An "Asmundr" sequel.
It has been 2 years since the plague of the Shield Wolf was defeated, but the plague of human kind has begun and the pack of Asmundr were left with no choice but to leave their home.
While "Father" is doing all he can to restore the balance on planet Earth, the pack must face the new world Aedra on their own.


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23 minutes ago
I just want to remind everyone that there's a reason for Jahla's lies.

From the beginning, Lifa had a hard time with the sky gods talking to her children. Jahla learned to conceal it, knowing that it deeply bothered her mother. Later, when Rohgir revealed that they had all been talking to the sky gods, Lifa was scared and betrayed.
Jahla knows that Lifa is strong, even if she can sometimes be emotionally fragile. She ran away to raise her pups in an inhospitable environment. Even if the pups don't believe it was the right choice, it takes someone tough to do that. Yet nearly everything about the sky gods disturbed and frightened Lifa. Knowing that they had taken her son is what caused her eye to turn completely red.
Jahla was also raised by Ranulfr until she was three months old. She saw him go insane from knowing more than he should but not having all the answers. Given how young she was, this would have made an enormous impact on her.
Through her experiences, it has been reinforced to her over and over that telling the truth about difficult topics only ends badly. While lying to her pack isn't beneficial to anyone, it's what she's been taught to do, and she has no reason to believe that any good will come of telling them the truth.
I Love the new chapter cover!
@GlacialFireStorm: "... but here so far all I've seen is a "I'M THE BETTER OVER YOU!" type of attitude, I don't love any character more then another and I will call them out on their flaws if I feel a need or desire to.. but I can understand Rohgir, Jahla however I cannot; her reasons.. yes, but not the attitude she brings along with them. Her attitude destroys all trace of actual reason or right in her arguments and just brings out a full on war zone between her and whoever is opposing her "law"."

Not trying to change your opinion, but I respectfully disagree with some of this. I'm not saying Jahla's angel who can do NO wrong, however, she also doesn't strike me as "top bitch" trying to rule with an iron claw.

Her biggest flaws right now are blind belief that Father (who she views as an actual father figure) can do no wrong, and her tendency to lie and withhold information from others. In both cases she isn't doing this out of malice or to make herself look better, but she sincerely believes she's protecting those whom she lies to. It's not right and she's treating the pack like pups, instead of the mature adults they are. (She feared the pack would run off and confront the MT instead of having faith in them.) The only one she snapped at for questioning her was her mate Rhov, and let's face it, they didn't get into an argument about who's turn it was to take out the trash, it was about the death of Zilas, how dangerous this world is, and how the pack is starving and losing hope. It seems like she snapped at him because she got tired of hearing his complaints about the Sky Gods and feared he was also losing faith in her. I think Jahla's fears are unfounded and Rhov was in the right, but she's a stubborn girl just like mom.

Also, when she tried to pin the blame for Zilas' death on Roamer, and Rhov tried to deflect that blame from Roamer to Kargo and Ferah, Keirr stepped in to set them straight. She didn't argue about being right, or that she was in charge and he had to get in line, she listened to Keirr's point, submitted and backed off. I don't think someone trying to assert themselves as a top bitch to everyone would have backed down.

As for Ronja, all she ever did with her position of power in the MT was to sulk in her room, not ask question about the females or how the tribe works, and believed Ranach's lies over Roamer's judgement. Then she used that power to find Roamer and rip him away from him his friends, admitted to Jonna that she was only using the MT to find Roamer, then planned to leave, belittled Ferah (even welcomed her back to a place where she was raped constantly before escaping), defended a dog she knows is a bastard, and only started asking questions after Rogio broke the rebels out and after Ferah's words may have gotten to her. In short, most of what Ronja did in the MT was about her, until her confrontation with Ferah and the rebel breakout that helped open her eyes. I just don't see how Jahla is on the same page as this. O_O
I feel like that's common anywhere.. back when I used to write people would always argue with me over stupid things, kinda like this but not the same exactly.. they'd yell at me for names I chose or other things x'DD

