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The Legend of Pokemon

Based on the N64 classic "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" but with pokémons instead of, well, everything!

Follow the courageous eevee Link on his adventures to save Hyrule. He is joined by Navi the Hoppip, and together they travel to exciting places and meet interesting friends and foes.


Recent Comments

Last panel reminds me of my three emotions at school. Boredom, misery and the rare case of enthusiasm
Haha! Fair enough, but I do have fond memories of his scenes. Him opening his mouth was the first memorable Zelda scene I ever saw, and the story of the goddesses left a huge impression on me.
Why does The Great Deku Tree talk SO much? D:
Ha deku is breaking the 4th wall
The questions we always have
stark, man i aint feelin too pretty..
@DarkFlameOSecrets: Just pokémon in general. I have never played the mystery dungeon games, but I am considering it for research :P
I just thought.... Is the pokemkn side of this comic Pokémon Mystery Dungeon or is it just pokemon in general
He must feel disappointed after doing all that work and only being level 4 rip
Only Level 4???
Experience must be a lot harder to obtain by your poké logic~
At first I wanted to make this two pages, but I... really wanted this fight to be over xD
Time to go meet Zelda!
(Inserts jevils theme) WE CAN DO ANYTHING
"This thing's loaded!" XD
Ayy, go on Navi and Deku! :3
It's okay to be scared. Navi will help you :D
Only a few more pages left of this chapter~
@Goku521: I wanna see the witches be plusle and minun.
Go War Babies, GO!