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Zorri's Art Dump

Just some random drawings for practice and fun.

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me no draw pokemons ;w;
how did u do dat eye oOo
WOF is da best #RipnamiForTheWin!!!
R.I.P. foxleap
this is really good
Just droppin' bye to say:
I know this might be late, but I need to do I-Ready right now and I don't want to so I naturally searched "I hate I-Ready"...
happy to see I am not alone
(8th grader....been doing it since 4th grade...hate it with a passion)
@Sky207: yes very true.
good luck
8th grade will be worse
And WiFi be like, "Shaddy wuv you bae huggles 4life num nom adorableness your art is the best ever and I'm a puddle of jelly and btw will you marry me"
the fur so nicee
It's shit
This god damn bitch aka "i-Ready" is boring af, if administrators are gonna use a learning programmed website they should make it fun -_-
this is sweet im screaming
snuggle snuggle
look at those legssss
Lolwut image is not avaliable
I see a picture of me in the upper left corner of your art ump ooooooooohhhhh

Can I use it as a profile pic it pretty XD
Lol I should do this with the people in my class
@Silver Eevee: zorri let me be your mother
@Silver Eevee: zorri can i be ur mom