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Maou to Eiyu

A short comic about a Demon King and a Hero


Recent Comments

May 26th, 2016
i liked the smooth art! And the Demon king's character design reminded me of Yomi from Yu Yu hakusho.
May 11th, 2016
Have your way with him!!
May 9th, 2016
@dotsei: It seems I was wrong Eiyu is the individually stronger in re-monster universe so it's all acording.
Yuusha is the one that leads troops or a team that shares his/her fate.
May 8th, 2016
@BurstThrough: Interesting point! Originally when I was thinking up the title, it was between Yuusha and Eiyu. Anyway, looking at translations; Yuusha is more on the brave/heroic side while Eiyu apparently is more on the hero side in terms of meaning. (In the end, both can mean hero-- it's fun to note that the Demon King has yet to refer to the Hero as hero, rather he refers to him merely as an adventurer.)
May 7th, 2016
I feel like he's more of a yuusha than an eiyu since it seems like eiyu deal more with troops though all this I just aquired from reading re-monster so I can be wrong...