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A science fiction comic about the life of
Lara Marshenvale, the last human left in the universe and her homicidal bodyguard Celiana'kka a'hdokk gra (Celia)


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Now kiddies listen to Dylan "Everybody Must Get Stoned".
And here's page 2. Only a 3 week+ delay...
I shouldnt complain, i've not had one of those ''art blocks'' for years as I remember.

EDIT: Oh yeah, kids-don't do weed, not even space weed.
November 4th, 2017
@skyangel: Thanks! It was sort of what I was aiming for, I wanted the horizontal line to be somewhere in the middle to make it look 'real' as a viewer. Like you're standing on a platform or something and looking down but also UP.
I still try to get better at perspective, often end up just confusing myself though.
I always love to see how comic artists evolve over the years and you're comic is one of the tops for that. The art is always consistently good but every now and then you have a sudden surge of expertise that takes you up another notch. The middle panel here is just excellent for so many reasons!
Hearing the words of a deceased parent in your head is pretty common I'd imagine but telling you to put a coat on as it's cold outside is wayyy creepy! lol She's got issues for sure but I hope her sanity isn't going to go into meltdown just as she finished polishing her gun so nicely! Great chapter ending though! :)
Beautiful page and it works so nicely too!! AS I scrolled down the page it did feel as though My gaze was dropping from the cieling to the floor for real. Especially lovely colouring on this page too.
This is starting to look pretty scary for Celia!!
Oooooh I feel an Orphan Black in outerspace is about to explode upon us! Gorgeous looking girls though and I love those helmets!
Haha love the reaction to 'the human is coming with us!' :) Great perspective shot on that first panel too, very powerful!
@kidcthulhu: Thanks! XD
I thought of 'centaur' but realised it could be a bit impractical on a space station/ship. Though we already got a bunch of impractical aliens...
I love the little things, like Lara's pout, the Devil Girl taking a selfie, and the time-traveling mohawked thief making a cameo. I keep looking around your crowd scenes for one of Fallopian Crusader's cat-taurs ^_~
I wasnt really that satisfied with the coloring here, but had to use clip art studio since sai were acting out. I also technically LOST the entire page right after i was close to finished- it just went corrupt. Luckily Dadaph helped me get it back, but i am scarred for life.
That sort of delayed it.

On a second note it seems like the comic got featured on smackjeeves! It made me realise i absolutely suck on advertising for this comic haha.
October 21st, 2017
@kidcthulhu: Elo, coffee and drawing is my life haha.
I'm already feeling better, luckily, thanks!
It's a great pic. I just never had you pegged as a fan of ELO ^_~

Feel better and I'll wait patiently for updates.
October 21st, 2017
I know I sort of promised a new page, but i'll throw in the excuse for the delay since i've been having the flu for a week now, though it doesnt explain this new cover thing i made- i swear it was not intentional.
If its any help i sketched the new page, just need to ink it!

I used this song for inspiration for this cover and this entire chapter is influenced by it.
Like the other chapters I use Electric Light Orchestras music as one of the main inspirations for the comic, which is why the colors is so bright and weird-acid like.

edit: man i made a mistake on celia, ill fix it tomorrow xD'
@kidcthulhu: Thanks, i wish i could say its "home made" but I used a gradient for it haha.
I try to cut down on them though, as they can get a bit much. In this particular lightning its ok since she's already at a dark place (no pun intended).
Well this certain raises more questions ^_^

Love the dramatic lighting in the last panel.
October 12th, 2017
@Jamie59: Yes, always! Guns more important than personal hygiene!
The last page of this chapter...
Oh Celia, you did so well...Up until that last panel!
Though having your deceased loved ones speaking to you arent that uncommon when going through a loss, its maybe less common 23 years after their passing. Her quest to get her father back ultimate crushes Blazes quest of destroying Nashara though.
Lara still has no official benefit from this, she's just thrown into a train wreck with no idea why or how she got into it. Its what you get for having space cats for hubbies I guess.
New chapter starts next weekend- Time to leave that ship once and for all!
Got to keep the guns clean to get more trophies.