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Blue Eyes

Mind and Soul

Flesh and Earth

All and Nothing

Destruction and Creation.

We are born, we are devoured.

And then we begin again...


Recent Comments

Smiley boy
New page! And well, well, well look who's back so soon. Mr. Smiley boy.

If you forgot who he is, you can find him in this scene from chapter 2:

and this scene from chapter 3:

Looks like he's in more and more peoples business.
Hey guys! New page, however this is not Chapter 4, this is actually a little prologue page for Chapter 2, to clear up some information.
I like how this one turned out!

Next up will be chapter 4's next page.
Oooh, a creepy reason behind his name. ^^ I was super excited to see three updates and totally didn't expect that when I checked today.
Congratulations for the hundred pages! That's quite the feat, even if it took a while. Comics just take a lot of time and effort. I'm glad you're still able to chip away at it.
Oooh, who's the lady with branches in her hair? And I agree, Raven centric is good. xD
June 28th, 2019
Oooh! I'm super excited! It's awesome to see an update! You take your time. I'll keep checking for updates. ^^
100 Hundred pages!
What's this, another page in less than a week?? Wowee!
Also, page 100!!!!!

I'm excited for this land mark, it's taken about three years! Hopefully the next hundred don't take this long. XD
Emo hair
Page 1 of Chapter 4! Its finally here. Featuring Raven with his emo hair. I am excited for this chapter!!
June 19th, 2019
My return
Hello all, I am still alive and well haha. Having a newborn makes finding time to draw difficult, but as she gets older I have found more time again. Blue Eyes is not dead, I am continuing it.

In other news, I am adding a few new pages to Chapter 2 for more clarity, I feel that the comic is pretty vague in some areas, especially when it comes to the magic system, so hopefully these new pages will remedy that. Page updates will continue to be sporadic for the time being.
@fluoroid: hahaha she doesn’t seem to agree. For now.

It never really stopped, but it’ll be over soon enough. Haha
@fluoroid: Thank you! I’m glad to hear from you again! I hope things get easier.
@Goldelocks: Also, I hope you're past the constant morning sickness. Congratulations, by the way. ^^ And as always, I love these updates.
LOOOL. Poor Roy. An arrest warrant. xD With those knives, that'd probably be a good thing. >.> Aww, poor Izzy. xD Blue Eyes is your soooouuuul mate. <3<3 xD
Ooh, oooh, OOOOH!! I'm so sorry I've been so slow to comment! I've been having issues of my own, hence my inactivity. xD This is super fun. I especially love the Blue Eyes' mask question and the crayon aesthetic. <3
And heeere it is, the last part of the Q&A, Chapter 3 is officially done. Thank you everyone for your participation in this, it was fun to work on, even if it took me a long time.

The next page will be the cover for Chapter 4, I am quite excited for this chapter. This one will be focused on a well liked character who hasn't been seen for awhile now. XD
Here is part one of the Q&A! It's been a bit of a delay.

Confession time, the reason for all my health issues and delays has been because I am pregnant, it hasn't been easy on me and I've had a lot of trouble along the way. I'm finally comfortable sharing this online because I am coming up on the end stretch, and things finally feel stable! Thank you all for your patience and support!
Ominous! Ehh, the Greeks always figured to never let a little fatricide get in the way of a good myth, why should Blue Eyes follow a lesser standard? Nicely writ and drawn.
November 24th, 2018
Part 3
Look who's back. Life has been a wreck for me for the past little while, especially with the ups and downs of my health. However things seem to be getting better, and my desire to draw has returned. So that means comicing is back on!

Next time will be part one of my Q&A for the chapter, and then we are going on to Chapter 3! Hurray!

I hope this will be the last of my long absences, enjoy!
An interesting story, love the interactions and humanization of your characters! A bit curious how the Soul aspect of—demigods?—lets you block bullets, unless I misunderstand their powers, but this is a good read. Look forward to reading more!
September 8th, 2018
Ahhh. . . Blue Eyes, you nut. You're scaring people.

Goldie! I hope you're doing alright. I totally feel ya. But way to keep it up!
September 8th, 2018
I am very sorry with how long updates are taking. I've been very sick, so drawing has been difficult. I get good days and bad so I try to work on my comic on the good days XD. Here we are, the last page of chapter 3! Which means that I will be uploading a Q&A for this chapter soon, within the next few days, so get your questions ready!

I think you guys are gonna like chapter 4, so hold tight!