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An "Asmundr" sequel.
It has been 2 years since the plague of the Shield Wolf was defeated, but the plague of human kind has begun and the pack of Asmundr were left with no choice but to leave their home.
While "Father" is doing all he can to restore the balance on planet Earth, the pack must face the new world Aedra on their own.


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28 minutes ago
They resurrected an insane murderer (Ranulfr), but not Zilas.. I'm glad someone's finally chewing the sky gods out.
i wonder if Khellir knows it was meteor
I miss Zilas :( Ist sad i dont think we saw the bond betwin Zilas and hes parents :/ He was loial and loved hes parents and all the othes :( and Raimo really miss him and seems lorst by hes emotiens and gred :(

sorry im not good at spelling :/ but i LOVE this comic!!!
6 hours ago
@Kylor: wait, so it's not gonna be updated here anymore? Or like on dA, two times a week?
@Adana: Hey, whether they do or don't doesn't matter to me either way love is love. But if they are, even in the future, then I cant wait.
17 hours ago
Hm...was reading the journal on dA for "main part of the comic moves to patreon and updates on dA two times a week".

While this is fine and understandable, wouldn't be "patreons have just early access" the better option, or even "just on time a month updates on dA and here, but then all the pages of the month?" So people would have to wait longer, but still would be the same status. I see the problem that if someone would make theories it's mostly pointless since people are far ahead from each other. I mean, 1 dollar isn't much, but for me (and many others, as it seems) I can't use my paypal on this page and I don't own a credit card.
18 hours ago
@Draconic-Wolf: Tbh I would prefer not. I am sure Jahla Rhov and maybe even Keirr will be parents in the future, Ronja is on her way and I dunno...it's the same thing with "every close relationship need to be a romantic one" and now, here "every romantic relationship needs kids to be perfect" while in fact, they don't. Roamer is barely a young adult, more a teenager, for me it would be kinda creepy if they would adopt a pup now. Their relationship still started with a lie, they are in their honeymoon phase and we don't even know if this two will stay together forever, although I highly doubt they will split up in the future of the comic (it would be interesting, I have to admit, but yeah, kinda doubt it).

But anyway- they have a long way before they should be "parents". Roamer is basically a sweet kiddo and Kargo has such an anger problem that they wouldn't be healthy parents, despite the fact that EVERY adult couple in the prequel had at least one pup, I would prefer a couple without tbh.

But as always, it's just my opinion.
Ooo, I never noticed Roamer's white spot on bac (heart shaped <3) before.
Also insert Commander Shepard's "we'll bang ok?" here. I kinda thought that roamer was the bottom, still cute either way. I wish I had that. ;-; #foreveralone
Is it weird this i want them to, whether they adopt or find one, have a pup? Them being kargo and roamer.Like a love child almost.
@Nor87: True. I just imagine that to Kargo, Ferah, and Rogio, Ronja is a puppet of Ranach, and so far she's been a mostly obedient puppet. Sure, Ferah may be hoping that her words about the females and Rogio got to her, but the last image of her was Ronja in a panic and calling the guards on them. In their minds she's most likely fine-- they have no way of knowing that Ranach went insane.

That said, I agree. Ronja's actions do not justify NOT telling Roamer of her whereabouts, even if Ferah and co had good reasons. The longer they wait, the worse this withholding of information will become and the harder it will be to tell him.

I'm not sure how practical a conversation with Kainan would have been, but it could have worked. I just got the feeling the rebels wanted to go south and fast after Roamer said goodbye to the pack. XD

I do fully agree that Jahla should have at least told Kainan instead of lying about Zilas.

