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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Reincarnate

Do you ever go to sleep somehow and next thing you know, when you wake up, you don't know where you are or how ended up here?

This dilemma has seemingly happened to the chosen heroes, who have been somehow changed and reverted into the world of Pokemon, but, they've all seem to lost their memory and have no idea who or what they or what happened before the got there.

Now they have no other choice but to join in on their village's work and scouter through Mystery Dungeons to make a living of their selves. However, through their journey, visions and dreams will happen throughout their lives as Pokemon, slowly finding out the truth behind their awakening.

This comic is a cooperative work! The story and lineart is done by me, while the beautiful coloring is done by my girlfriend (Co-Author: CrocodileMints), so please take in mind that we both have to wait on each other, and is a reason why pages may or not be updated on time!

Warning as the comic shows blood and the such, so yeah

-- Updates on Saturdays/Sundays--

Hope you all will like it! uOu

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Meanwhile I'm pretty sure Ra hasn't even noticed it's gone yet.
Aaaaand they're dead.
Momma Ariados don't approve of you touchin' her baby
Spinarak says "hi friend."
So the team has been separated into pairs in probably the worst way possible...r u n n i n g.

Next page you get to see Historia and Soris together. I dont think thats going to end well lol
is rubber a girl or a boy?
The trees are red...

I'd run from giant moths too.
or where they never there to begin with....?
(Illuminati confirmed from the side of the beck)
I kinda rushed this page, so sorry about that, I kinda got a new comp recently ;w;
But! Other than that, looks like the team will be split into pairs after Rubber and Ra suddenly disappearing in the matter of a split second
Charming gal, this one.
I KNEW IT WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!! She just wants them to get stronger so she can enjoy killing them even more! Then again, she's dark type, and dark types are called evil types over in Japan, so evil clearly comes natural to her. Along with that, she is a WeiVILE. See the big word there? Plus blah blah blah blah...
I feel like she is trolling them.
Damn She's Scary
Aaaaaaand a new page uploaded! After like, so long, oF NO UPDATES. Whatever, but looks like things has gotten pretty tense pretty fast, and now theyre all on their own from this point onward in Fluorescent Forest
Ugh! The way you draw that Weavile is so amazing
What if that was Historia's actually
and she's slowly turning into a Ho-Oh


"Shortstack" face should be an emoji