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Timothy Tell work as a detective, for a secret agency called "RIMAD".
He gets called into work, where he's told to bring in Samuel Qruint or at least locate their position.

Sam happens to be his best friend.


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@NellyOnly: that makes me really glad <3
@Ragnes: I'm crying of laughter here, your comments are making my day here and I just woke up xD
@Ragnes: Oh. Just you wait 8D
@Ragnes: He only lied about ONE part ;D
@Ragnes: It's such a bad idea, let's hope it's waterproof!
@Ragnes: Ahhh, thank you!! I spent a lot of time on this page, so I'm really happy you like it! :D
wow Timothy no one can see the blood in your shirt good job covering it
I am truly shocked he's still alive
I thought he was lying! omg
oh my he shouldn't keep this notebook open in the rain :v
I love the art. there's so much personality into it!
April 21st, 2017
@LunaCrystal: Aww xD It's so much fun! (I say as I cringe over how expensive fabrics are and how I'm unable to follow a pattern 8D)
@NellyOnly: Casual, my friend is too lazy to make convention worthy cosplays XD
April 21st, 2017
@LunaCrystal Oooh! Happy belated birthday!! :D
It's 2 an here, so I'm fine ;)
I LOVE puns so badly it hurts my friends physically. Did you cosplay at cons or was it casual?
@NellyOnly: my friend basically nailed me to a wall with her sea puns as Eridan. Too early? Sorry, had trouble sleeping and had nothing else to do so I checked Smack Jeeves for the first time since my Birthday in March.
April 21st, 2017
Omg, that sounds like a lot of fun! I made prom!stuck Aranea, Original Aranea, Vriska and Feferi! I managed to pull off LOTS of terrivle sea-puns and what not. I had so nuch fun doing that xD
@NellyOnly: lol terrible Homestuck cosplays memories are always wonderful, especially since some of the game's main characters have terrible and saddening backstories. My friend and I did a humanstuck roleplay as Eridan and Karkat once then went to waffle house still in costume. Oh hey, which character were you?
@NellyOnly: lol I wanna be a cinnamon roll