Far Out There: Incentive & Patreon Gallery

Far Out There: Incentive & Patreon Gallery

by Blitzkrieg1701
Far Out There is a SciFi/Comedy webcomic that's been running for years now, and not just on SmackJeeves. Along with all that main comic, there have also been many, MANY side comics published as Voting Incentives on Top WebComics, and more recently on Patreon. Until recently, the only way to go back and view these older comics was to root through an awkward list of Photobucket links, but NO MORE! At long last, this page will host all the stray comics in one convenient place, making your Far Out There experience complete!
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Far Out There: Incentive & Patreon Gallery

Far Out There is a SciFi/Comedy webcomic that's been running for years now, and not just on SmackJeeves. Along with all that main comic, there have also been many, MANY side comics published as Voting Incentives on Top WebComics, and more recently on Patreon. Until recently, the only way to go back and view these older comics was to root through an awkward list of Photobucket links, but NO MORE! At long last, this page will host all the stray comics in one convenient place, making your Far Out There experience complete!

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It turns out Vengeance's mysterious powers mostly revolve around confounding spellcheckers.
Most people would arise, Vengence can arrise! :)

P.S. Not only does the word arise now sound meaningless to me, the fact that my phone didn't try to auto-correct arrise sent me on a Wiktionary adventure! None of the definitions seemed correct, though most of them were singular and male forms of verbs in various languages so who knows?
So, this is another one I got started on too late, and didn't have time to make the effect really work. The gradient background was SUPPOSED to start out the same shade of purple as the space stuff, so that Jenna only started to pop out at about the halfway point. That would have required a lot more fiddling with hues and adding a few more layers of color and blah blah blah. Like I said, I started too late.

Also, this is a rare instance of me posting an Incentive here while it's still the current one on TWC (if only for one more day). I went ahead and did that as sort of a promise to myself: the next Gallery update WILL be a new batch of Jenna Patreon comics, because the last page of THIS update is specifically setting that up. So I HAVE to draw more pages now. HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE ON THIS, GUYS.
This is another one I had to tear myself away from when only half-finished. I have GOT to start working on these elaborate Incentives farther in advance.

Anyway, the Stilez silhouette is pretty obviously incomplete, and those buildings in the back kind of suck... but HOLY CRAP that future tower whatever looks cool against that stock NASA picture. Have I made it sufficiently clear that I love the whole 80s/neon/Tron thing yet?
No, I'm still not over Ichabod and Mariska having wacky adventures together as kids. It'd HAVE to be wacky to explain what's up with that fish. Imagine your own plot leading up to this point.

So, the "translucent hologram as viewed from behind" effect didn't turn out the way I would have liked, but MAN did the shading on the kids work nicely. It;s not incredibly eye catching... which just shows how well it worked out. Nice and gradual. Another thing I'm sure to be playing around with ling after you're all sick of it.
Oh, I absolutely ADORE this one. There's still a few nitpicky bits about the background, but for the most part this one turned out AMAZINGLY well. I've been trying for ages and ages to figure out how to do the whole 80s neon glow thing, and it had NEVER turned out this well before. Rest assured, I'll be playing around with this LONG after everyone else is sick and tired of it.

Also, notice that Mariska actually USES her goggles.
More playing around with lighting and scifi stuff. This is another one I played around with too long and had to post before it was "finished". I think it would have been better if it wasn't EXCLUSIVELY in shades of yellow, but the end result is still pretty neat. I like the effect of the light on the visor, even if (again) it probably needed more tweaking.

Also, you'd think now of all times would be when Kiki actually USED those goggles. Do they even DO anything?
Another one I was extremely pleased with, just for how well it turned out as a drawing. I don't usually shade by hand like this (it's just asking for fingerprints and smudges everywhere) but in this case I think it looks an awful lot better than just a deeper shade of red would have. Also, I love how the red and yellow pop against each other. I really want to play around more with this kind of lighting.
I keep thinking I should do more Voting Incentives with Vengeance, since he so rarely appears in the main comic. But it's REALLY hard to come up with anything for him... or, more accurately, it's hard to some up with anything I can actually draw. I've actually had plenty of creepy, gothic, horror ideas for random vengeance art, but it's always way too far beyond my natural art style. Even this page didn't turn out anything like what I was aiming for.

