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There Will Always Be Dragons

by Qlock
Dragons are commonplace and so are the troubles they cause. The local dragon expert claims there would be far less if people only listened to his advice.

Updates on Sundays.
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2 Years Ago
Dragons are commonplace and so are the troubles they cause. The local dragon expert claims there would be far less if people only listened to his advice.

Updates on Sundays.


Recent Comments

Even if it's about 2 years by now, I'm still waiting for your update
Hey Qlock, any chance you'll ever update this one again?
Am I the only one seeing random text being scribbled out?
The art in this is amazing
Really lovely comic! Great watercolor! I hope you upload more! <3
Hope you upload some more of this, pretty fun to read and the dragons look great.
That castle tho'. Very good on the exterior and interior detail.
Holy cow... I love Gwen's character!
That is indeed a very pretty dragon, i think.
"And not for any specific reason, I'm just innocently curious I swear!"
I'm not sure how she plans to hide that dragon. Surely it would outgrow the attic eventually, although she probably hopes to have it domesticated by then (i.e. not burning houses down). If domestication of dragons is possible (and if that's a direction you're going in).

Anyway, fantastic work!! The artwork is absolutely gorgeous, and you have a lovely start of a story with these two chapters. I really hope that you're able to see the story through to its completion. Gwen's too excited not to see what happens next. XD

I'd love to see this as a printed book. I bet that it would be so lovely~
ohh, you're going the Welsh route with the name then? i like that!
October 9th, 2016
And there we have the end of Chapter 2, which also marked the end of my degree. I want to continue drawing this comic for a bit longer though, especially since I'm finally getting to the chapters I REALLY want to draw. It'll probably take a while before I can start uploading anymore pages as I have yet to even write the script for the next chapter. At least I won't have a deadline this time so no limit to the pages and no more rushing the artwork! Anyway, thanks again for reading and leaving comments and such, it does brighten my day to see it. Hope you enjoyed it, and I'll be back with Chapter 3 in, well, can't really say at the moment. But a month at least.

Also, anyone who actually speaks welsh might tell me off for this, but I think 'Gwawr' is sort of pronounced like 'Go-AAr'.
Gotta hand it to her, she did a good job. Clearly all the time she spent observing dragons wasn't for nothing.
Baby dragon get.
Fantastic work with the leather textures!
Let's hope they don't breathe on her exposed gown. A surprising number of mediaeval women died by stepping too close to the cooking fire and going up in flames before they could undress. And that was WITHOUT dragons :D
September 26th, 2016
Nice to see them cooperating properly. Of course, their dynamics are still developing and I'm sure there's more to come, but it's promising to see them actually work to a constructive end.
Let's just hope she really does know what she's doing so the house doesn't meet a combustive end.
I don't write comments often, and I've been following this since it started. I was reading It's a Hard Life when I started this, and I must say, this comic is beautifully designed, drawn, and written! Keep it up!