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Conventional Wisdom: Patreon Gallery

Conventional Wisdom: Patreon Gallery

by Blitzkrieg1701
Conventional Wisdom is a journal comic about anime conventions and the general goofiness of geek life. It's been on SmackJeeves for years now, but recently extra comics started being posted on Patreon as well... and now THEY'RE on SmackJeeves too! This page collects the older Patreon comics so that the general public can see what they're missing, and hopefully, encourage ya'll to become Patreon supporters yourself!
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Conventional Wisdom: Patreon Gallery

Conventional Wisdom is a journal comic about anime conventions and the general goofiness of geek life. It's been on SmackJeeves for years now, but recently extra comics started being posted on Patreon as well... and now THEY'RE on SmackJeeves too! This page collects the older Patreon comics so that the general public can see what they're missing, and hopefully, encourage ya'll to become Patreon supporters yourself!

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CAN IT BE? IS IT REALLY TRUE? YES! I FINALLY FINISHED THE ANOHANA COMICS! only took me seven months to watch an eleven episode series! Okay, no, actually WATCHING the show didn't take nearly that long, just the comiking thereof. You know, like pretty much everything else that year.

So, the series after this was Konosuba, which had it's OWN string of delays that you'll hear all about when those go public. Or, you know, you could go read those AND the current series One Week Friends right now by becoming a patron! Remember, even a mere $1 a month lets you read all the comics, and $5 and up lets you add requests of your own to the queue! Who knows, if more people started requesting that old chool sci-fi mecha stuff I OH SO SUBTLY HINTED AT, these might actually get done more quickly! I mean, it couldn't hurt right?
Hey, remember back when 20th Century Boys was a thing? I sure hope so, otherwise this will make so sense whatsoever.

Also, after another break in updates over Animazement, this was officially the point where I began to embrace the "Weekly Anime Comics" name as a form of surrealist anti-comedy.
In my own defense, the ServantXService one didn't really require us to dwell on the fact that the children in question were, you know, DEAD. So that kind of helped.
If I can't find an excuse to work at least ONE Digimon reference into every set of comics I do, I have failed as both an artist and a person.

(For those of you who aren't Digimon fans, both Leomon and Wizardmon here are remembered for dying tragically. In fact, Leomon has died MULTIPLE times. It's basically his job in the franchise now.)
My mission to stick Menma into every single ghost-related media in existence continues. Originally, I was going to have this be a two-panel comic, with the rest of the cast in Return of the Jedi garb as well... but it took a LOOONG time to get this translucent force ghost effect right, and I just wanted the page DONE.

Also, note Menma hiding Anakin's face because irrational hatred of Hayden Christiensen is funny.
Okay, here comes the part where I get an entire generation of thirtysomethings mad at me: I've never really had any nostalgic conection to Ghostbusters. I mean, I don't think it's a BAD movie, but I've just never particularly cared about it, especially not in those childhood days when I was forming most of my really important pop cultural obsessions. Case in point, I've only ever seen exactly ONE episode of The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, and that was years and years ago. So, if you need an explanation why those seem to be the cheap Hong Kong knockoff Ghostbuster characters, it's because even with reference material right in front of me there's all kinds of little important details that I just wasn't gonna know to include. Frankly, I'm astonished that it turned out as close to right as it DID.

But yeah, I was actually sitting on this idea to be the Big Finish Final Page of the whole Anohana series, after I'd done all the plot-specific comics (with the joke being "Oh, I bet you though I was ABOVE this reference, didn't you?"). But this really wasn't the time be holding back good ideas.
IT'S ALIVE! IIIIIT'S ALIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!! actually a really horrible joke to be making about these comics given the series in question. I apologize.

So, this is the point where Anohana comics FINALLY started to come out in a more or less weekly fashion... and also started to get really, really, REALLY silly. I realized I'd been trying a bit too hard to come up with more satirical, observational, review-y jokes and just decided to cut loose with some pure silliness. And it worked out great! That's a good lesson for life in general, really!
I know this is a trope of school-based stories in general, so it feel a little petty to specifically complain about this one instance (in a show that barely even takes place in a classroom). Still, it's EXTRA silly to me that Jintan can just turn up at school again for the first time in ages, and there's STILL an open seat right next to the only other character in the room he's dramatically required to be next to.

Also, insert Homeschooled Kid Snobbery regarding the failings of public edication HERE. (I mean, WOW)
Remember what I said about being glad that you're reading these all in one chunk? These first few Anohana pages were stretched out over an INSANE number of weeks. The saddest thing? Looking back at a time when I treated delays like this as a big deal seems downright quaint. I should NOT be as used to weeks of silence as I am.

But hey, we finally started seeing the actual cast in comics by this point!
This is pretty much what my actual creative process is like… except that I don’t get into arguments with anthropomorphic cartoon animal creatures who belittle me at every opportunity… out loud… anymore…

I AM curious if there’s actually another human being out there whose brain actually went to Drop Dead Fred before anything else. I mean, there SHOULDN’T be, but that’s never stopped this sort of thing from happening before.
There's a sick irony in the fact that my two most common complains in life are (A.) I'm spending too much time working on comics, and (B.) none of my comics are getting done.

