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Conventional Wisdom: Patreon Gallery

Conventional Wisdom: Patreon Gallery

by Blitzkrieg1701
Conventional Wisdom is a journal comic about anime conventions and the general goofiness of geek life. It's been on SmackJeeves for years now, but recently extra comics started being posted on Patreon as well... and now THEY'RE on SmackJeeves too! This page collects the older Patreon comics so that the general public can see what they're missing, and hopefully, encourage ya'll to become Patreon supporters yourself!
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Conventional Wisdom: Patreon Gallery

Conventional Wisdom is a journal comic about anime conventions and the general goofiness of geek life. It's been on SmackJeeves for years now, but recently extra comics started being posted on Patreon as well... and now THEY'RE on SmackJeeves too! This page collects the older Patreon comics so that the general public can see what they're missing, and hopefully, encourage ya'll to become Patreon supporters yourself!

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Guess what show I was marathoning while working on comic stuff!

...hopefully I'll actually have a new Incentive drawn before this one goes live. Otherwise, aaaaawkward.
Pants with lots of pockets are a con-goer's best friend.
They didn't take QUITE as long to finish as all the MAGFest stuff, but the Animazement comics still took a while to wrap up... and they're actually STILL not all wrapped up, since I've still got the Animazmenet Patreon pages left to do...


...oh yeah, seamless.
In retrospect, this might actually be part of my problem with getting these comics done in general. I've developed just a habit of just jotting down random shorthand gibberish and just taking for granted that I'll remember why that moment was funny... it's getting hard to tell which bits of gibberish ARE funny, and I'm stuck trying to wring comedy out of material that's just, I dunno, slightly odd.

...but the whole Months And Months of Time Passing doesn't help either way. There's no getting past that.
Don't worry, I still managed to get the properly embarrassing Scribbles pictures.

...though I somehow made it all the way through doing this page without realizing that the game I was actually playing that was was ROADBLASTERS, not OutRun. I am suitably ashamed.
Hey look! It's all the cameos ever! There's Vengeance and Dr. Jarre from Far Out There, the title characters of Becky & Gilb, the bug boy from Point Me At The Sky, and of course, Those Three Kids! I was on a real background cameo kick while doing the rest of the MAGFest comics, and while I was pretty much over that by the time I did these last few pages, I wanted to keep the trend alive in the most self-serving manner possible!

Also, the thought occurs that I actually might HAVE seen something like this once before. Katsucon 2009 was the one year between their time at the Omni and moving into the Gaylord, when they had to squeeze back into the Hyatt in Crystal City again one last time. There was crowd congestion... pretty much everywhere, and I think that led to a certain amount of staffer monitoring over by the elevators. But even then, I don't think they did more than just keeping people from crowding in front of the doors. No actual, for real lines. I GUESS that means the joke still stands, right?
Seriously: these pants are as uncomfortable as all get out to actually wear (army buttons absolutely suck) but MAN do I like having that many ginormous pockets to carry things around in. I think that one pair of pants actually has more pocket space than the whole Dr. Forester costume and it's extra layer of jacket. And with fewer and fewer cons giving away a bag to carry all your swag around in, pockets just keep getting more important.
Don't worry, it really was Rowsdower. That's a more valid thing to worry about at conventions than you might think.
It really is a lose/lose proposition here. Remember, kids: always heed the staffer's repeated instructions to bathe regularly.

And this wasn't even a sweaty summer con, either! It frickin' SNOWED!
The obvious answer is that someone saw some fliers I'd already put out elsewhere, realized the hotel staff was about to clean that space and throw everything away (This was Thursday morning, and the staff usually doensn't give up on cleaning until sometime Friday night) and moved them to someplace more out of the way. Still, it was REEEAAAALLY weird to experience.
Honestly, the sadder thing is that, with every year that passes, more and more anime fans who would have NO IDEA what I'm talking about if I just started dropping Bebop soundtrack references. *sigh* Kids these days...

Actually, hold that thought. The SADDEST thing is that, somehow, this isn't the only comic I've done about convention bathroom music. How is that a topic I've covered more than once?
It helps a little if you realize that I live right next to one of, like, TWO obvious routes from central North Carolina to the Washington DC area. If you live anywhere in this region and you're driving to MAGFest, you've got a 50/50 chance of taking the same road as us, so it's not THAT strange that we'd cross paths with other people heading that same way... BUT IT STILL FEELS REALLY WEIRD WHEN IT HAPPENS. (Especially after we'd already spent all day seeing tweets and stuff from other people who left before we did)
February 24th, 2017
It happens a lot more than one might expect...
Danganronpa: Monokuma, the headmaster, appears as a remote controlled teddy bear. Asura Cryin': Tokiya Kagayaki, the science club president, appears at school initially only as a remote controlled Koala because he won't leave his house. You're welcome. :)

*gives self congratulatory pat on back for actually knowing an anime-relating thing that Blitz didn't know*
OOOOOOoooooh man, this one is kind of painful to look at right now. Even thought I'd already made my big, dramatic bow out of doing Artist Alley, the original comments for this page were still cautiously optimistic about getting things back on track within a week or two. Yeah, not so much...

BUT, for all my self-pity, there IS still more Patreon content that's not compiled here, and there's still SOMETHING getting added to it just when you least expect. And you'd be able to read it for yourself if you were a Patron!
The original comments for this comic were basically me pondering whether or not it was time to replace the "NOTICE THIS FLYER" design with something new. Well, I've since done that very thing, but kept using the old one as well. Not that it even matters all that much at the moment, as I won't be putting ANY flyers anyplace for at least a few more months...
This is something that always seems to be weird about Anime USA at the Wardman: we always have to share the space with other events. You know, the kind of events that would NORMALLY be in a swanky hotel on the expensive side of our nation's capitol. Bankers and businessmen and government organizations and stuff like that. Granted, AUSA isn't the only time I've EVER seen a con doublebooked (I remind you that Katsucon 2013 was a thing that happened) but never so consistently, or so obviously above our own financial status.

...and if anything, I DOWNPLAYED the number of golf bags here. I swear these guys just about filled up that entire rotunda in front of the elevators with these things.
Just for the record, that was Charles Dunbar leaping onto the stage like a gazelle, and Kate Oxley springing from the shadows. It's never a dull moment at AUSA Opening Ceremonies, always watch your back!
Yeeeaaah, AUSA 2016 is really where my scheduling problems started to get bad. I was optimistic for a little since, since I'd been really good about getting AWA comics drawn at the con itself, but the fact remained that I drew a LOT of comics by that point, and didn't take any kind of break between all that and THIS trip. And thus, the decent began.

Also, one of the reasons I don't like drawing comics in the midst of events is because I like the added perspective that comes from looking back on things later. Things that seem funny in the heat of the moment often don't once the dust settles, so I like waiting until then to actually start work. Case in point, I had a LOT of really grumpy notes about how bad business was in Artist Alley that would have made for really angry, uncomfortable comics. But I don't like the idea of Conventional Wisdom being an angry, uncomfortable reading experience. This is supposed to be a FUN comic!

...apparently ironic self-deprecation is fine, though.
What is it with AWA and me losing my voice?

Well, that's the last of the AWA comics, originally posted RIGHT before I headed out to AUSA. At the time, I was really proud of myself for pulling off such a feat of insane scheduling. Oh, if only I realized how badly I'd be paying for it MONTHS later...

But enough of that pity party. Next up, Anime USA comics!