Give Up the Ghost!

Friendship is such a joyous thing. Late night pizza parties... Trips to the lake... Battling evil spirits and demonic monsters... Hm...

warning: this comic contains strong language, violence, suggestive themes, depictions of alcohol/drug use, and crude humor.

*Updates every Sunday

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Don't you just hate it when supernatural spookers chuck you into a random person's bathroom while you sleep?

I sure do.
His face while he's running away... XD
@ThatRandomGal: you try to summon a demon ONE TIME and everything starts goin crazy
I guess it has something to do with the demon/ghost they tried to summon earlier?
Here's the sunday update! Just remember that running away is always an option! :P

See you guys next sunday! :>
@Kate: Em actually goes by they/them pronouns, and I'm happy you're liking the comic! I hope you continue to enjoy this adventure! :>
@estrachan: Me too I just started reading and I swear Em Ivy is Just like me. I love bacon and candles and I hate Spiders. SHe even looks like me a bit. New fav comic on smackjeeves.
June 18th, 2017
@W.Wpickledeggs: no prob, man
@TimeSceo: All fixed, and thanks for the heads up! That totally slipped past me!
June 18th, 2017
It's "your", not "you're"

"you're" is a contraction of "you are", whereas "your" is possessive
Happy sunday update! Stay tuned for next update when Max quits his job to join the circus as a fortuneteller!

Also, in celebration of pride month, there's some cute art if you wanna check it out in today's news post!!
@MyInternetAlias: glad you're liking it!
@xLollyx: thank you!
I just found this comic and I'm already in love. That sass is precious
June 16th, 2017
Congrats on nearly 100,000 views!!
@W.Wpickledeggs: A QnA! Also not first you were first
Hey guys! We've +80,000 views! We'll be hitting +100,000 views soon, and I really want to do something special as celebration for that milestone! I was thinking something along the lines of a Q&A comic, or cute wallpaper. Any thoughts?

Anyways, here's a bonus update for you all, thanks for reading!

See you guys this sunday! :P
Here's the sunday update! Max has big dreams, if only he could keep them at bay long enough to participate in this interview!...

See you all next sunday!