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Conventional Wisdom: Patreon Gallery

Conventional Wisdom: Patreon Gallery

by Blitzkrieg1701
Conventional Wisdom is a journal comic about anime conventions and the general goofiness of geek life. It's been on SmackJeeves for years now, but recently extra comics started being posted on Patreon as well... and now THEY'RE on SmackJeeves too! This page collects the older Patreon comics so that the general public can see what they're missing, and hopefully, encourage ya'll to become Patreon supporters yourself!
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Conventional Wisdom: Patreon Gallery

Conventional Wisdom is a journal comic about anime conventions and the general goofiness of geek life. It's been on SmackJeeves for years now, but recently extra comics started being posted on Patreon as well... and now THEY'RE on SmackJeeves too! This page collects the older Patreon comics so that the general public can see what they're missing, and hopefully, encourage ya'll to become Patreon supporters yourself!

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Like I said, you people are SUPER spoiled to be getting these comics in short, concentrated bursts.

So that's all the One Week Friends comics, but people actually pledging money on Patreon are getting to read even more comics about classic old-school mecha series Giant Gorg! And, of course, more bonus convention comics, which we're STILL not caught up on. I don't have them queued up just yet, but there's still a whole batch of 2018 Otakon comics that are well overdue to go public. Keep an eye out on all the various social media whatevers for an update when those go live! (And, you know, keep reading the MAGFest 2019 comics as they come out!)
AAAAAAaaaaaaaand we're back to the meta stuff. And really, it doesn't play into this show that much at all, and most of the times it does, it's resolved a lot more quickly than most of the shows guilty of this trope are. But there's the problem: there's SO MANY other shows that rely on "Character A didn't share information with Character B" to justify events that my tolerance for this foolishness was exceeded years ago, so even if the specific show in question doesn't even do it much, it still has to bear the brunt of all my built-up aggravation. That's not really fair to a show like One Week Friends (which, again, honestly doesn't spin its wheels on this THAT much)... but it's also not fair that I've had to sit through so many series-long plot arcs that could have been resolved in a single episode if the main characters would actually communicate with each other. So there.
I tried to come up with more of a traditional "punchline" for this one, but it kept sounding really forced and tacked on. Honestly, I just really wanted to draw Saki hanging out with with Osaka from Azumanga Daioh and Yui from K-on! They seem like they'd all get along... in a haze of spaced-out obliviousness. (Hey, at least it's not another meta jab at anime tropes, right?)

You know, it's funny. I have a deep-seated hatred for dumb or scatterbrained MAIN characters, but as a SECONDARY character they're almost always my favorite (Yeah, I know it's a bit of a stretch to call Yui a "secondary character", but in practice she spends so much time reacting to the rest of the ensemble that she might as well be)
It helps to realize that, at the time this comic came out, I was already well past the date when I'd hoped to start covering Giant Gorg, and was well and truly frustrated by THAT before anything else even entered into the equation. Well, at least I had crushing artistic disappointment to go along with my poor scheduling. It would have just been yet another play on general anime tropes (of COURSE a big, rosy sunset comes out from behind the rain once the lead characters make up!) but I still really wanted to do a comic of God at a big weather control panel covered in post-it notes with which atmospheric conditions best accompany which dramatic moments... but it just didn't work without seeing the accompanying moments from the show, and my attempts to draw those weather effects myself were so terrible that they killed the humor.

...but seriously, whoever painted the backgrounds in this show REALLY had a lot of fun drawing clouds and sunsets and stuff like that. I mean, it's not quite Makoto Shinkai or anything, but it's still a lot lusher than I'm used to seeing on a TV budget.
Yes, yes, I know this is addressed in the show itself, but honestly, would you have even noticed if it wasn't? This sort of thing happens so often, you probably would have just accepted it as the way things are. Explaining it only drew MORE attention to how trope-tastic it is for all the main characters to have a spacious, scenic, cinematic location all to themselves (Especially when the explanation was something as mundane as "Oh, a teacher gave her a key" that easilly could have been skipped over).

