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Far Out There is a SciFi/Comedy webcomic that's been running for years now, and not just on SmackJeeves. Along with all that main comic, there have also been many, MANY side comics published as Voting Incentives on Top WebComics, and more recently on Patreon. Until recently, the only way to go back and view these older comics was to root through an awkward list of Photobucket links, but NO MORE! At long last, this page will host all the stray comics in one convenient place, making your Far Out There experience complete!

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So, this Incentive went up right after the latest Becky and Gilb comic was finally finished and posted on Patreon. This is NOT what that comic is about, but I HAVE toyed with the idea of a scifi/action parody where Becky & Gilb fight off crazy alien invaders. Of course, given the rate that I've been cranking out chapters so far, don't hold your breath on that ever happening.

Anyway, I do believe that's the end of the 2016 incentives! next update will be another batch of Patreon comics... but not until after I've actually gotten the regular Patreon updates back on track. Gotta make sure the paying customers have SOME kind of advantage over the general public, after all.
I have no idea why there's no ridiculous-sounding fake TV show being announced from off-screen. ESPECIALLY given Layla's dialog here. What the heck, past me? Why no "World's Most Hilarious Boob Jobs"? What about "Minor Celebrity Autocannibalism Chronicles: Senior Citizen Edition?" Or maybe "Pop Star Stalker Championship?" Not even a little dose of "Whiny Teenage Diary Theater: the show where professional insult comics tell these special snowflakes EXACTLY what the world thinks of them?" COME ON! Talk about a wasted opportunity!
So, this was the first Voting Incentive after THIS Christmas page, and only exists because... well, it really, REALLY needed to.

...except only one kid, cos apparently Alphonse stayed home.
...and speaking of Gright, here's this! I was just fooling around with layers and gradients and wound up with this bit of weirdness. It's really rough, obviously, but I think it's still a pretty neat idea for a poster.

Granted, I've said repeatedly that I'm not doing Artist Alley tables again for a while, so I'm not sure what I'd DO with a new poster design. Maybe a new treat to send out to patrons of a certain donation level? Maybe? Hmmmmmmmm?

(I actually don't know. Physically mailing stuff out is a crazy challenge all on its own)
So, for a few seconds I was really stressing out about trying to make up a whole of supporting Gright characters on the fly. I REALLY lucked out on the original Gright design, so the thought of trying to capture lighting in a bottle four or five more times was terrifying... until I realized that new supporting characters spun off a popular mascot ALWAYS suck in comparison. I was actually allowed to be lazy as crap for once and it'd work out for the best!

I'm not sure why the channel showing this is using bright, happy pastels for their title cards, though.

I'm also not sure what happened to the folds on Trigger's shirt. It's SUPPOSED to look all bunched up and rolled into itself, like he was scooting around on the floor and slid halfway out of it. But somewhere, most of the fold likes disappeared and now it just looks like he's wearing some kind of belly shirt. And that's just not a good look on you, kid.
PSYCHE! No skinny-nerd-on-giant-catgirl action for YOU!

I kind of which I'd figured out a different way to draw this, though. Even with the dialog and the "tug tug" effects up above, it still kinda sorta looks like Layla's HITTING Tabitha with the soap rather than trying to pull it off. There needs to be more... I dunno... "upward ooomph" or something to show that Layla's actually doing something.
I'm honestly not sure if I was originally going to make this another series and just changed my mind half-way, or if I was planning on a fake-out right from the start. Either way...
This Incentive went up on Thanksgiving and, well, I... I'm sorry, I can't get over how creepy "Blip With An Entire Turkey Inside Him" turned out. That was a BAD idea.

...and I'm almost positive Blip isn't supposed to eat things to begin with.

*ahem* Anyway, once again, I'm trying to establish that Layla's a diehard meat-loving carnivore while there's no room to do so in the main comic.

