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SonicMon in all his comic beauty


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I need co-creators plz Im new 2 this so plz help
Its the Tardis!
....Ew...... it looks....wrong...
Could use better speech bubbles. XP.
Yesssss! Sonicmon is back and it looks even better then before!
I'm currently doing an experimental project to shatter this "no bit-mix" law...But that's cause I'm crazy...:)

Take a page from me:
My eyes hurt
Seriously, use backgrounds.
Don't worry. You should be harsh. Even the kindest of people would start cussing over here.
No offense, but: Fail.
repeated comic, you should delete this one.
your profile says you're 27 years old, we can all tell that's a lie from your comic skill.
The comic's backgrounds are terrible, they need speach bubbles and, just, it sucks.
I really advise you look at the real sprite comics and see why they are good, then do whatever it is they do. This comic is terribly made.
also the name made me think it was some kinda Sonic Pokemon thing. So yeah, just delete this whole comic and start ove, make sure you add backgrounds!
well, you finaly tried being funny. I've heard this joke already so i didn't find it very funny. the colour changing backgrounds are bad, dont do them like that. get speach bubbles.
Wadda you mean