...I've been in an extra analytical mood for this series, haven't I? Like, even more than usual. I'd better cut that out before somebody start pointing out every single thing I've ever done wrong in Far Out There.
Not gonna lie, I was really reluctant to actually use this idea. It's kind of low hanging fruit, you know? But, well, I clearly wasn't awash with alternative comic ideas as the moment, or these would've come out a lot faster than they did. So here we are.

...seriously, though, I get having trademark artistic quirks in your character designs (I AM the guy who draws characters with crescent moons for eyes, after all), but it's REALLY weird to see those ever-present blush marks OVER a completely separate full-facial blush. How does that even work? Does everyone have facial tattoos?
It says something about the medium of Japanese Animation that "one of the leads loses memory of her friends every week" counts as one of the more plain and normal things I've watched.

Case in point: my original idea was to include one or two actual anime plot references, then spiral off into increasingly ridiculous "plots" that I made up myself... except I couldn't come up with anything of my own that real life anime didn't totally out-weird. Every single one of these blurbs is from a real thing. This is the same problem I have when I try to do April Fools comics. Normal reality is just too abnormal to out-do.
Hey, if I settled for doing things the EASY way... these comics would probably get done a lot sooner and have a much larger audience. And WE CAN'T HAVE THAT!

Also, be glad you people are reading the compilation version, because MAN these comics got done on a severely irregular schedule. An irregular, looooooong schedule. (I know, I'm totally making donating sound like a blast, aren't I?)
Oh, so THAT'S why the guests drink so much.

Well, that's all the Animazement 2018 Patreon comics, but we're FAR from caught up. Remember, becoming a Patron doesn't just get you extra con comics, donating $5 or more a month also lets you tell me to watch an anime of your choice and draw comics about it! And that's what we're gonna revisit tomorrow. This Saturday. a whole lot of One Week Friends comics!
I mean, they're hardly the sloppiest drunks to be found running around a con... but most of those other people aren't technically there for work.

I still remember the time one year when some voice actor got so sloshed he couldn't find his badge to get back into the con, and decided that his inability to handle himself like a professional adult was the con's fault. (Incidentally, it's the convention CENTER staff who check for badges, not actual con staff) But I digress. The point is, that table reeked like the alley behind a frat house.
...and that's not even getting INTO all the cosplayers who were doing an "interpretation" of a Pokemon, which basically boiled down to ears and a tail atop normal clothes (of varying degrees of skimpiness).

I should add, however, that in the months since I drew this, they got a bunch of newer Pokemon things for Christmas and have watched lots of more recent episodes of the show, so they officially know more about Pokemon than I do now.

And before anybody asks, I'm TRYING to raise them in the ways of Digimon too. It's just that Digimon toys were WAAAAAY scarcer than Pokemon ones back in the day, especially out in the boonies where we lived, so we barely have anything that's suitable for little hands. That, and Digimon has a LOT more "Wait, who thought this was appropriate for kids?" moments than Pokemon does.
I seriously have no idea why people are dumb enough to actually have me as a co-panelist on anything. I feel the the one thing I contributed as a panelist at AZ this year was making a pink bag to put over my head at one point.

That said, I suppose I AM being a little generous in my depiction of my illustrious colleagues' hard-working ways. I seem to recall this afternoon involving less editing video clips and more watching joke dubs from fifteen years ago on YouTube. You know, the essential stuff.
Seriously, I have no idea how this dude does it. It burns my brain out having TWO panels to think about during the same weekend, and I just keep scaling even THAT back further and further every year. This many panels is just lunacy, sheer lunacy. AND HE DOES THIS EVERY YEAR. Like, they should be naming some official something after the guy by now. It's crazy!

And as a way of drastic comparison (and to really nail in that "scaling back" comment), see the following comic...
After all that complaining I did about the cool, I really thought I needed to provide some context for just how out of character that is. Don't be fooled by the whole "born and raised in the South" thing, I'm not built for climates where the topsoil thaws for more than a month out of the year. Winters that are actually serious about being WINTER (once they actually start, that it) are one of the few things I actually miss about living in DC. Just to reiterate, half my problem this particular MAGFest was that I wasn't PREPARED for the cold. I packed with the expectation of being right across the street from the con, not being outside for more than a minute or so at a time. Walking several blocks across the National Harbor, absorbing ALL the wind coming directly off the Potomac, that's the kind of thing you at LEAST need to pack some gloves for.