not really that good of an artist so I don't draw comics, but back when I was into writing I got a lot of crap from people. I'd assume it's just normal these days, lots of special snowflakes xD
@GlacialFireStorm: Nah, not that bad, but it is common that people try to force their point of view on you. I often heard how "poor" Ranach is and when I just try to state that, in fact, he isn't in MY opinion (I love the discussions and will often reply to people, but if we can't find a common ground, I mostly agree to disagree then, because it's the best way to do so^^), some were really rude to me and this also happens to me with Roghir at some point, because in my neutral opinion, neither Jahla nor Roghir are completely right or should be praised for their behavior, since Jahla get a taste of her own medicine and Roghir is mostly indeed Fathers loyal dog...but still, that wasn't okay anyway^^I HAVE to say how "good" Roghir is, or people won't stop XD

There are great discussions on deviantart sometimes though, but often a lot of fights and I SHIP IT too
@Marielechen: Is deviantart really that bad? :{
I stopped being on DA ages ago.. and actually deleted my account not that long ago because i'm never on there x'D

I only read it from here, so I don't know what it's like over there but why do they do that? I mean it's fine if you wanna post a debating comment that might sway someone's opinion, but it's not directly meant to do so.. but just flat out telling people they're wrong? x'DD
@Death_Wolf1250: http://comments.deviantart.com/1/636277791/4230142890 ^^

To Jahla: I don't think she's as worse as Ronja at this point and it isn't fair to compare them with Ronja, having a lot spotlight and Jahla, barely shown until now.

But beside that, yeah, pretty much agree. I still think (mostly refers to deviantart though) people should be able to voice their frustrations with specific characters and if someone think, Roghir is an asshole, it should be okay, because from some viewpoints, he is (although that really isn't my own opinion). I mean, a lot of people even said that to Roamer, who also clearly isn't. Especially deviantart is a place where people often try to change your point of view. Every comment is often about "you're wrong, this character is great because of..."

While I am a roamer myself (guess who's my favorite character, eh? bwaha), I am also a person for the family/friends. So for a person who's more family-focused, Roghirs point of view is hard to understand, like some people will always think Roamer is just unloyal because he prefers strangers over his own family in need (which is not actually true, but lets that aside for the argument).

So..when persons never would put stranger or a godlike purpose over their own family (even though Roghir has his own reasons to act like this, which I perfectly understand, as I said time and time again, I do understand both sides), then, yes, they will see Roghir as unloyal, uncaring asshole who's just doing his job, mostly because Father told him so.

I personally don't think so, though, as I mentioned above, I perfectly see and understand his reasons, although I personally think, the "bitchy" argument is a bit unfair, too, because it's more a writer-thing in this case to just show stressful moments, while characters like the rebels get funny/playful moments as well. No offense of course, because I get this was just the first story arc and we will get into their development now.
I had a feeling Jahla would do that.. While I can understand where she's coming from, I don't like where she's trying to take this. Yea the Asmundr pack is older, and pretty much helpless compared to some of the other dogs and other creatures in general out there; but Father was protecting them.. He kept them safe, kept intruders out and brought them food whenever he could to keep them alive and healthy. They're an experienced pack and they can mainly handle themselves due to the experience of hunting and trap setting, but the elders left rookie leaders in charge instead of using everything they knew.

It's a new land, yea they're old and yes.. it likely would have been an issue at some point, but they did have father's support and younger members to help with hunting and exploring. Rohgir.. yea he fucked up a little bit, but his reason wasn't unjust. He's in charge of over twenty-six dogs, making sure they're fed, no fights happen; he's in charge of an entire species growth and success, it's never going to be easy having to go through all the pressures, worries and stress of dealing with that type of situation. He didn't want mingling between other species and their own yet.. yes, it's understandable; doesn't mean he's right and justified but.. it's understandable.

I read what some others say, to be honest.. I do love almost every character, but siding with one doesn't mean they're better then everyone else, I just think some others are just as irritated as I am that all Jahla ever wants to do is scream, snarl and argue at everything without having all the facts and reasons first. She's trying to go off about it like she's the highest voice above all else, Rhov said they had to correct themselves, instead of listening and thinking she threw a tantrum and ran away from him; her brother's in charge of their species growth.. she asks how many there are then BAM, blows like a bomb instead of peacefully turning and asking why couldn't the rest of the pack be there. I feel like she's not trying to understand anyone else's rhyme or reasons, she's being stubborn and only seeing what she wants to with no other way around it.

