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Beta Man Adventures (A CYOA Adventure) [DISCONTINUED]

Beta Man Adventures (A CYOA Adventure) [DISCONTINUED]

by Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X
NOTE: This comic is discontinued. I have retired from comics due to my lack of skill.

Beta Man and friends gets in a crazy, new adventure that you can control!

Let's see how long it takes for us to fall deep into the depths of insanity.
(Please read the rules before posting.)
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2 Years Ago

Beta Man Adventures (A CYOA Adventure) [DISCONTINUED]

NOTE: This comic is discontinued. I have retired from comics due to my lack of skill.

Beta Man and friends gets in a crazy, new adventure that you can control!

Let's see how long it takes for us to fall deep into the depths of insanity.
(Please read the rules before posting.)

Recent Comments

@ThatOneEnderMan: Don't worry Ender

So do I
March 4th, 2018
February 28th, 2018
>coin man dies

ah, dead memes and badly designed robot masters, my favorite,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
February 28th, 2018
also >all the characters are only able to say one scentence per panel for the next 15 pages
February 28th, 2018
>Tone, blow up and die forever so you don’t havd to live hrough this shitty experince.
And we're back after a million years!
Yeah, so here's the story: When originally planning this comic, I planned for Wily to use 7 new, original robots (but with him saying 8, mentioning Discharge Man as a joke of him already being dead) instead of just 4. However, while I had a Cellphone-based Robot planned out, I lost the complete sprite sheet (along with the background for the outside of E-Tank Central). And since I didn't want to remake it, and since I additionally hold this off for far too long, and wanted to get back to comic-making (and since I'm holding off on returning to BaM Genesis- now Beta and Tone Genesis- and didn't want to do Ninja Dojo juuust yet), I decided to shorten it down to 4 robots. The problem? I am yet to improve with spriting. So I decided to make a little joke out of it that also addresses Wily's funding for mechas and Fortress Bosses and how he goes about it.

Oh yeah. And sudden change from MegaBoy to Tone. Power of the drunk! (I'll be making sprites as it goes. Unless MegaBoy makes his own.)

So yeah! As an apology for the long wait (and because I never made any official decisions), I will let everyone who actually reads this comic and participates an extra post for this comic, in addition to the posts from the previous comic. Thanks!
What font are you using, by the way?
>Scrooge McDuck MAGICALLY lands on Dr. Wily's ship, stealing it and going on a rampage for money.
@Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X: Heh, he also didn't get his text colors right.
>The Color Blue decides it hates everyone for no reason and goes on a rampage!
smh Rotom's godmodding transcends simple but dumb commands

>The color purple is banned from tge comic
@Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X: Rotom is a murderer pls ban
WARNING: Contains an insult that may be offensive to British people.
Yep, Wily's taking over as main antagonist since the Cult of the Living Automobiles is dead, Bt Ghost isn't busy with anything, and Ninja Man is actually more of a PROtagonist at this point in the story. (Also, dem eyebrows)

There will actually be NO commands during the next post since the plot will have to be revealed by Wily. But feel free to make some until then.

As for certain sprites, well...
<img src="">
@MegaBoyX7: Actually, I kinda do.
And for those I kinda don't get at first, it's easy for me to do so.
@Rotomslashblast: I don't think anyone gets these Pokemon references
>The Shiny Phantump eats a bystander's Link Cable in an efort to evolve into Trevenant, but Phantump don't even have teeth (at least, I'm pretty sure) and instead spits it out. Also Magnezone catches up to it.
>MegaBoy Joins the party, makes fun of Mega Man for being forgotten along with mentioning that capcom cared more about JoJo's Venture then they ever did about him, and then proceeds to hit the dab while still drunk.
Poor Mega Man. Street Fighter practically replaced him as Capcom's mascot.
Allow me to describe the posters in the background:

-The first one is a mini-series from Random Sprite Party, known as Beta Man in the Underground, shown as a movie that is to be released "Summer 20XX". It's actually been on hiatus for a while, and I'm not sure if I'm actually going to bring it back some day.
-The second one is a Ninja Dojo advertisement. However, it advertises the SHOW, not the comic. But feel free to read it if you want. (Not sure when I'm going to work on it again, though.)
-The third is for "MegaBoy: A Boy on Ice". This is not an actual thing, of course, it's just a MegaBoy cameo thing. (Even though MegaBoy is in the actual thing.)
-The last one is "Tonight with Top Man", a Top Man joke that originated in Classic Beta and Mega, and then continued on to Cuts Corner, which gave the show it's official name. The "Dark Network" part itself is a Cuts Corner plug. Go read it or something.
--It was ORIGINALLY a reference towards RotomSlashBlast, who would be supporting MegaCrate, the Mega Man equivalent of LootCrate. However, due to one person's personal distaste, it was removed. However, the posters are subject to change since they are a tool for cameos (in fact, E-Tank Central ITSELF is a tool for cameos), so expect MegaCrate Rotom to return in the future.

And now some other things to mention. The thing at the beginning is an inside joke, because drinking leads to you saying and doing things you might regret. If you don't get the joke... Well, it's probably for the best then. Just trust me on this one.

Also, some other things. The MegaBoy sprite in panel 5 is a reference to one of MegaBoy's older spritesheets. In fact, I think it originated in the FIRST MegaBoy spritesheet.

Another thing is that the Phantump is shiny because it's white, and Sr Pelo's (the creator of EVERY FPS EVER and a lot of other hilarious stuff) art style is in black and white, so why not?

Finally, here's the advertisement mentioned in the comic:
Funny thing is, this one is EXTREMELY outdated for many reasons:
1. Let's get the obvious one out of the way first. BaM has been rebooted for a WHILE now.
2. I obviously DO use 8-bit text now. I'm very certain it still differentiates from MegaBoy's style, however, considering that it seems that he DOESN'T color the text. But hey, someone has to tell our styles apart somehow.
3. Just LOOK at the thing! It's not even that great! MEGABOY'S portion of the advertisement looks a THOUSAND times better, so you KNOW that it is one of the more ancient creations.
3.5. And just look at that color scheme! Even BT looks different from that! (Albeit slightly) The colors merge together as well! And THAT'S why Beta's basic color is purple these days. It just looks SO much better now than back then. And yet I STILL have the guts to call it the MKI armor.

(It's technically not cursing if it's misspelled, right? ...Right?)

EDIT: Based on MegaBoy's suggestion, I added some new custom Mega Man sprites for a E-Tank Central uniform thing. Since it'll also be in the next page, I kinda have to.