Give Up the Ghost!

Friendship is such a joyous thing. Late night pizza parties... Trips to the lake... Battling evil spirits and demonic monsters... Hm...

warning: this comic contains strong language, violence, suggestive themes, depictions of alcohol/drug use, and crude humor.

*Updates every Sunday

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"Who pissed in your cereal" annnd spirit animal discovered.
that awkward moment when your friend is drunk at a party
Dun dun DUUUN! *le gasp* Revelation!
Happy sunday update! Join the sleepwalking club!

See you guys next time! :>
Happy sunday update! Who says a concussion is an excuse to call out of work??

See you guys next time!
Happy sunday update! Hope ya'll are ready for a lecture! :)

See you all next time!
July 4th, 2017
This page is funny
Happy sunday update! That's not the intended use for sugar, but to each their own!

see you guys next time!
Don't you just hate it when supernatural spookers chuck you into a random person's bathroom while you sleep?

I sure do.
His face while he's running away... XD
@ThatRandomGal: you try to summon a demon ONE TIME and everything starts goin crazy
I guess it has something to do with the demon/ghost they tried to summon earlier?
Here's the sunday update! Just remember that running away is always an option! :P

See you guys next sunday! :>
@Kate: Em actually goes by they/them pronouns, and I'm happy you're liking the comic! I hope you continue to enjoy this adventure! :>
@estrachan: Me too I just started reading and I swear Em Ivy is Just like me. I love bacon and candles and I hate Spiders. SHe even looks like me a bit. New fav comic on smackjeeves.
June 18th, 2017
@W.Wpickledeggs: no prob, man
@TimeSceo: All fixed, and thanks for the heads up! That totally slipped past me!
June 18th, 2017
It's "your", not "you're"

"you're" is a contraction of "you are", whereas "your" is possessive