As I said earlier, I'm betting all of these lies will unravel in the same chapter as a central theme. :)
21 hours ago
@silver_huskey: I dunno, but just because she had a seemly hige rank, doesn't mean it will stay that way, especially after Ranach went insane and "killed" Rogio. Still, I do understand their lie, still doesn't make it right. Despite being maybe the only true writer mistake within the actual main chars, so Ronja came off as some kind of asshole, she's still family to Roamer and he won't be happy about that. It's not Roamers responsibility to "save" her if she don't want to be saved, but they could at least have beg for a conversation with Kainan to told him, because it's for sure the packs matter what happened with Ronja. That at least would be fair without involving in any danger, just like Jahla may have a point with "the elders lost hope", but should have told Kainan instead of decide by herself.
@Kylor: Definitely. I think that's why while this page is great (Kargo opening up), withholding the truth about Ronja makes me feel uneasy. Like you said, Roamer will probably be unhappy with him for a while. He's always helped others and has shown remorse for his actions, but what happens when he's the one who's wronged? I personally think their relationship will become stronger once the conflict clears up.

As for Ferah and the rest not knowing if Ronja suffered or could even be dead to them, I don't think they're too worried. Yes Ferah knows Ronja's been manipulated into joining the tribe, but she also has a high rank, and she's the one who called the guards on them, almost getting them caught. So they're probably not too worried about her safety. (If she were another sex slave, that would be different story.)
24 hours ago
@Brindle: Of course they are not, but such a childhood did influence you and I personally find it realistic to integrate her past in the most recent events, also the featured comments on the said pages proved this. But jep, I think she's well written, although I don't agree with everything she did.

Oh well, I don't blame Rog for isolating his species, why would I? It's perfectly understandable. I do blame him for his shitty move though, because it was nothing but about himself. Like, he introduced his mate with a smile while couldn't care less that Jahlas mate is completely missing and he wouldn't even told her.

For Ronja well...unlike some people on dA I do think Kique did a damn great job with most characters, but Ronja...Idk, since her behavior makes no sense and most of the time, we couldn't even relate to her/her important scenes was skipped.
@Nor87: True, but Kainan's pack isn't her mother. Like that makes sense, it's what she grew up in, but I wish, after spending so much time with Kainan and the rest, she would see that they're mature and can handle even war. Lifa was not mature, she was kidnapped and raised by her kidnapper to be tailored to him. She had Stockholm. I think she did a great job though, I disliked her at first, but she put her children first and left Ran, so that was pretty damn cool.

But she was never the most stable person, so I guess I feel like it's unfair of Jahla to baby everyone as she thinks her mother needed to be. Roamer, on the other hand, proved he himself is unreliable. Kargo didn't even know what to think during the scent trail, he had no idea /what/ Roamer was doing. His sad expression made it seem like he thought Roamer left forever. Then Roamer leads a beast to them, lets Ferah fall... He has a heart of gold, but I can't say I'd trust him with anything until he shaped up. Talking to Fjordor was that first step, he did a great job there.

But I agree, Jahla is VERY well written. Even if she personally rubs me the wrong way, I know she's an incredible character story-wise. So I totally understand why people like her.

And yep, so far, Rohgir's seeming not too good, but someone on DA made an amazing comment defending him. It was mostly about how he's in charge of a new species, and new species need quarantine, because who knows what illness they can catch (red eye was a previous concern), who knows if they can handle big wildlife, etc. It was a pretty awesome perspective. I still don't agree with what he did, but it was cool to think of that.

