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Give Up the Ghost!

Friendship is such a joyous thing. Late night pizza parties... Trips to the lake... Battling evil spirits and demonic monsters... Hm...

warning: this comic contains strong language, violence, suggestive themes, depictions of alcohol/drug use, and crude humor.

*Updates every Sunday (and Wednesday)

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@Guest: yup yup :>
7 hours ago
Liz is female?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy sunday update! Addie's petty af, but she's got your back! :>

see you all next time!
June 14th, 2018
Excuse my language/swear warning
That person's a shitty friend and they need to go fuck off
June 14th, 2018
Ah yes the phone click cutoff. Classic. Good luck on the closing shift!
June 14th, 2018
I mean I’d be pretty pissed in his position too tbh
Happy midweek update! Aren't friends just the GREATEST??

see you all next time!
Liz is an abusive shit. And i hope he fuckin quits.
Happy Sunday update! "Everyone is busting their asses" (side eyes previous page) >.>

see you all next time!
I wonder what they're all talking about
Happy Wednesday update! Oh yay! No traumatizing dimension hopping! :P

see you all next time!
Just sleep for awhile
Happy Sunday update! The gang made it home safe! Now time to sleep?

see you all next time!
@Trinox: Vanya speaks fluent french, his dad is French Canadian! Addie only knows a few words, and she mainly uses it to tease or joke with Vanya
May 30th, 2018
@Trinox: yes, it's fairly common french words. She said Bonne nuit, good night, and monsieur means mister/sir
May 30th, 2018
Wait, Vanya can talk/is French? or are those just some common French words?
Happy Wednesday update! Do ya'll remember way back in chapter 1 pg 50 when Vanya ripped into Addie at the café? Pepperidge farm remembers...

But yeah, that was only one day ago in comic time @.@

see you all Sunday!
Happy Sunday update! "Hey remember that time I got possessed by a demon and kicked you in the face? Yeah my bad"

see you all Wednesday! :>
aww o.o how cute
Midweek update! Ya nailed it, Max. :T

see you all Sunday! :>