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A science fiction comic about the life of
Lara Marshenvale, the last human left in the universe and her homicidal bodyguard Celiana'kka a'hdokk gra (Celia)


Recent Comments

The fourth panel warms my cold and barren heart <3
I love everytime they interact XD I'm sure Blaze's guess is correct! Morgan seems like the type of guy who would enjoy dancing.
(I again feel the need to express my love for your drawing style, it's so good!)
@kidcthulhu: Haha thanks! that's great, I could mail some to you when i do my first rough drafts/pilots.
In your case it works, you got the entire cast into one crazy world, and since its a strip sort of comic it works well and your story can change by each panel if you want to. I think the new story will consist of a mix of longer arcs and smaller ones.
The comic I plan out is a bit different from how GMMW was done though since it is focused on the small businesses at the street they're at and their individual lives, so the comic will shift from the shops/and often they have to deal with each other.
If I didnt decide to use Extinct for this project, I could still add some of the characters as either regulars or shop keepers in the new GMMW comic (which will have a different name).
Its hard though since Extinct has alot of potential stories and it could be fun to do a comic about just a girl dealing with her weird alien collegues and their shenanigans.
Could do something completely new, but its easier to do a longer thing when you got a story outlined already.
This page looks great finally in color ^_^

You have an interesting quandary regarding the comic contest. I could never narrow down like that (which is why all my unused ideas over the years are jammed into one insane story). Id be happy to help you narrow down your choices if you want the help.
Hi readers!
There is a comic contest coming up and I'm currently weighting between making a story from Extinct or a new one with the characters from my old comic but in a newer setting. Also, It might be ill have to take a week or two break from the main story during august in order to work on the story for the contest, but ill do a shout out if it happens.
Its so hard to choose what could work as a norwegian comic book, especially when it comes to whats already out there on the market. Its an exciting oppertunity though, and I've had an idea to make a page or two of each story as a 'pilot' then maybe present them to a few people wether it is a good idea or not, or even some concept. I'm all about for advice, constructive tips and insight if anyone is up for it?
Its definitely not spoiler-worthy as i am either way doing a comic based on the characters 'before' the current events, rather than the story going on right now, as the contest wants pages that establish the start of a story.
@Karlijn: Aw thanks! drawing her sitting on his shoulders are soooo pain though because of the lack of references, i mean usually i find toddlers sitting like this but Lara is too big for a toddler....and now I am currently drawing her get off his shoulders and its even MORE PAIN. We'll see if i chicken out and just draw her magically next to him or not...
@Jamie59: Haha, Absolutely nothing, I love them myself, I'm actually seeing them live in September (Or more like Jeff Lynne)!
I think its more the fact Lara is more into her own music than Blaze's.
@kidcthulhu: Thank you!
Yeah, I just started coloring it and thought i'd remove it and reupload the colored one instead, didnt think anyone actually got to see it, now i feel bad xD' I can add it again though, since today i didnt get to finish the colors... Ill add it sometime tomorrow in colors definately.
I thought I saw a WIP of the next page yesterday; I was going to comment on it today but now I don't see it.

This is still an amazing page.
Come on what's wrong with ELO.
The environment in the first panel is stunning! I love the colour scheme. And Lara is so cute when she's sitting on his shoulders, this couple is the best.
Just when you think things couldn't get worse, your favourite music is gone! I think people will always stick to old and familiar things, plenty of people still love Beethoven and other classical compositions after all. Good music never gets too old!
@ashtree-house: Its not the worst, she's more of a rock n roll girl though! And i guess being stuck with that one playlist for a week and a half is a bit meh XD'
Hey, electric orchestra might be alright!
@Linn: That's like octoception... they should make a movie about that.
@Linn: The Lizard guy, you, one eyed yurk and Rabbid Peach. You're all great waifus <3
I thought of a joke for the first panel, but Spaceballs already did it better.
First Panel is like.... OBJECTION!
@Dadaph: Better the arm than da poopoo
That's the second longest pipe I've seen.