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Assassin's Pokemon Art Box

by AssassinPerson
So here, I will have a lot of the Pokemon stuff I do. Like drawings and that, and any mini comic series I do. I will have different sections for certain things and any Pokemon characters I have will get their info up as soon as I can update it.

I will do art trades and all that, and I may do requests if I feel like I have the time and resources to do it.
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3 Years Ago
So here, I will have a lot of the Pokemon stuff I do. Like drawings and that, and any mini comic series I do. I will have different sections for certain things and any Pokemon characters I have will get their info up as soon as I can update it.

I will do art trades and all that, and I may do requests if I feel like I have the time and resources to do it.

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Yes, the Umbreon IS Shiny.
Because she was a Shiny Eevee. Dur.

But, the Vaporeon, is not actually Shiny. And I forgot that Shiny Vaporeon was a pink colour normally.
@AssassinPerson: the vaporeon and umbreon are just shinys
@Silver Eevee: I'm not sure how you didn't know about this, I can't remember if I linked this to you in a Comment either.
And thanks!

Yeah, I do like the Theory a lot.
And thanks for the answer!

Yes, you do get that hug.
I can't believe I actually got some of this while thinking up a theory.
And, yes, I still can't wait to find out what happens next.
How come I did not know that this amazingness existed until now? I seriously need to keep a sharper eye out for these kinds on things...

And your theory gets an answer, hopefully one that doesn't include spoilers.
I absolutely LOVE this theory. It really gets you thinking....
Part of this is correct. Dawn gets out of control after Dusk realizes who she is, therefore both of them (kinda) switching positions. Dawn being the insane, psychopathic one, and Dusk fearing her, trying to escape...

Let's see...
I like Tom a lot, in drawing and in the game.
And Bob was drawn quite well as well (aside from one line error).
Phil was good, though I could have drawn more of him if I didn't have a plan for him.
Dave, I'm OK with.
Fred, could have been better.
And Steve...
Steve isn't the best, but I will get better at drawing her.
Maybe one day...

Which of my team do you like most (firstly, from drawn on paper. Secondly, from the game itself)
I think Tom is best in the drawing, Steve and Bob are both real good in the game.
The same as the previous, but coloured as well.

I think this version looks a lot better, actually.

And Tom now has features on his "face"!

Also, the green in Dave's eyes was faintly used to contribute to Tom's colour (yellow, dark grey, greenish, a shade of brown).

Steve was hard to draw, easy to colour.

Bob looks kinda sassy. And posh. And I noticed a line error for her while colouring, so I couldn't change it DX.

Not happy with Fred, but he was deliberately done right on the edge of the paper so I didn't have to try (and fail) at the whole of his tail.

And Phil is hiding, and should probably be a bit more clearer behind Dave (I missed a line that could have been important).

Dave the Decidueye, male, Level 56. (Decidium Z. False Swipe, Leaf Blade, Spirit Shacklr, Brave Bird)
Phil the Wishiwashi, male, Level 57. (Waterium Z. Take Down, Beat Up, Aqua Tail, Hydro Pump)
Bob the Midday Lycanroc, female, Level 53. (Rockium Z. Rock Tomb, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Crunch)
Fred the Alolan Ninetales, male, Level 52. (Ghostium Z. Extrasensory, Dazzling Gleam, Hex, Aurora Beam)
Tom the Mimikyu, female, Level 53. (Fairium Z. Shadow Claw, Psychic, Play Rough, Slash)
Steve the Tsareena, female, Level 53. (Grassium Z. High Jump Kick, Leaf Storm, Trop Kick, Grass Knot)

Only Tom and Fred were fainted at the end of the battle (Fred was doing a bit of PP Stalling, and letting me heal the rest of my team, I didn't have enough Revives left at the end for Tom).

If it wasn't for False Swipe, Dave would have had Tackle at the end of the game.

I caught Tapu Koko in a Dusk Ball, first one thrown, after having given it 1HP with False Swipe.

I do like the story of the game. A lot.

No spoilers here, just stuff that would be known. I guess.
veryveryveryvery nice
@AssassinPerson: bootyful
I don't think I did too badly with this. And the reason the lines actually look good is because I used the rotatie function in Fire Alpaca.

This is from a general art trade. So yeah, awesomeness. I guess.
@Zappy the Raichu: You're welcome!

And yes, we shall have ALL THE PUNS!

