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What We Remember The Most

What We Remember The Most

by Pikachao
The slice of life adventures of an adorable cat lady, her friends and her apparitions of past and future versions of herself.
Updates Mondays,, rated SFW
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What We Remember The Most

The slice of life adventures of an adorable cat lady, her friends and her apparitions of past and future versions of herself.
Updates Mondays,, rated SFW


Recent Comments

@Iron Ed: Very true, he deserves his slice
@Casanova: All are mindless drones waiting to get their pizza reward.
The Great Pretender
He's not -pretending- to be useful, he's -trying- to be useful. HE earned some pizza!
So many soulless eyes...
Don't forget me!
Cliff (Guest)
June 17th, 2018
@Iron Ed: eh, to each his own
@Cliff: Hi Cliff! Looking at it, I can see how some folks could like it. To me though, even though the hatching does make the eyes 'pop', I do not think they pop in a -good- way. Just my opinion though. :-)
Fresher Ingredients...
@Kevin_Redcrow: You make these flatbread pizzas sound really good. Somehow I don't think they'd survive the shipping though. ;-) Kinda like Coors beer was reputed to be at one time. :-) :-) :-)

Now I wonder how "hardtack pizza" would be...
Looked it up...
@Kevin_Redcrow: LOL - I looked up WINCO... Closer to 3K miles! (I'm in NC. Say 'Howdy' to my brother if you're ever in Tacoma. Looks like he's less than 10 blocks from a WINCO! :-))
June 15th, 2018
PS: These pizzas are refrigerated rather than frozen, so they have a short sell-by period. But you can tell the ingredients are quite fresh.
June 15th, 2018
@Iron Ed: We must be at least 1000 miles apart geographically speaking. I've only heard of Food Lion from national rankings of grocery chains.

I get the flatbread pizza at a 5-state chain called WINCO. It's made by the store's regional bakeries, I think.

The crust is VERY thin, but the topping portions range from average to generous.
The pizza is rectangular; 7" x 12". Just enough for a hungry bachelor so long as you have side dishes as well.

Another nice thing is they bake in 10 - 14 minutes. I have a "fast" oven so mine comes out perfect in 9 min.

Not quite a bargain at $3.98, but sometimes they have a sale at $2.98.
Cliff (Guest)
June 15th, 2018
@Iron Ed: gotta disagree with you on the hatching, it makes those otherwise solid black parts pop. I'll admit it took a second to adjust when I first saw them since most comics use that on the eyes as more of a sign of lack of sleep, mind control, hypnosis, that kinda thing. But I think it works
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@Kevin_Redcrow: "Flatbread" pizza? Is it good? Where'd you get it? Not sure if I've tried flatbread or not.

I believe the $1 frozen pizza from Food Lion has more topping per square-inch than Papa John, AND has a better tasting crust! (IMHO. :-)) Especially the (discontinued) "Celeste" brand.
June 14th, 2018
@Iron Ed:

[Eating a flatbread pizza from a discount grocery store while reading reply]
Pizza Bribery
@Kevin_Redcrow: But, I -like- cold pizza! ...for breakfast!

How else is Sarah going to get them to hold still for her bossing? ;-)
June 13th, 2018
Well, it is kind of rude to grab pizza before everybody else...

On the other hand, the pizza will be cold by the time everything is brought in...


Having pizza sit on the table while Sarah bosses everybody around is cruelty.

Okay, I'm liking Pepper noticeably less as a person now. :-(

As far as the art experimenting goes...
The only thing so far that I seriously dislike is the hatch-line shading for blacks in the eyes and noses.

The previous strip also looked like it had a "foggy" overlay. Not really -bad-, but not particularly good either.

Otherwise the experiments look just fine!
June 11th, 2018
The Pizza guardian falters
Cliff (Guest)
June 10th, 2018
@Pikachao: really liking this style
June 7th, 2018
Yep, trying out some new things, messing with art styles.