Conventional Wisdom: Patreon Gallery

Conventional Wisdom: Patreon Gallery

by Blitzkrieg1701
Conventional Wisdom is a journal comic about anime conventions and the general goofiness of geek life. It's been on SmackJeeves for years now, but recently extra comics started being posted on Patreon as well... and now THEY'RE on SmackJeeves too! This page collects the older Patreon comics so that the general public can see what they're missing, and hopefully, encourage ya'll to become Patreon supporters yourself!
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Conventional Wisdom: Patreon Gallery

Conventional Wisdom is a journal comic about anime conventions and the general goofiness of geek life. It's been on SmackJeeves for years now, but recently extra comics started being posted on Patreon as well... and now THEY'RE on SmackJeeves too! This page collects the older Patreon comics so that the general public can see what they're missing, and hopefully, encourage ya'll to become Patreon supporters yourself!

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February 24th, 2017
It happens a lot more than one might expect...
Danganronpa: Monokuma, the headmaster, appears as a remote controlled teddy bear. Asura Cryin': Tokiya Kagayaki, the science club president, appears at school initially only as a remote controlled Koala because he won't leave his house. You're welcome. :)

*gives self congratulatory pat on back for actually knowing an anime-relating thing that Blitz didn't know*
OOOOOOoooooh man, this one is kind of painful to look at right now. Even thought I'd already made my big, dramatic bow out of doing Artist Alley, the original comments for this page were still cautiously optimistic about getting things back on track within a week or two. Yeah, not so much...

BUT, for all my self-pity, there IS still more Patreon content that's not compiled here, and there's still SOMETHING getting added to it just when you least expect. And you'd be able to read it for yourself if you were a Patron!
The original comments for this comic were basically me pondering whether or not it was time to replace the "NOTICE THIS FLYER" design with something new. Well, I've since done that very thing, but kept using the old one as well. Not that it even matters all that much at the moment, as I won't be putting ANY flyers anyplace for at least a few more months...
This is something that always seems to be weird about Anime USA at the Wardman: we always have to share the space with other events. You know, the kind of events that would NORMALLY be in a swanky hotel on the expensive side of our nation's capitol. Bankers and businessmen and government organizations and stuff like that. Granted, AUSA isn't the only time I've EVER seen a con doublebooked (I remind you that Katsucon 2013 was a thing that happened) but never so consistently, or so obviously above our own financial status.

...and if anything, I DOWNPLAYED the number of golf bags here. I swear these guys just about filled up that entire rotunda in front of the elevators with these things.
Just for the record, that was Charles Dunbar leaping onto the stage like a gazelle, and Kate Oxley springing from the shadows. It's never a dull moment at AUSA Opening Ceremonies, always watch your back!
Yeeeaaah, AUSA 2016 is really where my scheduling problems started to get bad. I was optimistic for a little since, since I'd been really good about getting AWA comics drawn at the con itself, but the fact remained that I drew a LOT of comics by that point, and didn't take any kind of break between all that and THIS trip. And thus, the decent began.

Also, one of the reasons I don't like drawing comics in the midst of events is because I like the added perspective that comes from looking back on things later. Things that seem funny in the heat of the moment often don't once the dust settles, so I like waiting until then to actually start work. Case in point, I had a LOT of really grumpy notes about how bad business was in Artist Alley that would have made for really angry, uncomfortable comics. But I don't like the idea of Conventional Wisdom being an angry, uncomfortable reading experience. This is supposed to be a FUN comic!

...apparently ironic self-deprecation is fine, though.
What is it with AWA and me losing my voice?

Well, that's the last of the AWA comics, originally posted RIGHT before I headed out to AUSA. At the time, I was really proud of myself for pulling off such a feat of insane scheduling. Oh, if only I realized how badly I'd be paying for it MONTHS later...

But enough of that pity party. Next up, Anime USA comics!
Don't worry, I found her again after I DID put the costume on. Still, that was pretty dang annoying, ESPECIALLY after I'd already missed out on that Digimon photoshoot.
On the one hand, I feel kind of lazy having resorted to copy/pasting pre-existing photos in that last panel rather than actually trying to draw a more realistic version of the characters in an action scene. But on the other hand, I think the sheer awfulness of it is the single funniest part of the comic! ...But seriously, was the dude just trying to save time? Was there only so much space left on his memory card? What was the theme here?

BTW, Gaston here might look a bit familiar.
I don't latch on to many "Next Big Thing" shows (my sheer ambivalence towards Steven Universe would probably earn me the death penalty if tumblr became law) but MAN did I ever get behind Gravity Falls. And yet, because I pretty much never see anything until AFTER everyone else in the world, I'd never actually seen someone else watch it for the first time before. THAT was fun.

Part of me wants to question the logic of cosplaying from a show you haven't even seen yet... but then, the only reason I ever started playing Ragnarok Online was so I could learn the context of my Bard costume (may its ragged, torn up soul rest in peace)

Speaking of which, I still want to cosplay the Summerween Trickster one day.
Hey look! This page is a sequel!

