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9rainbowtails Makes Art Here

A place where I put my art

I take requests and art trades any time

Recent Comments

Just realized what your Cover Title read 😂
@WiispNightmare: 0#. #3¥. |_00|<. 1’|\/|. 3\/3R¥\/\/#3R3. +00¡
@9rainbowtails: e v e r y w h e r e
@WiispNightmare: I was joking. You can see the stuff on TRS new site design
Ranboo ranboo look I've infiltrated your comic

I'm everywheeeeeere
Now it is. But not all the way bc I commented on it so it shows up in the comment section lol
Feel free to delete my speech and yours to eliminate that!
@9rainbowtails: am sneaky

But actually it's not hidden lol sorry
@WiispNightmare: What. whow are you finding dis. It es hiden
@9rainbowtails: now I'm intimidated by your problem solving
@WiispNightmare: be intimidated... by my inability to draw hand/paws so I covered them with fire.
You are right I am in 4th grade and that took 9 hours to figure out it is amazing how you figured that out and I got a similar email and it = to... ( I will show in my next post)
I'm very slightly intimidated by your expression
I'm very highly intimidated by your improvement wowie
It is awesome and if you make to derpy than it will be even better and it looks like acshon movie star. Also did you check out pokefarmQ and or registr
im sobbing ur improvement is hardcore amazing
FIREEEEEEEE *runs away with stitched on ear*