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LittleMoons' Art Stuff

Random art goes here.

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September 29th, 2019
let's reset the week
let's reset the month
let's reset the year
as far back as we need to go
to make sure this never happens
but we can't reset the week
or the month
or the year
there is no going back
something bad has happened
August 28th, 2019
Remember kids, we learn about government overthrow on Mondays and Thursdays! :)
August 25th, 2019
"Get yourself friends who are cool enough to follow you to the literal end of the earth, and will also make you a cool prosthetic when you injure yourself with your own stupidity." -- Cecil, probably.

Good, energetic boy, kinda dumb but in a sweet way, probably gonna get us all killed but we still love and support him. :)

Cecil Info:

- Cat / feline
- Very very energetic
- His actual occupation is 'explorer', somehow
- He does, in fact, discover 'new' lands of sorts, mostly hidden islands that had been lost in centuries of folklore. He charts them and reports his findings to the Explorer's Geographical Society.
- Hard not to like. So honestly excited about anything and everything.
- No magical 'powers' or such
- Delphina powered his prosthetic using her light abilities. It recharges itself automatically and stores quite a bit of energy.
- He really wants Delphina to come exploring with him because he wants to show her how awesome the world is!! :D
August 23rd, 2019
Meet Delphina! I never gave her a proper ref to start with, so this is more of a design than a redesign.

Delphina Info:

- Cat / feline
- Has weak light powers that she inherited from her mother. Her great-grandfather was a spirit of light.
- Also has very strong healing powers, of unknown origin. She hypothesizes that they are an aspect of her light powers, but can't explain why her light powers are so weak in comparison.
- She works as a healer / medic at the local temple of healing, mending more serious injuries.
- Her middle name is Mirabelle
- She spent much of her life training to become a healer, and is skilled in non-magical medicine as well
- Sometimes seems to change in shape and size when angry or upset
- Especially close friends with a cocky cat named Cecil, who is an explorer. Cecil often tries to convince her to come on an exploration with him, and every time he asks, she seems a bit more hesitant to stay behind.
- Someday she might give in completely and set off with him to explore the world...
Verdant. big dumb dragon boy. :)

Verdant Info:

- Was not always a dragon, but will not answer as to what he was before. (It was a human haha)
- About 400 years old but is mentally about 20
- Theoretically immortal
- Has shapeshifting powers! Loves just sneakily wandering around society and life and appreciating it
- Has connections literally everywhere due to his wandering, but almost none of them know his "true nature" (aka that he's actually some weird shapeshifter dragon and not a normal guy named joe)
- Has the ability to give the gift of magic to mortals at the cost of some of his own energy, but he doesn't use it often because he's worried he'll screw up somehow
- Very driven by his emotions. Logic and reasoning shall catch up later when he has to deal with the consequences
- Myra is his BEST FRIEND and he will protect her!!

How his shapeshifting works:

- Can turn into any living thing, including both plants and animals,
- He can't turn into inanimate objects or other nonliving things
- His normal form (dragon) is about as big as a large horse.
- His shapeshifting allows him to change his size, as well. (Just become a smaller version of yourself!)
- When he becomes something larger than his normal form, his energy drains more quickly. A form a bit bigger than his normal form would barely be noticeable, but turning into an enormous beast the size of a three story building would completely drain him in less than a minute. His energy continues to drain as he stays in the form.
- Likewise, turning into a form smaller than his normal form conserves his energy. He can run for miles as a mouse.
- If he completely runs out of energy in a large form, he will fall unconscious and "collapse" back to his normal form.
@Sky207: She loves you, too!! :)
August 21st, 2019
wow i love her
Some friends of mine were in a production of the Wizard of Oz, and I've been thinking about the time that I was in a production of the Wizard of Oz... Verdant and Myra were created as characters around that time, so I've been thinking about them a lot, too.

I kinda want to write their story someday, if I ever figure out a way to draw the pages without burning out so quickly. They're both good children,,, In the meantime I'll stick to making their redesigns, haha.

Myra Info:

- Cat, feline
- Grandfather on her mother's side was a spirit of light, so she has light powers!
- ...Buuuut, she's not very good making her light powers work.
- Lives as a priest in the temple of light which is actually a pretty chill job
- She practices with her powers as often as possible but can't seem to make much progress on her own
- Her powers work better when in the presence of a light spirit, or in the presence of her friend, a cat named Verdant, for some reason
- She loved to hang out with Verdant, he doesn't seem to care about her ancestry or lack of ability to use powers
- The entire flicking temple staff ships them but neither has a clue
July 22nd, 2019
I want to make a story of them... but I already have a project in process..... hmm..........
huh?? what's this??? a new project????

how long will i last before giving up? no one knows! :D

<s>hopefully i don't give up</s>
May 15th, 2019
absolutely pure
that flutter doggo just fluttered right into my heart it's adorable,,,,,,,
@Sky207: Well 'human' is a bit of a stretch, but...
May 14th, 2019
Hello you alive breathing human.
Still alive! Just... busy, tired, and stressed, but that’s nothing new.
Hopefully I will be able to draw more when summer comes around. For now, have a happy flutter doggo! :D
Whatever they are I love them
March 3rd, 2019
March 3rd, 2019
An experimental style piece, featuring two creatures of an as-of-yet unnamed species.
January 11th, 2019
Sometimes the sad draws you
January 11th, 2019
sometimes you just gotta draw the sad