Also, why does the color red take up so much more space than other colors? The file for this page was TWICE as big as the others I uploaded today, even the big, fancy space ones. I had to compress things a TON to get it under SmackJeeves' size limit. The only other ones I had to do that for were other ones that were predominantly red. So what's the deal with the color red?
I'm pretty sure this one's out of place, but off the top of my head I can't remember where it actually goes in the Incentive timeline. I was having trouble with Photobucket that day, so I posted this one on a different image host. That was all well and good at the time, but I was using the Photobucket Library to keep track of what order the Incentives go, so this one was just kind of floating on its own. I put it here because this is where I was when I realized I'd forgotten to put this page in already.

(...actually, I just now realized that it probably went right after Dr. Vanderslice at the Grocery Store because people were joking that Dr. Jarre bought this while she was there. Oops)

Also, I'd forgot all about that Principal Baby/Gright shirt. That's horrifying.
Oh, sweet merciful CRAP did I go crazy on this one. There are SO many layers of shading just on Jenna alone, not to mention the light stuff in the background. I still don't feel like I actually "finished" this picture, I just stopped because the main page was already several hours late and I hadn't even started it yet. Still despite all the nitpicks I could make (Jenna's still too well-lit, the building's aren't quite straight, that wall's too plain), I feel like this represents a major artistic breakthrough for me. If nothing else, it was the first time in a while that something really, genuinely turned out BETTER than I expected. Something that, in it's sloppy, half-finished way, actually worked as a standalone piece of Sci-Fi Art rather than just a comic with the joke missing. You'd better believe that cranked up my ambitions for future Incentives something FIERCE.
It's been a while since we've actually seen Avatar go outside, and I wanted to do something to remind everyone of how the vacuum of space is her natural environment. I mean, we've been reminded of just how uncomfortable normal human environments make her, but I wanted to try and express just how GOOD it feels when she's not surrounded by atmosphere. If I may say so, I think I NAILED it.

...though I do wish I'd remembered to draw some kind of tether connecting her to the ship. Oops.
...and then I doodled Trigger as one of those blobby Touhou head things.

I was REALLY in a hurry that night.

For fun, keep hopping back and forth between this Incentive and some of the ones to follow. It'll break your brain.
I genuinely have no idea how it took me this long to draw Avatar dressed as a raccoon. I mean, gray skin? Black eyes? She's already halfway there!
I just love the mental image of a supermarket parking lot filled with giant mechs and crazy mad science death machines... and some guy slipping menus for the chinese restaurant onto the windshield of each one.

...I don't wanna DRAW an entire parking lot full of that stuff, it it's a great image to imagine.
MAN did I go crazy with the copy/paste on this one. I mean, it was worth it, but MAN the file was ginormous while I was working on it. Still, this is exactly the kind of elaborate scifi tech that i love to look at but usually can't draw myself, so I was SUPER happy to have pulled it off even a little bit here.

There was, however, a bit of hubbub over the implication that Stilez is only one of a whole series of invincible super cat women. To that, I can only stress again that, as of this writing, NOTHING about Stilez's origin has been set in stone. I just liked the image of a bunch of Stilezes in multicolored pods.
Oh, I got all kinds of excited over this one. I knew the 2017 April Fool's comic would tease a bunch of characters from future story arcs, so I did a bunch of fresh character doodles for some of them to make sure I had their designs right. The results turned out so well, I decided to do a bit of a tease for the coming tease!

...of course, as I write this in early May, none of these characters have made their official debut yet. Like so many others. (Seriously, I'm TRYING to get things to the point of starting the next arc. Really! I am!)
Oh, Dr. Vanderslice, you are such an incredible creep.

Fun Fact: despite looking as sloppy and unfinished as it does, the background of this incentive actually set a personal record for number of layers in a single image. Every single one of those boxes was copy/pasted in a misguided effort to save time. The sad thing is, I've since GREATLY exceeded that "record".

Also, hey Dr. Jarre!
Far Out There has a wealth of Happy/Grumpy duos. Layla's in two, with both Trigger and Tabitha. Bridget and Alphonse kind of count, though Bridget is more stoic than grumpy. More recently we've seen Ichabod and Mariska, as well as Augusta and Astrid. And let's forget Madam Ventricle and Kiki! Like the previous two, I keep saying that I'm going to send these two off on some kind of Mad Science Adventure at some point just because I like them so much. For now, though, they'll have to made do with these brief appearances.

Also, I love writing lines like that, knowing that I'll never have to try and draw what's being described.
I keep saying that hints to Stilez's past featured in Voting Incentives should NOT be considered canonical unless they're referenced in the main comic... then keep doing more of them. This isn't a healthy pattern.

And if you think THIS sparked some debate about Stilez's past, oh, you just wait...