Would have replied earlier but I was working on something for something else. Finished now though.
Thank You!!!!!! And very punny.
@Flamelight7: Oh, really? People in America don't go to College until 18? Holy moly!
In Britain, you HAVE to be in education until you are 18, and then you can get a job.

This really is a good example of how two Countries have totally different education systems.

And if it were a College in Britain, most have an Art course of some sort. The one I'm going to does, as well as having its own proper art studio room and all the stuff you could want doing art.

College is a good place.
You can do exactly what subject you want there. Well, you can in Britain at least.
I know next-to-nothing about the American education system, aside from the fact that your 'Grades' are not lined up with the same numbers as the British 'Years'
And you have... Uhh...
Elementary School
Middle School
High School.

All different things, I think.

Britain has
Pre-School/Play Group. You don't learn stuff.
Primary School. For 6 Years.
Secondary School/High School. At least 5 Years here. Can have 7 Years if wanted.

I now know why some Americans think that Britain has a better education system now.
It is like the Healthcare system as well. People in America have to pay, or no being treated in the Hospital. People in Britain get it free, though maybe with minor costs due to petrol, if driving there?
@AssassinPerson: I'm American, and normally we don't go to college until we're 18. When you're some super famous British actor or something, you tell me,and maybe you recommend to some Art College~*Bricked for selfishness*
@Flamelight7: Yeah, I am in College!
Is it strange where you are from? I hope not.

It is normal in Britain though. There are quite a few people from 16 to 20-something on the same course and level (Level 3) as I am.
So one day, I will be recording an advert people see on TV. Or maybe I'm part of the crew of a Film, or even a popular TV Show. You never know.

Though the most important thing, to me, is the friends that I alreaddy have. Online and offline. But my updates certainly will start decreasing in number as weeks go by because of College work. Though I'm not gonna totally forget and will try for something monthly at least.
You're 16 and you're already in college?
You may not see this for a while, but I probably could have uploaded this before if I knew your Birthday was two days ago!

Happy Birthday though Zappy, when you see this, and enjoy the joke. I hope you enjoyed your day.
Would have had this done and up earlier but I have College, that was the main thing stopping me. I also wasn't sure exactly what I'd do for this as well, so I just opted to going for what I did here, so I hope you like it!
@AssassinPerson: If this is generally what was actually planned to happen in the end, I will be shocked that I got it, to tell the honest truth.

Like... If any of this was correct, I will give Silver Eevee a hug for making Dusk be amazinger than he/she already is (to me, that is).
So, I kinda came up with something that inspired me to draw this. A Theory of Sorts.
So, let me tell you what it is...

What is it wasn't Dusk who was "Evil". What if it was actually Dawn who was "Evil", but we are seeing it as mainly her POV of stuff so we can only see how Dawn views the world, and so we can only see one main opinion on Dusk.

What if Dusk was a member of a group who previously saved the world, even with his/her "Evil" looks, and he/she knows that the World needs saving again, yet Dusk can't do anything much if Dawn has suddenly gotten control with a nicer appearance. Dawn looks more trustworthy than Dusk does, though maybe it isn't how they look that defines them. It is what their hidden goals are.

For all we know, Dawn could actually be on a massive quest to destroy the world, Dusk trying to stop her, and yet we see Dawn's "Good" side so what Dusk does is shown as "Evil" and what she does is shown as "Good". It is possible for this all to be a lie, Dusk does have a chance of being the one who is "Good" all along.
And it could be possible that neither Dawn or Dusk can die because the other one will as well, so Dusk is forced to accept the fact that Dawn can control his/her original body, which makes his/her quest harder to do.

And the more violent stuff is because that is what Dawn wants us to see Dusk do, making us believe that it really is Dusk who is "Evil", getting people to have Dawn as their favourite character.

Well, I see through all of your Shiny cuteness Dawn! Dusk is probably my favourite character of all of the ones in MI currently. So congrats to Silver Eevee for making such an amazing Comic.
Me: Thanks! ^.^

(The other Location)

Chips: I think I'm lost. Oh, sounded like someone being beaten up. (Walks over to see Era) What happened here? Why is there a... Not-Pokemon on the floor?

Peach: (Randomly pops head up from a bin in the room) Good, she didn't... (Sees Chips) Oh. Well... I was totally never here. (Goes back down to be hidden in the bin again.

Chips: Was that Peach just now? With Sunglasses on? What sort of world am I living in now?