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Conventional Wisdom: Patreon Gallery

Conventional Wisdom: Patreon Gallery

by Blitzkrieg1701
Conventional Wisdom is a journal comic about anime conventions and the general goofiness of geek life. It's been on SmackJeeves for years now, but recently extra comics started being posted on Patreon as well... and now THEY'RE on SmackJeeves too! This page collects the older Patreon comics so that the general public can see what they're missing, and hopefully, encourage ya'll to become Patreon supporters yourself!
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Conventional Wisdom: Patreon Gallery

Conventional Wisdom is a journal comic about anime conventions and the general goofiness of geek life. It's been on SmackJeeves for years now, but recently extra comics started being posted on Patreon as well... and now THEY'RE on SmackJeeves too! This page collects the older Patreon comics so that the general public can see what they're missing, and hopefully, encourage ya'll to become Patreon supporters yourself!

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There's something sick and twisted about me putting this page up for the public when I'm in the middle of getting ANOTHER update ready, but since those comics will be coming out in chunks, I wanted there to be SOMETHING else for casual readers to go read once that first dose of MAGFest pages ran out. But yeah, if you're reading this before those come out, now YOU'VE got THAT to look forward to! YAAAAAAAY!
That's nothing. See what happens when somebody asks me about the new MST3k.

And the worst thing is, I COULD just direct people to my blog posts on the subject and save us both some time... except I never want to be a person who says the words "Oh, I just wrote a blog about that!" un-ironically. NEVER.

But yeah. I don't sell stuff at cons anymore. Give me Patreon money instead, please.
These pictures really don't do the food cart section of the Dealer's Room justice. Like everything else down there, it was MASSIVE. I've been to entire cons that could have been fit into just that one section. I've lived in TOWNS that were smaller than that Dealer's Room.
...and that's the last time anyone heard of rain at Otakon 2017. Yup. LAST. TIME.

...though only I could manage to get hot and sweaty in the lobby of the Marriott. MAN the AC over there was powerful.
Clarification: I didn't take any pictures that WEREN'T of Scribbles in front of random things.

But yeah, I basically spent all of Thursday post-check in wandering around my old haunts in DC. It was a nice stroll down memory lane... that nevertheless reinforced ALL of my reasons for getting the crap out of the District of Columbia. You know when you walk into a room and you can just FEEL how much everyone hates each other? Like, they're all acting perfectly civil to each other, but their body language is so taught and on-guard that the atmosphere is super tense, which just makes everybody that much more antsy and brittle until if feels like one wrong word would cause the entire room to up and explode? Yeah, imagine an ENTIRE CITY of that. Miles and miles of it. Thousand and thousands of people just WAITING to tear your throat of if you look at them wrong. Maybe THAT'S why I didn't remember to take more generic pictures of DC streets: I was too busy trying not to be noticed for my own safety. ...or maybe I'm just a ditzy goof who was too bust taking stupid pictures of a plushie in front of various embassies.

Oh, and yes. I did stand in front of the restaurant and laugh again.
Yeah, after that last couple of MAGFest comics where I experimented with photo backgrounds worked out pretty well, this was the first update where I really went all out on the gimmick... only to discover that I wasn't anywhere NEAR used to this sort of thing and had an abysmal lack of generic background pictures once the con was over. Specifically, I really needed shots of the outside and adjacent streets for certain comics to work. Thankfully, AZ being so close to home came to my rescue and I could just drive down and take really creepy pictures from the van window (cos, again, no free parking)

Alas, I did NOT have this option when it came to the Otakon comics later that summer, but that's a story for another time... and that time is A FEW MINUTES FROM NOW WHEN I FINISH POSTED THE OTAKON PATREON COMICS NEXT!
A lot of times, being in cartoon form makes the real life events MORE funny, but I think it actually weighed down the humor here. Between those giant glasses obscuring most of the facepait, and the black and white art making the fact that my face is ACTUALLY white rather unremarkable, I don't think it really comes across just how silly I looked here. A dude with long hair and corpse paint driving a minivan while wearing a nice dress shirt and tie. I looked like the guy who fixes the copier at Death Metal Headquarters.
Some context for those of you who either weren't at Awesomely Bad's anniversary showing or haven't read the regular AZ comics in a while: to commemorate Awesomely Bad's momentous occasion, I threw on some Demon Kogure from Seikima-II facepaint on over my usual Dr. Forrester costume (and gave Servo a Fish Fight hat). It was fun, but a total mess to actually put on.

