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Stupid Adventures in Nintendo Land

A stupid comic about Nintendo games. No longer the sprite artstyle, now its crappy art done in FireAlpaca.

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@NeatoranMale: every retweet is one tide pod I will eat xddddd
that would be
@ThatOneEnderMan: the planet of logangiron
sorry the world is just a giant tidepod now
this time
in space
@ThatOneEnderMan: you wanna see some magic how the heck did he get from the top of the island to the bottom in 3 comics

and I guess flooding but let's go with magic, that makes sense
How does an island sink from just a storm anyway?
here we
the star on his shirt looks like a random polygon and not a star
January 25th, 2018
@Starmanfan: fine ill pander to your standards gah (jk ily)
January 25th, 2018
I can't read that text in the fourth panel... Could you make it either outlined or darker?
すべての既知の航空法によれば、ミツバチは飛ぶことができません。その翼は地面から拡大した小さな体を得るには小さすぎます。もちろん、ハチはとにかく飛ぶ。ミツバチは人々が不可 能と考えるものを気にしないからです。
@ThatOneEnderMan: Nope not yet
is this lore
Ah. So that's where you've been. Can't wait to see the future comics!
Ok, look. I haven't updated in a good while. I've been experiencing a good bit of burnout lately and I had an arc planned (which is still happening but gimme a sec geez) which I decided was the best idea to get back into comics. It's been crazy. Also, the question on everyone's mind, why is this in MS Paint? Well that's because I darn well felt like it. I will now switch to Wagglytoof with the weather.

WAGGLYTOOF: Thanks, Neato. Today in Somaglia, Italy it is 29 degrees Fahrenheit and is kinda cloudy. This pattern will continue for a few days until Friday when stray showers may come over the area and rain a bit. Then, on Monday, it might snow a tiny bit and that'll be cool. Currently the highest temperature in Italy is 66 and the lowest is 1. So it's pretty cold out there. Back to Neato with the report.

Okay, so, um, uh, yeah. Wagglytoof and his friends are back for some stuff. Expect stuff.