Hell Hounds

Gregory Brice has run out of time. His soul is due for the torments of hell, and as hell hounds, it's Payne and Phury's job to collect. They find a lot more than they bargained for on Brice's property, and they don't agree on how to handle it.

This is a story of love, and the machinations of Hell.

Warnings: (gay) sex, polyamoury, religious mythology, ridiculous amounts of fluff

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hey, glad you're back! i missed HH ^^
yaassss, my body is ready for the awesome and my eyes are ready to soak up the art and how beautiful and flowy Asoro's hair is
Jewellery... so polite
Congrats on that! These pages look wonderful!
Hello my lovelies! I'm excited to announce Hell Hounds is back next Wednesday!

You've all been so patient. I'm excited to be back, and rolling out the pages once more. I hope you guys enjoy this chapter even more than the last (and so on and so forth for all future chapters!)

@Ciphertext Ahh, then you are well prepared. ;3
@portisHeart I'm glad to be back! I missed everyone here!
@Antaresia: Hi! Everything is fine. I know its been a long break, but the Chapter title it tomorrow, and the first page next week.
Hi everything is alright? ;)
@portisHeart: I was referring to a barracks for hell hounds. I would find it odd for Cerberus, too! Though nothing odd about demons chaining creatures/people to things in an attempt to look cool. It's their version of accessorizing. ;3
@sleepingpoppy: hm.. i just can't picture Cerberus (the "real" one), nor any of his kind, in a dog barrack - however hellish it is - but rather roaming free terrorizing beings, or maybe chained to some high demon's throne...
unless you referred to your hellhounds here and their sleeping quarters - ofc you'd know since you're their maker ^^
March 16th, 2017
10/10 content
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Need moar
I really love how detailed you are with backgrounds, even when there isn't much to show. Just a simple shed/summer house with flowers and a lawn is somehow so pretty when you do it ^_^
I was prepared for the unexpected, so this isn't too much of a surprise. But I STILL HAVE THAT "oh my gosh" FEEL. 'Cause look at how damn pretty this place is <3 Don't want to assume anything, but I'm guessing Asoro might feel a little better in THIS location as opposed to a shed, or around scary hell doors to hell xD

Looking forward to the next chapter!
ok. not the way i pictured hell. nor paradise, honestly. nor any dimension besides the pretty back lawn of an honest average human family. with a huge dog house.. hellhound quarters??
@HappyLittlePotato Thank you ❤️
@shadowpen Thank you, I wish I'd actually drawn more flowers for it!
@LivlafLuv Thank you~
Sadly, no. Though if you're not reading The God in the Field, you really should be! https://tapastic.com/series/thegodinthefield
@portisHeart You'll know and see more when Chapter 2 starts! But that is a shed, rather then a dog house from hell. ((Hell hound barracks do exist, though))
@Ciphertext That is a safe assumption!
@LazuliLupin Thank you. I have to say, backgrounds are my least favorite thing, but I try not to short change you guys. ❤️
Wah~ It is SOOO pretty (so are Asoro's eyes)!

...Are we in Persephone's Garden? O.o
Wow, such a beautifully detailed page! I look forward to the next update :)
Awww. That place is so pretty
The end of chapter 1, Sparrow!

Where have our heroes gone? When will someone kiss? Why isn't there more nudity?!

These answers and more next chapter!

HH will be on break for a few weeks while I work on my buffer!

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Awwww, this is so cute >w<
*goes back to the first page* Ohh~ They're, like, phasing out. C:

...@portisHeart's Star Terk reference makes a lot more since, now... XD