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First Fantasy

Reluctant heroes Tam and Syl are on the run from destiny, allotted fates, and sundry other prophecies that threaten to entangle them with the fate of the world, whilst trying to make a living on the side!

Updates every Monday and Thursday.

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It's a sword. It speaks Scots. Questions?
150 not out. Not bad at all.
No, Matias. No they're not.
February 4th, 2018
Interesting comic.
"Next, you'll turn up your nose at the food!"
Welcome back to First Fan Chapter VI!
In which a questionable deal is done, a lordling gets lost, and what could have been the player party gets split before it forms.
Another Double page!
[Muffled G note].
Chapter V: Le Défilé Noir

In which a guild is introduced, a hero rises to his calling, sundry mercenaries are presented, a prince and his entourage turn a sleepy town into a final stand, and altogether too many references (i.e. one) are made to a 2006 rock album.
Ending Chapter IV with a Double Spread
And introducing Petyr and part of his entourage.
Chapter IV will end either next page or the page after.
There'll then be a break of two weeks and then Chapter V will begin~
Sorry for the delay!

Varya doesn't like what he's hearing...
Spring is coming.
And with it political intrigue and violence interspersed with random videogame references.
One more page to go.

Who is the mysterious observer?
Page 60! Thank you all for your continuing support!
Page 50!
This is page 50 of First Fantasy.
Thank you all for your support so far!
Here's to the next 50 pages!
Tam likes staying alive so? xD I was like "doesn't everyone" then I saw that Syl doesn't mind not staying alive apparently xDD
Ehe I should check these themes, thanks :p
What Syl will do if she ever comes across a cute-looking monster? I wonder xD
Glad you made it for the first chapter, and well the comic in general xD It can be tough to stay motivated indeed so it's good you found a good source of motivation to keep you going :3

"To my parents who remain an endless well of suggestions and source of tea" ahahahaha I laughed so hard xD

Oh and as a reader, you're welcome, thanks to you too, it's really a nice story so far :p (And well I like mmorpg so why not liking it xD)
Eh Robinhood was a thief hero meow! Never give up on your dreams! xD
Planning and plotting ahoy!
October 5th, 2016
Picture sized locked?
I'm assuming the source file is bigger than what the site is showing us, but you may want to try a different template or modify yours to show picture at a bigger size.
And here comes the Boss!

This now brings chapter 2 to an end. There may be authors notes on this chapter, haven’t decided.

Chapter 3, Involving A Boss Fight, will begin on 6th October!