The original Patreon post went on to complain a LOT about how I was trying to get comics done while also doing Artist Alley prep, as well as a big ol' rant about how my anti-social tendencies were even worse than what's depicted here while I lived in DC... but I'll spare the rest of you all that self-pity. Even I found the whining insufferable, and I'm the one it all happened to!
A new series starts! ...and with it, some of the worst schedule slips of my so-called career!

Part of me felt bad about kicking off this series with a comic that, let's face it, isn't REALLY about the show at all. But then again, these comics are as much about my experience watching the shows as they are about the shows themselves, and this is MILD compared to what would go down later in this series. Be glad you're reading the collected version, folks, they delays between comics were CRAZY on this one.

The rest of me feels bad that, like the idiot I am, I blocked this page out in a way that completely hides Menma's trademark dress, which... well, kind of ruins the joke. I can't argue my way out of that one, it was just a dumb artistic decision.
There's something sick and twisted about me putting this page up for the public when I'm in the middle of getting ANOTHER update ready, but since those comics will be coming out in chunks, I wanted there to be SOMETHING else for casual readers to go read once that first dose of MAGFest pages ran out. But yeah, if you're reading this before those come out, now YOU'VE got THAT to look forward to! YAAAAAAAY!
That's nothing. See what happens when somebody asks me about the new MST3k.

And the worst thing is, I COULD just direct people to my blog posts on the subject and save us both some time... except I never want to be a person who says the words "Oh, I just wrote a blog about that!" un-ironically. NEVER.

But yeah. I don't sell stuff at cons anymore. Give me Patreon money instead, please.
These pictures really don't do the food cart section of the Dealer's Room justice. Like everything else down there, it was MASSIVE. I've been to entire cons that could have been fit into just that one section. I've lived in TOWNS that were smaller than that Dealer's Room.
...and that's the last time anyone heard of rain at Otakon 2017. Yup. LAST. TIME.

...though only I could manage to get hot and sweaty in the lobby of the Marriott. MAN the AC over there was powerful.
Clarification: I didn't take any pictures that WEREN'T of Scribbles in front of random things.

But yeah, I basically spent all of Thursday post-check in wandering around my old haunts in DC. It was a nice stroll down memory lane... that nevertheless reinforced ALL of my reasons for getting the crap out of the District of Columbia. You know when you walk into a room and you can just FEEL how much everyone hates each other? Like, they're all acting perfectly civil to each other, but their body language is so taught and on-guard that the atmosphere is super tense, which just makes everybody that much more antsy and brittle until if feels like one wrong word would cause the entire room to up and explode? Yeah, imagine an ENTIRE CITY of that. Miles and miles of it. Thousand and thousands of people just WAITING to tear your throat of if you look at them wrong. Maybe THAT'S why I didn't remember to take more generic pictures of DC streets: I was too busy trying not to be noticed for my own safety. ...or maybe I'm just a ditzy goof who was too bust taking stupid pictures of a plushie in front of various embassies.

Oh, and yes. I did stand in front of the restaurant and laugh again.
Yeah, after that last couple of MAGFest comics where I experimented with photo backgrounds worked out pretty well, this was the first update where I really went all out on the gimmick... only to discover that I wasn't anywhere NEAR used to this sort of thing and had an abysmal lack of generic background pictures once the con was over. Specifically, I really needed shots of the outside and adjacent streets for certain comics to work. Thankfully, AZ being so close to home came to my rescue and I could just drive down and take really creepy pictures from the van window (cos, again, no free parking)

Alas, I did NOT have this option when it came to the Otakon comics later that summer, but that's a story for another time... and that time is A FEW MINUTES FROM NOW WHEN I FINISH POSTED THE OTAKON PATREON COMICS NEXT!
A lot of times, being in cartoon form makes the real life events MORE funny, but I think it actually weighed down the humor here. Between those giant glasses obscuring most of the facepait, and the black and white art making the fact that my face is ACTUALLY white rather unremarkable, I don't think it really comes across just how silly I looked here. A dude with long hair and corpse paint driving a minivan while wearing a nice dress shirt and tie. I looked like the guy who fixes the copier at Death Metal Headquarters.
Some context for those of you who either weren't at Awesomely Bad's anniversary showing or haven't read the regular AZ comics in a while: to commemorate Awesomely Bad's momentous occasion, I threw on some Demon Kogure from Seikima-II facepaint on over my usual Dr. Forrester costume (and gave Servo a Fish Fight hat). It was fun, but a total mess to actually put on.

...and yeah, this brief foray back into hotel life DID serve to underline all the benefits of commuting from home, even if it DID mean living out of the van for several days... and those of you who donate enough to see blog posts as well as comics know I have additional thoughts on vans.