For me she's on the same page as Ronja, I adored both of them but now.. neither of them are using their heads, they both seemingly think they're "Top bitch" and can own everyone else because their way is always the best one they don't like it when someone else chooses a different path. It's not a fact, but that's how I view it.. To me they're about one and the same now and I can't stand either of them. Jahla has leader qualities yes, but she doesn't actually use them; I'm sure her brothers thought about how to do things and decided safely growing their numbers without interference was for the best. It's like one colony forming with their own beliefs and customs, yes they can and likely will adopt other culture eventually, but they have to be themselves first and make their own way of living; Jahla just urks me now..

She was strong and smart, cared for and listened to what her mother and siblings felt and wanted to say, she was never aggressive unless it was called for, but here so far all I've seen is a "I'M THE BETTER OVER YOU!" type of attitude, I don't love any character more then another and I will call them out on their flaws if I feel a need or desire to.. but I can understand Rohgir, Jahla however I cannot; her reasons.. yes, but not the attitude she brings along with them. Her attitude destroys all trace of actual reason or right in her arguments and just brings out a full on war zone between her and whoever is opposing her "law".
12 hours ago
@Macha: Thank you. I have the feeling, people are hypocrite with Roghir, duo to the fact they love him more. Like: "If Jahla has this deep faith, it's wrong, but with Roghir, it's great and fine!", which is disturbing for me, in a way.

The reason I don't trust Roghir that much is because he is so loyal to Father, even more than Jahla ever was. He would do anything for him. I think, the blind faith is ALWAYS wrong, regarding both siblings. But I'm not into that whole religion thing anyway, so who knows.

I often have the feeling, people will excuse ALL things Roghir did, which I honestly don't understand, since he isn't any better than other characters. Kainan did all these things and was an impressive leader and still people blamed him, Roamer did all the things he did out of care- still blame. But gosh, how dare you to blame saint ROGHIR? XD You know what I mean? That's the feeling I got always, regarding Roghir and if I feel anger about him, which I do, clearly.

In my opinion, all people can try to defend him and that's all good X) but for me, as a sibling, it would be betrayal and a major turn off if my brother don't tell me about the night beasts. Or at least: "Don't go outside, dangerous". Jahla and her pack DID tell the elders about it, just not in all details, they did told them with the argument "in the shield are we save", so the argument "Jahla did the same" is not actually true, Roamer also warned them about the Tribe. The only thing she was hiding is the fact how Zilas died. Still wrong, but that's the only thing.
Is it just me or does the Akiulfr in the first panel hold a very close resemblance to Zilas (minus the breed and the white on the tail)?

It also has me very curious... Siblings as in full blood related siblings or only half siblings? I know that Rohgir said that none of the Asmundr pack was used for their creation, but I have a feeling that Thakir might be one of their siblings? He did seem to notice her from all the others and even seemed to show her a bit more of respect than the others did, despite them all dancing and already getting into that party mood XD
He does have similar markings to Roamer, so I guess it's possible he was created with someone related to Grayson and Vilda? On his reference sheet, the close up on his face reminds me of Vilda *^*

Though, I get how Jahla is mad at her brother and seems rather impassive about those not of their species but I think she has to clear her mind a bit. It would be rather sad if they were the only Akiulfr so when Father gave him this task, I'm sure he was committed to it. It almost reminds me of his father and how he was desperate to keep Lifa since she was the only other Liulfr at the time.

This almost seems like a parallel. Back then (if I remember correctly), the Sky Gods tried to save the Liulfr as well but the mission failed in the end and they were all ultimately killed. It's unknown if Rohgir knows what happened back then but if he does, maybe he doesn't want that mistake to occur once more.

I'm glad that he seems willing to do whatever he can to get the Akiulfr to thrive but at the same time, there's quite a bit of cons. I feel like he himself may later become consumed by greed for his species and ultimately fall into darkness himself. But I feel like there's small chance for this since he seems to have his head out of the water and his goals are very visible to him.