...though the thought just now occurs to me: is there delivery food in space? I mean, I'd imagine planet-to-planet delivery probably isn't practical, but what about delivery to ships? Like, if you know there's a stretch that ships traveling from system A to system B have to go through, why not set up a space station with a compliment of super-fast ships right in the middle of the void and offer to make deliveries to anybody in range? Gosh, I might actually have to do that...
It's been established that Bridget's instrument of choice is drums (since they involve hitting things) but that doesn't mean she can still look AWESOME holding a guitar.

...though now that I think about it, that's one TINY guitar if she can hold it that way. A real, grown-up electric guitar on Bridget ought to look a bit more like this.
Oh man, this one is as shameless as it is lazy. I was doing that one page where Layla won't let Trigger and Alphonse watch "Rumiko and Vashti's Bikini Voice Lessons", and for some reason, I decided to undermine the whole joke about that being stupid fanservicy cheesecake by actually SHOWING it. Admittedly, there already wasn't much going on in the page (I think this was another "convention eating up all my time and energy" situation) so I kinda did need to include more content SOMEPLACE, but still. Defeating the whole point. And just to make sure EVERYBODY EVERYWHERE EVER noticed the hypocrisy, I posted this pencil draft of their bikini cameos as the Voting Incentive. Yeah, I'm really not pleased with myself over this one.
Oh man, for such a slapdash doodle (I think this might have been one I bashed out to cover a con trip) this page is LOADED with call-backs and continuity bits. Seeing Parker again, seeing Castral and Iconal again, mentioning Principal Baby... Heck, even the futurespacescifi names Parker mentions have turned up in previous pages if you know where to look.

By the way, I have no idea if they're refereeing to "Principal Baby" by his character's name because THEY don't know he's actually called Norman Leitch, of if I actually forgot about that myself. Sometimes I doubt I'm that clever.
Look, I think visiting the beach is neat and all, but the ocean is just GROSS. And that's not even an environmentalist rant or anything. Salt and dirt and icky swimming things are just gross on general principle. So I'm basically with Avatar on this... though admittedly, I don't have the added problem with water that she does.
Hey look! A sequel!

This is the problem with Nitpickers hanging out with other Nitpickers: they're constantly questioning each other over EVERY. LITTLE. THING. I think a lot of Nitpickers embrace a worldview of absurdist nihilism around each other, just so they can shut down potential arguments with a rousing "No reason, just like there's no reason for ANYTHING". (They'd never say that to a paying customer, obviously, or they'd be out of a job)
The companion piece to 2016's Halloween comic (and, technically, it still sticks to the theme!)

I continue to not be entirely sure if Sophia's a hyper intelligent and mature child, or an adult in a child's body. Far Out There is the kind of universe where either possibility is perfectly valid.

Also, hey look! This makes TWO characters who've donned bodypaint to look like Neva!
Parker Renoir's another of those names that popped up for YEARS before finally making an appearance, because I apparently love to tease things WAAAAAAAAAY before they're actually ready. Speaking of not being ready, it didn't hit me until I was halfway through this page that, because of the weird way I'd colored her debut appearance, I had no idea how to actually color Parker. Hence all the gradients.
I still think "Can of Beard" is really funny.

...and I like it a lot more than trying to draw feet.
I'm not sure why, in the future, Layla would have a music player bigger and bulkier than the phone I carry around now.

Oh, and some more pop culture world building! Aside from the Vashti headphones, the band Layla's listening to, Skyscraper Girls, is a name that's popped up several times so far. I have no idea who they are or what they sound like, but I've got a feeling that they're probably all dudes.

(Fun Fact: the name "Skyscraper Girls" comes from one of Far Out There's Project Wonderful ads. "Skyscraper" being the name for the 160x600 tall rectangle size, and "Girls" because it's a looping GIF of Layla, Tabitha, and Jenna. And now you know!)
I'll say it again, because it bears saying many times: I really like red/yellow gradients.

I also like the idea for this comic, though the perspective bugs the crap out of me. Are any of those buildings even remotely pointing the same way? Actually, the thing that bugs me the MOST is that we should have been seeing Gright from a more severe angle, but then we wouldn't have been able to see the bullet wound in the head. And that's kind of an important feature. Drat.