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Live Bait & Dead Weight

A vampire moves to the city except there's something strange living in her bath tub. Almost as equally strange as herself.

Girl Love + Monsters
Rated R for gore + language
(possible sex)


Recent Comments

Nothing says "I love you" like insulting someone and asserting possession... in an endearing way of course.
November 12th, 2018
So i have rediscovered this oldy amd thought I should revive it
Lets see how this goes 👍
February 23rd, 2017
No no that's not the character's actual name
They never speak though so "Um" has become their nickname
Yep, sorry you shan't hear a peep from this bunny babe

P.S. - I'm so sorry I'm so slow
February 14th, 2017
Love is in the air
February 10th, 2017
Reminds me of a line from "Sunday Mornin Coming Down" By Johnny Cash.
"Then I fumbled in my closet through my clothes
And found my cleanest dirty shirt."
February 10th, 2017
so many tats
the writer for Su-Jin is a huge dork so legend of Zelda triforce tat it is

To be continued my nerds
January 27th, 2017
Side titty for all!
Bare with me, one more page of boring then...
you'll see
Anywho, see y'all next week!
January 16th, 2017
@Dragonrider: The new page is the "first" one, it shows the characters.
January 15th, 2017
Isn't this the same page we saw before? Shows as a new update but date on page still 01-05-17
January 5th, 2017
I return wiTH TITTIES
I needed practice drawing bonds anyway

to be continued
October 13th, 2016
@potatoe1988: thank you! Its my handwriting, took me a while 'cause I couldn't find a font I liked ( •︵•。 )
September 21st, 2016
I like your speech bubbles/text.
September 11th, 2016
i'm no interior decorator or anything but i'm p sure those bloodstains shouldn't be there
September 10th, 2016
Tiny house for a tiny girl

Next page in a bit
September 7th, 2016
gunna see the inside of de house next
September 7th, 2016
whatchu gunna do
September 6th, 2016
I hate my hand writing but I can't find a don't I like

To be continued yall
September 3rd, 2016
the life
August 26th, 2016
Alright, so its been a while but I plan on updating regularly.
For now, a small panel to get back into the swing of things
May 6th, 2016
Thank you thank you!
^ ¬ ^