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Blue Eyes

Mind and Soul

Flesh and Earth

All and Nothing

Destruction and Creation.

We are born, we are devoured.

And then we begin again...


Recent Comments

Ominous! Ehh, the Greeks always figured to never let a little fatricide get in the way of a good myth, why should Blue Eyes follow a lesser standard? Nicely writ and drawn.
November 24th, 2018
Part 3
Look who's back. Life has been a wreck for me for the past little while, especially with the ups and downs of my health. However things seem to be getting better, and my desire to draw has returned. So that means comicing is back on!

Next time will be part one of my Q&A for the chapter, and then we are going on to Chapter 3! Hurray!

I hope this will be the last of my long absences, enjoy!
An interesting story, love the interactions and humanization of your characters! A bit curious how the Soul aspect of—demigods?—lets you block bullets, unless I misunderstand their powers, but this is a good read. Look forward to reading more!
September 8th, 2018
Ahhh. . . Blue Eyes, you nut. You're scaring people.

Goldie! I hope you're doing alright. I totally feel ya. But way to keep it up!
September 8th, 2018
I am very sorry with how long updates are taking. I've been very sick, so drawing has been difficult. I get good days and bad so I try to work on my comic on the good days XD. Here we are, the last page of chapter 3! Which means that I will be uploading a Q&A for this chapter soon, within the next few days, so get your questions ready!

I think you guys are gonna like chapter 4, so hold tight!
@fluoroid: Hahaha, It's too late for that XD
Izzy. . . You keep this up, and people are gonna keep shipping you with that creepy Blue Eyes. xD
Chapter 3 pg. 96
If it's not clear Blue Eyes isn't looking up at Izzy, he's assessing the damage he's done. We didn't get to see him murder those guys this time, but they are quite dead. Everyone except Rell and the mystery hooded person that is. One more page left in the chapter!!!
I love how creepy his voice is written. I wanna see more Blue Eyes in action! :D Best creepy character ever.
The glorious return


Look who's back after two months! It's me! I'm sorry for the really long delay, The wedding and the honeymoon took me away, then moving, and unpacking, and then we experienced a loss which had me depressed for awhile, motivation was difficult to find. However, I am doing much better now, especially with my baby Chinchilla we just got, he's so cute! Anyways, I will begin working on my comic again, I am really excited to be doing so, it felt good.

About the page, you may notice after panel 4 there is a shift in style. That is because I improved a bit with my two month long Hiatus XD. I am also trying to learn new ways to solve some of the previous problems I had with creating Blue Eyes energy things. Thank you for your patience, we are almost done with Chapter 3!!
Eeep, this is the first documented time Blue eyes has sustained damage during a fight. Has he met his match?

In other news, finals are coming up, as well as the wedding! There may be no page next week due to this. However I am gonna try.

I also got a iPad pro from my soon to be husband for my birthday! Which means I'll be able to work on my comic a whooole lot more since I won't have to be chained to my desk at home to work on it XD XD XD. I am very excited, he's so sweet. I should be getting it next weekend XD XD
Mr.Smiles is feeling a bit smug, I wonder if that will continue with Blue Eyes flying through the air towards him. Will this be the end of Mr. Smiles? Find out next time!
ugh his face gives me chills
He's baaack
Look who's back, it's Blue Eyes! Here we enter the last scene of the chapter.

And there is also another familiar face from chapter 2:

I can't believe I'm almost done with this chapter, to think that this chapter took a year. School is almost over though, and the wedding, so we have more frequent updates to look forwards to.
thhis made me spit out my coffee gdi
@Karlijn: I'm glad you think so, I'm pretty excited about it.
@fluoroid: XDXXDXDXD
April fools!
Haha, I hoped that you enjoyed that April fools page XD. Sadly the Mysterious shadowy person was not really Nick, but this weepy little fellow from the beginning of the comic: He's not looking so hot. I've been looking forward to his reveal for a looooooong time.

This is the end of this scene, and we are now moving into the final scene of this chapter. I am very happy to have gotten this far, Chapter 3 is almost over!
What a surprise
Whoa, who saw this coming? Nick was the secret shadowy person this whole time! What a crazy revelation!