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Twin Lights

Twin lights: souls who were once one incarnate to grow up as separate people destined to find each other. But will they find each other unchanged?

Storybook BL fantasy adventure

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LOL she's like NOPE I'm OUT
February 8th, 2017
As you might have noticed from notes from my previous pages, this year hasn't started best for me, and unfortunately things don't get much better yet. I'm not doing too well in all this, and this week I didn't manage to deliver. I need to take some more break, make things around me calmer, and more stable, and to come back properly with more cool content for you all. I don't know yet how long that will take, I'll let you all know when I'm sure of anything.

Thank you all for your patience with me. I really want to give you great stories. I hope I will be able to resume that soon.
February 2nd, 2017
@warren1965: Awwwww, yessss he made a cute little one, and he definitely should be a better father.
February 2nd, 2017
Uhhhh.. page a little late, but I grew to absolutely hate this previous way of coloring daylight pages so I had to recolor. Next few pages might be a bit experimental too, but I'll get somewhere I like in the end, I promise xd
Dad Pants
Roddy baby! Seeing as you dropped trou it would be nice if you could pull up your big boy pants and spend sometime with the adorable demonbaby you made. Just saying.
January 25th, 2017
@Jolten: Oh oh thank you for your feedback, it's really nice of you :D And for the advice, unfortunately I am broke now so I won't be trying to get that data back, but fortunately it wasn't that much lost xD
January 25th, 2017
@brootalz: Thank you for reminding me about this, and for feedback on new style! That's great to hear ^^
January 25th, 2017
Reminder from last week: I lost my data due to hard drive failure and I don't have names and questions from people who gave me topics for Q&A and feedback. If you wrote something, please let me know what it was ^^

Also if you have some question for Q&A but haven't asked before, I'll be happy to add it to my list :)
I believe i said i would like speech bubbles because i got a bit lost but i have to say the writing on top and the bottom helped me out a lot i like that format
January 18th, 2017
Love the comic I have just found it and got here with anticipation of how cool it is ^_^ sorry to have read your problem with your comp I don't know if you can but someone once said to me that sometimes when a hardrive dies they can be taken to somewhere and although they cant repair it they can snatch the files of and put them onto a separate drive disk etc dunno if that's an option but good luck and great work on comic ^_^
January 18th, 2017
Hey my dear readers!

I bring awful news. Remember how I told you last time that my computer was acting up? It appears that hard drive was malfunctioning. I ordered a new one online, and began moving all my stuff on my pendrive. I had 20gb of space for backup. Have you ever tried fitting all your stuff into 20gb and to make it as quick as it is possiible cause computer freezes from time to time? Well I know now how it is, I had to quickly sort out everything I had and copy most important things.
The bad news is that I didn't manage it. Hard drive died on me before I finished packing all my things on portable thingy, and some stuff is now gone forever. Among those things are all the sketches I've already done for Q&A, as well as list of people that wrote questions and feedbacks for me and questions <; _ ;> And I already deleted my hiatus page from everywhere among with all the comments cause I had the list of people written down.

TL;DR: I'm and idiot, hard drive died, and now I have no idea who to give bookmarks to, and what the questions were, I remember just a few of them..... :<

If you wrote something back then, please write me some question again, or the same one if you remember it. I'll still do those things, and will give out what I promised!
January 12th, 2017
@Ralend: Thank you! I really hopef it will work well, and from what people tell me so far, it does, so I'm happy :D
January 11th, 2017
@Jarvi: Nice compromise with the text. It keeps the style of the comic, while not spoonfeeding us conversations and leaves us to fill in the blanks with out imaginations.
January 11th, 2017
It's Wednesday already? Oh wow! Sooooo, new page guys!

Unfortunately no Q&A stuff yet, my computer is seriously acting up lately and last three days it's just a nuisance all the time, freezing to death randomly all the time. I'm going to do what I can to make it live a bit longer but I'm fearing an upgrade will be necessary at some point.
But on the bright side, we have now a new shiny and pretty cover, which I hope you guys will love as much as I do :D <3

See you all next week!
January 6th, 2017
Hello and welcome back in 2017 my dear readers! :)

I hope your end of 2016 was better than mine, I got sick for a whole MONTH in November! And in the end of December my provider turned off my Internet when they were supposed to do it at the beginning of February and now I'm waiting till the end of Jan to have new one, haha.

Anyways pages will still come, once a week on Wednesdays (unless something happens again).

I've redone all the previous pages, so check them out please. I've listened to your feedback and it appears that only drawings weren't as understandable as I was hoping for and since I really don't want to alienate people by making a hard to understand thing, I decided to add some texts. It's not normal speech, I went for more of a tale telling style as it fits more to me for this story. I hope you like that one too :) Please let me know what you think!

Next week, along with the page, I will give you answer for one of the Qestions you guys asked. And also list of people that will get the promised bookmarks <3 ^^
November 17th, 2016
@Joemon8: Awwww thank youuuu <3
November 16th, 2016
OH DANG MAN!!!! THAT IS SO LIT! I actually get it and that makes me so freakin' happy. I love this whole wordless thing and the art is absolutely stunning, hands down. I'm looking forward to reading this.
@Jarvi: Exactely: I don't like snobbish creatures, and your elves seems humble ^^
Besos :* :*
@Auldr: Thank you :D I gotta admit I still have some problems with planning it out but I'm really hopeful it will go well :D
@Vilian: Awwww, thank you! ♥ SO much love in this comment, made me really happy <^.^>
I'm wondering why you don't usually like elves, but mine are fine to you. In my case the change was because I never liked snobbish high-race elves, somehow that type of character didn't fit to me for woodland creatures ^^'