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Haters Gonna Date

There was only one thing Vylis loved more than talking about himself--listening to Mary talk about HERSELF so he could exploit her weaknesses.

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It's been forever, but I decided to make a come back!

I recently reviewed the old stuff, and realize that it was actually pretty funny. I haven't been drawing much lately and want to get back into it (mostly out of demand for requests).
But I am a lot older, more mature and I think the comic needs to reflect this.

October 25th, 2016
@Nofda: I'm flattered you think that. I went back and reread the whole thing, and my art has improved so much that I can barely stand to look at it. The new comic is better, way more plot driven and gets a lot more serious as it goes on.
October 20th, 2016
Aww ;_; I think this is gonna be one of those comics I'll come back to one day and read all over again. it's just so fun and it feels like you had fun making them, too.

Ah well... I'll be lurking around your other comic! See ya!
Hey, Listen!
Errybody check out my new comic
October 7th, 2016
YES <3
@Nofda: Yes, that's right. My comic and art doesn't do them justice either, and they're decently out of character. It's just that my addiction to Vylis (I would love to be joking but it's actually a serious problem that I'm working through in therapy--yay for me!!) is so out of hand that I HAD to make the comic.

In addition to the book, I would STRONGLY recommend you check out the series' artist's blog, for some actually really amazing art and fabulous Vylis eye candy (woof woof!!!) and MY personal art page,

October 4th, 2016
When I found this comic, I had no idea that Vylis and Xriah were existing characters. I just really liked this comic. It was only yesterday I googled and found Playing Gods. So I just wanna say thanks for introducing me to this new world of audiobooks, and that you are positively funny. I would love to follow your future works.
Up Until Now...
This is my favorite panel.
The Disappearance of the Lenny.
8'D That little tattoo on his ankle.
A+ image of me, 100% accurate I love it! 8D
June 26th, 2016
Plot thickens!
Along with Mary's butt!
Oh Vylls
This is still awesome!
Ah, of cource. That's what my girlfriend needed to cheer up. How could I forget
Y'all need to get used to boobies, okay? Hope it don't offend nobody, but this is exactly why we have a mature warning :D
With apologies to Ana,
What a douche
I started coloring the text to make it easier because I'm lazy. Blue is Vylis and red is Mary. I also changed the front page of the comic to be the latest one (didn't realize I could do that).
Alsoooo, since I want the story to move slower and I need to give myself a better schedule with it, I've decided to publish new comics on Tuesdays and Fridays. May add another day if I feel it necessary (I feel like it will catch up to me, though).
This is really entertaining. Keep it up