Even though his reasons are reasonable, once their numbers have grown and they have interaction, it could also end them. While it could be like the dogs in Adrea would see the dogs from Asmundr or other unknown packs/species, I think that seeing this very new and unknown breed could lead to a war of some sort... Since Rohgir plans to wait for more Akiulfr's to join them (maybe even his own? :3), it could also make others see them as a threat. Not only due to their species but their numbers. I don't think we've seen a pack large enough yet and if they grow even larger, it could be a very big conflict among the other tribes.

Like Ronja, I feel like the other packs may try to recruit them for their rarity and for breeding/research @.@

But all that aside, poor Argeirr looks torn. I feel like he was excited to see his sister but he ended up eavesdropping and looks conflicted on what to do. Kind of reminds me of a child hearing parents fighting ;-;
14 hours ago
It's funny though. People blamed Jahla so harsh for her faith, which is understandable, but if Roghir showed the same amount of faith, people praise him for it.

Granted, I never liked him that much, he's one of the last liked characters, so I guess, people will try to change my view, at least this kind of thing often happens on deviantart (people are camler here, I noticed).

Roghir is mostly Fathers loyal dog, in my opinion. If Father is not to trust, Roghir is second, because he actually never questioned Fathers decisions and will most likely do whatever Father want from him. Jahla is somewhat different, because she choose her family over "living with Father in his ship" (which was the last thing we knew about the lives back in Asmundr). She at least know how a life without Fathers guidelines could be.

I know, Roghir want to do his best, but have Father and Roghir ever asked the Akiulfrs? What is there wish? Will they become brainwashed, so they have to follow Father also completely blindly? Just like the pups were, in a way, when they was younger? Maybe the Akiulfrs want to interact with other species?

What's with same sex couples, are they even allowed due the breeding plan? What's with Argeirr, is he forbidden to take a mate and have childrens on his own, just because his genetics are not that great? And if so, is Roghir, the very Roghir who wanted him to be save, okay with it due his faith to Father?

I really hope the chapter will also break his strong faith to Father at least a little bit, but we'll see.
I really can understand both sides of the equation here, neither one of them is wrong. They both have good intentions, but even good intentions have repercussions.

I adore how there is no black and white with these two, they're both entirely in the gray. Fantastic job Kique!
22 hours ago
Jahla's eye have always had an amber/reddish coloration to them. It's just different perspectives and if her eyes are open/squinted/etc it's more prominent.

Aki's can't get the red eye disease anyway,it was only a problem for pure Shield wolves because they were tampered with.
22 hours ago
About Nightbeasts
I get the feeling a lot of people are assuming the island is Nightbeast free... but is it really?

There is no proof that there are no Nightbeasts on the island, and I wouldn't be surprised if they had a barrier similar to the Asmundr pack, just a lot larger due to their being more of them. (and a physical wall)
22 hours ago
Does Jahla's eyes always go kinda red like that when she's upset? It worries me a bit.

It just kind of reminds me of the red eye disease but I don't think Jahla has it. Unless it's something to is brought along by high amounts of stres-- I'm going to stop speculating when I literally have no evidence.
23 hours ago
@silver_huskey: That sucks, and yeah hoping so too. It's also ironic she's complaining about leaving the elders when that's exactly what she tried to do, her and Rhov tried to become their own new pack's leaders. Had it been successful and they claimed a new land, they'd have never had a reason to go back asides maybe visit. It was for food purposes but still, she did leave.
"used during the creation"?
Are they "created" in the same way Jahla and Roghir and Argeirr were, by slightly modifying Liulfr pups or were they just created in some other way?
@Macha: I agree Roghir doesn't deserve the heat he gets from her. (I know the feeling of being blamed for something technically not your fault. I get that kind of heat from my mother. Though we still love each other. Family... *sighs*) It's just one of her flaws that make her feel real. I really hope she calms down a little and she learns a few leadership lessons from him-- like looking at the BIG picture.
@Marielechen: Where was that confirmed? :3
23 hours ago
@silver_huskey: she always blamed Rohgir for everything lol, that's one reason I don't care that he's not altruistic with her. Even when he saved Arr by having Arr transported to a safer place, which brought him to tears, she still made him feel like garbage.

But that cover makes things super exciting, for both these dogs and the original pack~