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Pokemon: Crisis Wish

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@Nashew: And I thought I was right in some of my assumptions. Argh.

Thanks for reminding me of you two authors' statuses. I totally forgot about Ulti's channel and SMB. (I used to not care about that comic because back when I first joined, I thought Paper Mario was overrated. It's The Thousand Year Door's fault. Don't get triggered.) I didn't know that you had a job also, so yeah.

Also, I should've said "I wish," not "should." That was a little direct, so sorry about that.

PS: I have a life too. (School.) It's what caused me to kill my first sprite comic, Kirby and the NES Ray.

@Ultizeta: Well, that's what I'm doing. I was just listing my wishes there.
@TheJGamer: We "should" start the comic soon instead of when we actually want/are ready to do it? Maybe you should learn not to rush content you want and treat creators with respect and patience.
January 30th, 2017
@TheJGamer: You're doing a lot of assuming there.

Ulti most likely has other projects besides SoK that he'll be doing after KA. plus he has his YouTube channel.
As for me, my art gallery isn't really something that's ever been consistent, it's something I update as I have stuff to put there.
That being said though, I am working on getting Re:Kirby going again, and you didn't even mention Super Minion Bros. which will be my main focus for quite a while after I get it back up and running.

Plus, both Ulti and I have actual lives. He has college and I have a job.

All that to say, March - May 2017 is basically impossible for a large number of reasons.
@Nashew: I would say that this should start in... March - May 2017.

Since it takes about 4 months to finish a "section" in Kirby Adventure, Ulti should finish with The Final Mission in February or March. Assuming that Ulti isn't going to work full-term in Shards of Krino or the Final Mission isn't really the Final Mission, and assuming that you don't really work full-term in your Art Gallery or RE: Kirby (is the Art Gallery on hiatus?), I say that this comic should start soon.

Raise your hand if you read all this.
January 29th, 2017
@TheJGamer: Honestly it could be 2018 before this starts up. We're not sure yet.
@Nashew: Eh, I see news posts.

Anyways, since Kirby Adventure is almost over, when do you think this comic will start?
@Ultizeta: Well in addition to it being deliciously evil, people tend to not really see news posts.
Wow way to be a tease by making this a comic page post, lol

All that needs to be said is in the news post.