And yes, the first line here DOES contradict the other comic's established fact that I'd just seen the "High Kicks/Body Rolls" video for the first time in ages a mere week before the con, but compared to the YEARS since I'd last seen the think, this might as well have been my first time thinking about it. Besides, that's not the point. The point is, even mere VISUAL stimuli can get that song stuck in your head. It's THAT insidious!
Man, who would have though I'd be able to get this many comics out of something as trivial as ServantXService? You never can tell from whence inspiration will strike.

So, for the longest time, we all thought the series that would follow this one would be Osomatsu-san. Alas, shortly before these comics ended, the Patron who requested it had real life happen, and had to cancel his bid. So I started doing Anohana next, but then real life started happening to ME and... well, that's a story for another day.

Anyway, both AWA and AUSA happened while the ServantXService comics were coming out, so I'll backtrack a bit and start posting those next!
Once again, the original commentary for this comic was just me talking about the AWA/AUSA stuff and how I wasn't doing Artist Alley anymore and... actually, the same stuff I'm STILL talking about even now. Geez, I need to find new stuff to ramble on about.
So, the original commentary for this page consisted entirely of me talking about the AWA comics that had gone up within the same 24 hours. Because, believe it or not, there was once a time when I not only kept up Anime Comic updates on a weekly basis, but actually had enough of a buffer to keep posting them AT THE SAME TIME AS I WAS WORKING ON CONVENTION COMICS! ...granted, that was mostly because the Cosplay Ideas with Chihaya pages are 95% copy/paste, so I was able to get a bunch one all at once, BUT STILL!
I will never get tired of this joke, no matter how tired other people get of me using this joke.

That said, it was probably a mistake to use a JoJo pose where one of the characters covers his face in an instance where the only giveaway that these are supposed to be different characters is his big, bushy white beard. Oh well, this is why she's only THINKING about it.
Because EVERYBODY'S favorite Final Fantasy character was Cait Sith, right?

So, yeah, if you're reading these without actually having watched ServantXService... guess what? The boss at the office is a stuffed rabbit! Well, a middle-aged man CONTROLLING a stuffed rabbit via remote control. You know, THAT familiar old cliche again...

(Confession, I really couldn't think of a third Remote Controlled Plushie Character to fill out this comic as intended, even though I'm SURE there are more that I just couldn't think of. Even now, months later, I'm STILL drawing a blank. I'm not even sure how to look that one up on TVTropes.)
Instant Edgy Satire: just add Grave of the Fireflies reference.

After all that complaining in the previous couple of pages, I feel like I need to restate that I did actually like ServantXService. The characters really are a lot of fun, so it makes sense that the series would be more interested in watching them goof around than focusing on the whole "digging through the government bureaucracy to seek revenge over a name" plot.

...and yes, I know that contextually it'd make more sense to dress Setsuko up as Kari rather than Agumon... but that's way less stupid looking, and why even bother doing something if you can't make it look as stupid looking as possible?
Yes, I pretty much made this same joke back during the Idolmaster comics... but come on, look at that guy up there. Does that look like a guy who's above using the same gag twice? But seriously, I don't know why I even considered feeling bad. It's not like anybody ever does any actual work in this place. For all Lucy's ranting, the most we actually see of anybody's job consists of sitting at a booth listening to an tiny old lady talk. I haven't done a whole heck of a lot with my life, but at least it was the stuff I SAID I was gonna do... most of the time.

...actually, with all the problems I've had with keep up schedules over the months since that paragraph was originally written, maybe I should rethink a few things.
I feel a little bad about this, in the sense that I don't actually watch THAT many Slice of Life anime, and I try to avoid casting vast, sweeping judgement upon things if I don't have the proper experience to back it up. But then, this is true of so many of the ones I HAVE watched, I just couldn't help myself. ServantXService has about as much to do with a government workplace as K-On! has to do with actually playing music on screen. Granted, I'm sure that the actual day to day grind of a public servant isn't prime fodder for a zany comedy... which is why I personally wouldn't have made a show about a bunch of them in the first place. Really, the only part of this show that actual REQUIRES this setting is Lucy's whole name plot... which she never really does anything about. Spoiler, she isn't even present when the whole thing is solved (That's another anime pet peeve: shows where the protagonists are completely passive until the resolution is dropped in their laps). None of that is to say I didn't enjoy ServantXService, the cast is quite likable and they get into a lot of entertaining mischief. It's just that it's all mischief that could have happened in ANY setting.
Never forget the time spent working at that mall kiosk. NEVER FORGET.

But yeah, I really didn't have the slightest clue what ServantXService was about before hitting play. That's probably not very wise, but it CAN make for some fun, spoiler-free moments (Some time I should tell you all about the time I started watching Show by Rock! with no introduction whatsoever...)