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Kennedy H'naka used to stress about normal things like grades, looks, or her latest crush. But all that gets chucked out the window when her cell phone becomes the new home of the dragon FireWire Balisk and sucks her into a world of battles, secrets, and shadowy organizations. Like passing the 10th grade wasn't hard enough...

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January 19th, 2017
Everyone needs a friend like Hayley. ;3

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January 12th, 2017
2 new pages this week! Because I like ya (and because Patrons are getting a chunk of 6 pages next week ;3)
January 5th, 2017
4 page update this week! Because I'm hopefully going to make a massive Patreon update next week and 4 weeks of training video footage feels like a little much hahaha!
December 29th, 2016
ALRIGHTY. Sorry for the update gapage and random weirdness. It's been a bit of a high-stress holiday season (and still is unfortunately).
Anywho, settle in for a training video sequence, compliments of NOH~

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November 10th, 2016
New page! And if you'd like to read ahead and/or support the artist, please check out my Patreon:
November 3rd, 2016
New page today! Also if you'd like to read ahead and/or support the artist, please check out my Patreon:
@dutchguy1986 Yep, FireWire was rebooted about a year ago ^^
Sorry for the update delay. My harddrive pulled a fatal error nosedive and I've spent most of this week saving what I can. Thankfully FireWire pages are now safe. Enjoy~!
How come there are only 45 comics all off a sudden, did you reboot or something?
2 pages for you today. Enjoy~!
September 22nd, 2016
2 new pages today. Enjoy!
September 15th, 2016
2 page update for you guys today! Way to stick that landing Jonny~
August 25th, 2016
4 page update today. Why? Because the author really hates when fight scenes drag on for weeks...
@vera kulikov :Greetings! And thank you. Glad you're enjoying it so far :)
Hello! Very nice work so far, excited for more!
August 11th, 2016
@Pantherbrine: Ahahaha, glad I could make your future dying experience pleasant XD
August 7th, 2016
I just noticed this comic is back and I'm really happy-!
I can die peacefully now... |D
August 4th, 2016
5 pages for you today. Why? I'm feeling benevolent. (Plus I have a huge chunk of pages I'm working on for Patreon supporters, so it should all balance out nicely :D)