And, ironically, I'm loading all these comics onto SmackJeeves in the middle of THIS year's polar vortex. Sure enough, everybody else is bundled up and freaking out about how cold it is, while I'm actually relieved at how it's finally pleasant out for once.

But I digress. That's all the 2018 MAGFest comics, tune in again TOMORROW for last year's Animazement comics!
I mean, I still think those surround sound chair-speakers are cool, and I get why one would feel a need to crank a game's volume up to ten in that game room, but still, that HURT. I actually had to spent the whole game leaning so far forward as to negate the whole purpose of a chair, just to make sure the next missile strike didn't rupture an ear drum... maybe it was one of those things where they rig up the game to cause actual physical pain?

Incidentally, back in 2017 I complained that the Cyber Sled machine wasn't working right... AND THE EXACT SAME CONTROLLER WAS ON THE FRITZ AGAIN IN 2019!
It's like how starting to tear down you Artist Alley table triggers a sudden surge of customers: deciding to head back to your room and change costume causes more people to want to take your picture, doubly so if it's an obscure/weird costume that nobody was getting in the first place.

And the staffer lady even said she was relieved I actually DID turn out to be a Gravity Falls cosplayer and not just a dude with a really fuzzy hat.
Zero embellishment on this one, we were really that bored without at TV... or more like bored AND tired from our various trips to DC.

As an aside: despite my well-established preference for camping out on the floor, I'm not a fan of inflatable mattresses due to the noise. Not so much the inflating, but all the squeeking every time you shift your weight on those things. It's probably fire for people who don't fidget around as much in their sleep as me, but MAN do I wake myself up a lot every time I've tried one of these doohickeys.

As an aside to an aside: I just found out that autocorrect knows what "doohickeys" is!
Figures that, after all the rigamarole of actually getting a room, there'd be stuff wrong with it, right? I'm not enough of a tech-head to comprehend all the things they were saying about that TV, I just know that even slightly fiddling with the options on the Switch caused everybody's ears to bleed and nobody could do anything about it.

This is the part where I deliberately avoided going on a rant about getting a hotel room in general, because early 2018 was a more innocent time before I knew what a nightmare finding accommodations for NEXT year would be.
No, seriously, it was really dangerous. The drive from the suburbs of Atlanta to up North of Raleigh is pretty punishing if you aren't properly prepared, and... well, I was up at, like, 6am to make sure I got all my stuff out of the hotel before the elevators got all jammed up. That is not how you prepare for a nine-hour drive. If you've been paying attention to any of my artist commentaries over the past year or two, you know that I don't have much middle ground between "awake" and "unconscious" anymore. When I start to fade, I'm out like a light FAST. And that started happening something serious on the final leg of the trip. If I wasn't so close to home, I probably would have pulled over and taken a nap, and honestly, I should have done that anyway. I was legit blacking out at the wheel and not knowing where I was and all that horrifying stuff. It is a VERY good thing that it was already so late that nobody else was on the streets around here. Don't do what I do, kids. (And I wrote that BEFORE I did what I did in 2018. This is why I had to stop going to AWA, it brings out the worst in me.)

Well, that's all the 2017 AWA comics. And you know what? THERE'S MORE COMING! Check back TOMORROW for the public debut of last year's MAGFest Patreon comics!
Not a whole lot to add to this one. The park space winding through all these office buildings is still AWA's best secret spot, and a good friend of mine spotted me from all the way across the thing and made sure I knew about it. Good times.

Well, I guess I COULD complain that I drew the line art for this page without actually looking at the background pictures I'd taken first. I spent WAY more time making sure I was drawing a spot-on Kid from Chrono Cross than I really should have, seeing as how badly I ended up having to scale that part of the drawing down. CURSE YOU, LAWS OF PERSPECTIVE!