...and yeah, this brief foray back into hotel life DID serve to underline all the benefits of commuting from home, even if it DID mean living out of the van for several days... and those of you who donate enough to see blog posts as well as comics know I have additional thoughts on vans.
GASP! I'm finally posting stuff in public again! I bet you thought I'd stopped doing that, didn't ya? Well... yeah, I kinda did, but only because the flow of stuff actually going up on Patreon slowed so much, and I had to keep SOMETHING exclusive to justify the money people were paying. But I think over a year is MORE than long enough to justify that one dollar a month, so here's what the rest of you have been missing!

Anyway, yeah, with Animazement being so close to home, Artist Alley had been my only justification to not just commute. You van't have a 24-hour con in the RCC, after all. Now that I'm done with tabling, I bowed to the inevitable and slept at home instead of a hotel. All things considered, it worked out pretty well, though as you can see, there's no such thing as a perfect arrangement (and I didn't even tell you about the atrocious traffic getting into Raleigh)
Guess what show I was marathoning while working on comic stuff!

...hopefully I'll actually have a new Incentive drawn before this one goes live. Otherwise, aaaaawkward.
Pants with lots of pockets are a con-goer's best friend.
They didn't take QUITE as long to finish as all the MAGFest stuff, but the Animazement comics still took a while to wrap up... and they're actually STILL not all wrapped up, since I've still got the Animazmenet Patreon pages left to do...


...oh yeah, seamless.
In retrospect, this might actually be part of my problem with getting these comics done in general. I've developed just a habit of just jotting down random shorthand gibberish and just taking for granted that I'll remember why that moment was funny... it's getting hard to tell which bits of gibberish ARE funny, and I'm stuck trying to wring comedy out of material that's just, I dunno, slightly odd.

...but the whole Months And Months of Time Passing doesn't help either way. There's no getting past that.
Don't worry, I still managed to get the properly embarrassing Scribbles pictures.

...though I somehow made it all the way through doing this page without realizing that the game I was actually playing that was was ROADBLASTERS, not OutRun. I am suitably ashamed.
Hey look! It's all the cameos ever! There's Vengeance and Dr. Jarre from Far Out There, the title characters of Becky & Gilb, the bug boy from Point Me At The Sky, and of course, Those Three Kids! I was on a real background cameo kick while doing the rest of the MAGFest comics, and while I was pretty much over that by the time I did these last few pages, I wanted to keep the trend alive in the most self-serving manner possible!

Also, the thought occurs that I actually might HAVE seen something like this once before. Katsucon 2009 was the one year between their time at the Omni and moving into the Gaylord, when they had to squeeze back into the Hyatt in Crystal City again one last time. There was crowd congestion... pretty much everywhere, and I think that led to a certain amount of staffer monitoring over by the elevators. But even then, I don't think they did more than just keeping people from crowding in front of the doors. No actual, for real lines. I GUESS that means the joke still stands, right?
Seriously: these pants are as uncomfortable as all get out to actually wear (army buttons absolutely suck) but MAN do I like having that many ginormous pockets to carry things around in. I think that one pair of pants actually has more pocket space than the whole Dr. Forester costume and it's extra layer of jacket. And with fewer and fewer cons giving away a bag to carry all your swag around in, pockets just keep getting more important.
Don't worry, it really was Rowsdower. That's a more valid thing to worry about at conventions than you might think.
It really is a lose/lose proposition here. Remember, kids: always heed the staffer's repeated instructions to bathe regularly.

And this wasn't even a sweaty summer con, either! It frickin' SNOWED!
The obvious answer is that someone saw some fliers I'd already put out elsewhere, realized the hotel staff was about to clean that space and throw everything away (This was Thursday morning, and the staff usually doensn't give up on cleaning until sometime Friday night) and moved them to someplace more out of the way. Still, it was REEEAAAALLY weird to experience.