I'll admit, Ronja's my least favorite character, so tbh, if Roamer could move on and forget her, I'd be throwing fireworks. She was so rude to him, then horrible to his friends, and just terrible to everyone... imo she's toxic as hell. The whole 'you want to leave your family' manipulation to make him stay, when he even said he'd come back. I can't say I feel bad that she was manipulated right back. But that's a HUGE bias so I can't really make points for her in a fair way like Jahla, Ferah, Kargo, and Roamer. I'm well aware writing wise it wouldn't make sense for Roamer to forget her, but I can imagine- :'D *throws into same dream bin as trash ships*
@Brindle: Both lies had their background tho. Jahla learned from her mother that people can break down and lose hope, resulting them in starving themselves to death. I think, with all the blame against Jahla and yes, even Roghir, people tend to forget that this three had the most traumatic childhood from all our mainchars. Surely, Kainans parents disappear, but still, this three had to flee from an unstable Father who tried to attack them, were completely without the protection of a healthy pack, with a mother near insanity and just voices in the head and themselves. They had to grown even faster than Kainan, they had to learn to decide form themselves and for others, too (their mother in this case). Lifa was starving herself to death and they had to watch it everyday, just imagine how awful this must be. By no mean I want to say her lie was right, same with Roghir, both lies were awful and should just viewed at that, wrong.

I just wanted to say that while it's wrong, it IS understandable and was well written.

Same goes for Ferah/Kargos lie, but that also don't change the fact that it wasn't the decision to make, because after all they knew, Ronja could be raped by now and Ferah herself mentioned she already knew Ronja was acting. But it is still understandable. Tbh, all both lies were, just Roghir was really selfish. Of course, Ferah Kargo is selfish, too, but at least they do want to protect him. Although Kargos speech still rubs me the wrong way, he KNOW there's still a secret between him and his future plans. He can move on, but Roamer couldn't if he knew about that. I do understand Kargo and I feel him there, but this words will most likely backfire to him one day.
@Kylor: That's true, but so far he's still way likable imo personality wise. Probably cause he actually shows remorse. And because we've seen him go through hell, which is mostly the reason I really want to roll around in the pages where he, Kargo, Ferah, and Rogio finally get to be happy.

It's definitely wrong, but I find Ferah's reason infinitely better than Jahla's. A group of war veterans should earn important information sooner than a reckless adult that tries to act like a lone hero (and I like Roamer too, I just know he's been a loveable reckless idiot in Ferah and Kargo's perspectives). He does see his own flaws though, so maybe once the argument or whatever happens, he can understand that by acting the way he did before, it pushed Ferah to not say anything. Like both can come to some good solution together. No secrets, but no running off without a word either.
2 days ago
@Brindle: Roamer is as much as Ronja to blame tho. He told the younger pack "attack on sight" (even Kique mentioned it back then that it indeed is the reason why Zilas attacked instantly instead of waiting for his friends), he made the trail near the lonely village, yet told his friends it's save there. Don't get me wrong, I love Roamer, but even Kique himself said, while Ranach is the only one who's truly to blame plus MT dogs who helped in that matter, Roamer and Ronja are alike to blame for the events. Just because Roamer is more loved, doesn't change the fact that his reckless behavior also leaded to the death of his friend. So...both of them are the reason why Zilas died, why Jahla and Rhov fight and split and why Keirr is all alone now.

I do understand your point tho, but it doesn't change the fact that lying and hiding always is the wrong way. It was wrong with Jahla and Rhov, it leaded to Rog Jahla broken bond and it will also lead to drama within the rebels. But the good thing is, after a storm, the air is mostly clear, so let's wait for the storm to enjoy the clear air after^^
@Kylor: Her actions affect everyone. Rhov and Jahla are fighting over Zilas's death, which came from her involvement in MT. Rogio's nightmares and slow fall from a lack of sleep come from her telling on him and getting him captured. Had it not been for Zilas's interrogation, MT would have never even found Kargo and captured him again. All of it rolls back to her, regardless if she intended it or had much screen-time. Hence me loving these two get a moment that doesn't involve MT or Ronja or anything else. They can finally just have a moment for themselves. So I dread Axi will take that away once she arrives.
2 days ago
@Brindle: I also find them cute, but that doesn't change the fact that Roamer has every right to be angry with them and feel betrayed.

You think so? Ronja barely had more spotlight than the others, if everything, the whole comic before the last chapter evolved around Roamer and Kargo, not that it bothers me, really not. But I don't think this argument is true. Ronja MT is one plot out of many.