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Zorri's Art Dump

Just some random drawings for practice and fun.

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@Shadow666: i donot kno da wae. (oh)
April 20th, 2019
ive seen one picture and i will die for them
Silver Eevee
April 20th, 2019
shr ug I might use this comic for mindless doodles heres a warmup
@Sky207: fefdkhfj I'm on my tenth hour of watching a tiny sprite wiggle while I run from it over

and over

and over
fuckin grass hedgehog is adorable as hell and I love

good luck :00
April 19th, 2019
shine shaym look like fukin tootpast what the fuk
@ShadowStalker1128: every time i think about shiny rayquaza i literally cry. i used to have one on pokemon x but the game corrupted and i lost it. i have a lot of great pokemon on there now but i still miss it.
I have one lol
@Silver Eevee: <s>i technically already have one but it was cheated in and I want one in another game</s>
You too with your hedgehog!
@ShadowStalker1128: good luck with your sparkly lizard dude :”0
I’m trying for Rayquaza so I feel you :,3
Yo whaddup Ive been running from shaymin for 2 hours because I want a shiny one but had to break my game to even find it rip my save file
I haven’t full odds hunted in so long omg it’s been like 2 years
I’m prepared to sit here for 10 hours waiting for the sparkly hedgehog
Do u kno dawae
Silver Eevee
April 14th, 2019
WOw actual content!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I doodled this in a moving car so sorry the lines are kind of wobbly oof
This is (arguably) the most iconic line that has come out of this little floof, so I just redrew it but changed a few things to reflect my style ;)
So yeah

Let’s fuckin go
@Guest: ;)))) polyamorous
glorious fedora king
w......hats the third flag