one!
Hope all you boys and girls have been good this year, if not, you won't get visited by Diaman Clause! :P
(Not that I think you would be disappointed!)
That's all everybody! :D
Thanks for being a awesome audience!
Remember to leave comments on the comics or characters you would like to see more of.
So long!
(Til X-mas eve! o.O)
It is an easy mistake! We all mix up dates! Except the fruit kind... :P
I wish I could levitate like Diaman! Would make it so much easier reaching the top shelf! :D
Not quite what you though when you read the title?
We all like to make us our own special holidays, especially if we have kids! (No-Kid Sundays anyone?!)

Diaman isn't fooled by Double D's trickery! :P
Well, we thought Mousey looked cute as a baby.
There are worse things to be called than Fluff-Butt!
Don't do that Double D! It is freaky!
Lyon does love his food! :P

The countdown is on, 8 more comics to go before the Eyre Toons comic finish for the year!
Double D! Don't do that! It is creepy!
Bluebolt is more upset over the fact he lost a bet than Zippy not liking him. :P
Diaman said the future doesn't look to pretty because Zippy had dirty teeth. I don't know if I made that clear in the comic.
Author's Comment
Looks like Diaman was being watched today...
I mean other than you guys! :P
Emmy likes reading when she is alone!
No-one can interrupt her! :P
@NeatoranMale: o.O OMG! I didn't notice that when I drew it! Oh dear, think I should take it down? It might make it funnier? :\
The ghost sheet with Zippy's point poking through looks kind of...... Yeah.