Hell Hounds

Gregory Brice has run out of time. His soul is due for the torments of hell, and as hell hounds, it's Payne and Phury's job to collect. They find a lot more than they bargained for on Brice's property, and they don't agree on how to handle it.

This is a story of love, and the machinations of Hell.

Warnings: (gay) sex, polyamoury, religious mythology, ridiculous amounts of fluff

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I like how easily his wings tuck in
Creepin' in your room while you sleep.
Found this comic by searching "angels" so looks like Smackjeeves new tag system is working well!

First off, wow you have a talent for drawing and painting hair. And faces. And overall anatomy. I'm in love with Asoro already and their beautiful androgyny. And those wings! Daaayyyum.

Some things I noticed- sometimes it's difficult to tell who's speaking just by where the speech bubbles were placed. Also the amount of detail given to the characters didn't match the amount of detail on the backgrounds when they were outside, so it seemed a little off. The house is well done though, interior and exterior.

Overall I'm curious to see where this story is going and I'm looking forward to possibly seeing Hell and/or Heaven! I'll be keeping my eye on this comic!! :D
Ru (Guest)
January 17th, 2017
YOU MAY SURROUND YOURSELF IN LUXURY, BUT A CHILD-MURDERER IS A CHILD-MURDERER. I wonder if you can rot and die more than once, in hell . . .
Ru (Guest)
January 17th, 2017
Oh no, they were too late; the monster's already killed his own son T~T
Ru (Guest)
January 17th, 2017
What an unusual admission XD And I thought that what happened in the bedroom, STAYED in the bedroom! Oh, except the kids. Can't stop them.
January 14th, 2017
Awww poor Cerberus looks sad
@boiseboo: Aw, well thank you. I'm really honored. ♡
January 11th, 2017
who are they?
January 11th, 2017
Art style.
And I showed him two pages
I originally showed him #27 - Hell Hounds 024
but he also saw #29 - Hell Hounds 026 because that was the most recently updated at the time. lol. But he really liked it.

He had kept telling me that this kind of stuff isn't good and the art always looks like it's halfway done. So a coped attitude with him and told him otherwise. He told me to prove it. So out of the 58 manga's in my favs I figured you'd be my best choice. Guess I was right. lmao.
Thanks, Your talent totally saved my a*ss. lol
@boiseboo: By style, do you mean comics, or my actual art style which is semi-realism?

Because that sounds like the kind of thing someone who isn't very familiar with the actual breadth of comics says. There is nothing inherently less artistic about sequential art. THAT SAID its totally okay if its just not his cup of tea.

I'm flattered he had good things to say about my art. I do my best to bring you guys a good quality page every week! I think "how to wings" has been my favorite area of improvement in chapter 1. That said, I have a million areas to keep improving on, but that's just how art works.

I'm kind of curious which page you showed him?
January 11th, 2017
Nice hand. My art teacher doesn't normaly like this style of art because it's not shaded well and the proportions are always off, but I showed him a page of your comic and he was quite impressed, I only heard good remarks from him and coming from him that's means a lot toward your art. Thought you would like to know. ;-)

P.S. He was really impressed by your wings. He kept asking me if I could blow up your cover image on my computer so He could get a closer look.
I wonder whose bedroom this is?? =O

We're in the final third of the chapter! Wow! I'm hard at work making the pages for chapter 2, so as long as I'm productive there will only be a short break between chapters.

@Ru I'm sure the denizens of hell do their best to make the stay satisfyingly horrific.

@arswiss Indeed! I'm really happy with the tag system. My only defense is that backgrounds are hard and take a long time. XD
Welcome to the comic, I hope you enjoy the future pages!
@boiseboo: If there was proof, it wouldn't need to be a theory. It does, however, fit perfectly within the events of Half Blood Prince and make sense. If you're interested, this video does a great job explaining the theory. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XYHOZNWUhM

If you want to talk about it, feel free to pm me. I don't want to get too off track from the comic on its page. XD

Sounds fine, as long as the cake isn't a lie. ;3
January 4th, 2017
@sleepingpoppy: Thanks, but...

Who thought Malfoy was a werewolf?! I've read all the books 3 times and have watched the movies 8 times, so believe me when I tell you. There is no sound and factual evidence to even remotely proves that theory right.

Just saying. :-D

And ya and have a REALLY random mind set that can go off into far away places. Some people tell me that it's dangerous to let my mind wander. They say that I might lose my mind, but I never do. If my mind wanders off it usually comes back...

With Cake!!!

lmao!!! I am SO random at times. (all of the time)
@boiseboo: I absolutely loved reading that. And I'm all for anyone coming up with theories- maybe you're close, maybe you're not! Sometimes theories are more fun than official cannon (no one can convince me Malfoy is not a werewolf, thanks to Harry Potter Fan Theories). ^^
January 4th, 2017
HOLLY SH*IT!!! I just realized something!!!

Okay, this is just a theory, but...
I think That the angel is the actually the one the hell hounds are supposed to be looking for. Say, the "Can't faze through walls" gig was a lie. He just really could faze through walls. And the fact he said "d*ick" and he's really feisty for an angel. It all make sense so far. All that I need to explain ow are the wings...
He really used to be an angel but he went rouge. OR!
He made them himself. He would have been able to make the shackles with a hell spell on them, why not wings?
He was really born with wings!!!
~No can't be. The hell hounds would probably be able to tell the difference between angel wings and wings of another creature.

Anyway, this is just an idea of what I think is going on here. And my mind is just "a little" random. LoL. Okay, I've said my peace. My rant is done now.
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