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by Sailorfrill
Drake is a vampire that recently got woken up from his 300-year coma to help stop a world-threatening mess he started, except he doesn't have a memory of what happened, he also isn't actually a vampire but an escaped alien prisoner with other aliens hunting him down. How is he going to fix the mess he started and evade his pursuers if he can't even remember his name?!

Updates Wednesdays until further notice!
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Drake is a vampire that recently got woken up from his 300-year coma to help stop a world-threatening mess he started, except he doesn't have a memory of what happened, he also isn't actually a vampire but an escaped alien prisoner with other aliens hunting him down. How is he going to fix the mess he started and evade his pursuers if he can't even remember his name?!

Updates Wednesdays until further notice!

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June 19th, 2018
I mean, I love bacon and most people I know do to! XD

Also, next Wednesday is my birthday as well as my vacation so hopefully I'll remember to update during that time!
June 12th, 2018
Here's your healthy helping of pig butt! And we are in the past now!
We are now finally entering chapter 4! Like I warned before it's all flashback for a while and we won't see characters like The Twins, Heather and Dorian for a long time. I'd say for probably a couple of months! So enjoy human Vlad! You'll be seeing plenty of him!
That's it for chapter 3! Get ready for the longest flashback since that Rebirth manhwa!

Oh hey! Look at that! When this updates again it will be a new month! New chapter with a new month~
May 22nd, 2018
So this was fun. Opened this page up for the normal final touches only to find it's not shaded, highlighted or have any words! Cool, I totally wanted to waste my afternoon getting this ready. ::insert heavy sarcasm here::

Anyway, if anyone read the bio pics for the characters on here then you should know Dorian most definitely has PTSD and now we know for good reason! Vlad's face is a trigger for him but I meaaaaaan....Dorian is a drama queen either way? The best way to calm him down when he's having an episode is gentle stroking and/or cuddling. One of the reasons Veronica here is Dorian's favorite is because she does this and was the first person in his "care" that cuddled him during one of his episodes that lead to him realizing how well this helps him. Becuase he's a 400-year-old child.

So this chapter has ended! Yay! Another chapter down! Fair warning before the next chapter starts: we will spend the next 2 chapters in a giant flashback. It will focus on Drake and Jessika's relationship at first and explain some stuff later so be ready!
May 15th, 2018
Sweet! Dorian is name dropping people we will never see! Veronica is def having a moment of "I really wish I hadn't asked!" Hahaha! You wanted to know gurl!
She got him talking and now she heavily regrets it! XD
When Veronica turns on the waterworks, that's when Dorian gets all apologetic and stuff. It's his weakness!! Sometimes you end up caring about your sex slaves~

Hiatus has been averted!(for now~) My novels have somehow managed to inch their way into my weekday schedule thanks to unforeseen events! It used to be Sempiternum on weekdays and novels on weekend but lately? NOPE! My novels demand all the time, especially that first one that seems to be putting up a great fight while I'm just trying to get it in print form! Curse you werewolf filled story! ::shakes fist in the air::

Too bad no one entered that contest! I guess nobody wants a free Sempiternum print! The story: I made a post about a little contest going on over on Sempiternum's Facebook page. I decided I wanted to bring little promotional cards of this comic with me to that convention I'm selling at but was having a hard time thinking of an image to put on it. So what did I do? Turned to the internet of course! I said for anyone to comment an idea and whoever's idea I ended up using would get the card shipped to them for free before the convention started. But no one commented so I guess nobody wins!(I came up with a funny enough idea later anyway)
April 25th, 2018
Look! This thing updated! Don't be surprised if updates here get weird or I call for a hiatus next week. There is CRAZY issues happening with the printed version of my first novel and I can't really work on Sempiternum while that's going on because it's all I can think about! Ugh.....
April 17th, 2018
This lady is digging for answers, because how he feels effects her GREATLY!

SO! 16 or so months ago I said something on here about an erotic illustrated novel I wanted to do. WELL, I DID IT!!! It's available on Kindle right now, if you wanna take a gander at it! Even if you don't have the Kindle app you can still go peek at the "Look inside" feature to see how it is AND the physical copies will be available within the next few coming weeks!(taking longer for that one because I was a derp and set the size for it WAAYY too big lol) So if you like my artwork, werewolves, magic, romance, knights and a kindda horny princess, then click the link: ap_bc?ie=UTF8
Click it! You know you want to~
April 10th, 2018
Let's see if Dorian actually answers that question....

I don't have an unboxing video for my vertical banner that I'm using for the comic con I'm selling at or anything.....
April 3rd, 2018
Look who gets stuck in the box anyway!
March 27th, 2018
Look! Veronica kissing up for the Tony dude!
March 24th, 2018
Hey, the comic is going back to once a week updates for.....probably a long time. I'm really interested in getting my first novel finished by May 1st and I spend pretty much a full 5 days working on sempiternum, since no one is really reading this there is no point in making myself keep up this schedule so it's just Wednesday updates for now kids!
March 20th, 2018
Veronica took her time to catch Tony up on what's going on and all he can talk about is the broken TV. For shame Tony!

So, I went to that comic con last Saturday and oh man, there were waaaaaaaaaay more people there than I thought there would be! It was kinda great! I think I passed out most of my "business cards" to people who took my picture because I was cute and people wanted pics. XD I did put pics up on my Instagram if you haven't seen it:

If you found this comic through that mini comic con, welcome and thanks for checking this little weird comic out!
March 16th, 2018
As I'm writing this, that con I was talking about hasn't happened yet so I guess I'll talk about it on Wednesday update!
March 13th, 2018
This page is hilarious! Look how his hand just disappears into the TV! Ahhhhhh.....past me could not handle that panel! Remember kids: lots of the pages you see now are like 1+ years old so I should be a bit better now! XD

Also, Sempiternum's second anniversary online was Sunday! I totally forgot! Oops! I got good reasons for forgetting though!!! Going to con this weekend to pass out my cards, going into overdrive with finishing up my first novel so I can get it published by May 1st, dropped my phone into water, got it fixed then dropped it in more water less than 2 weeks later and just said "fuck it" and got a new phone, then, of course, I have a ton to buy and think about for the con I'm selling at in Dec! So good excuses!!
March 10th, 2018
So Dorian knows Vlad?? That's probably not good! Can't be good since Dorian is very clearly being crazy about it.

Did you know I have released a short ebook recently? You can tell it's by me because it's got my art all over it! Why not give it a look, especially if you like BDSM stories: ?ie=UTF8&qid=1520696635&sr=8-1&keywords=bad+kitten

And there's more news! Next weekend I will be going to a small comic con to pass out my business card to other con-goers! It's called Chesterfield Comic-Con and it's in a library so BOOKS! So if you're in the Richmond, VA area come! I'm totally trying to get as many people to come as I can! XD
I still haven't decided if I wanna be a super goth chick with horns or white a spring fairy...
March 6th, 2018
Oh, look who it is again! With more weird French!
March 2nd, 2018
What's wrong with Dorian now?