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Zorri's Art Dump

Just some random drawings for practice and fun.

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It's Haiki, Isla and Siffrin ! I LOVE Foxcaft too ;)
@pixlyJolt: wwhat
im hunting it in Pearl at full odds
If this has anything to do with USUM I'm out. Or of this is also related to Gen 2. We don't speak about the 'Tentacool Incident'.
I've drawn so much today that I don't want to spam da with it all so I'm putting some here.

I had a pmv idea w the song papercut featuring Gray Wing and his hardships,,, but sadly, as I always do, drop it because I really just dont have the time for it

This part of it was Gray Wing waking up from his dream of Turtle Tail, and reaching for comfort in Slate. I'm been focusing a lot on dotc lately but I cant help it,,, it's my favorite arc

also I did a meme about clear sky ;)
DHJSJDJSJ the title,, im fucking sobbing
fucking cyan hedge where the fuck'd he go

but seriously, gl, please dont die ansgd-
Well statistically, you should get him sometime soon ,^^

Good luck lmao
My gameplay went up by 30 hours this past month

I’m at about 4000 RAs. I’m finna die
All of you are art is amazing I Do it for fun and I love Pokémon favourite eevee evolves is Umbreon I’m on ColorTherapy Name on the app red_umbreon_scratcher!!!
@Shadow666: i donot kno da wae. (oh)
April 20th, 2019
ive seen one picture and i will die for them
Silver Eevee
April 20th, 2019
shr ug I might use this comic for mindless doodles heres a warmup
@Sky207: fefdkhfj I'm on my tenth hour of watching a tiny sprite wiggle while I run from it over

and over

and over
fuckin grass hedgehog is adorable as hell and I love

good luck :00
April 19th, 2019
shine shaym look like fukin tootpast what the fuk