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Stupid Adventures in Nintendo Land

A stupid comic about Nintendo games. No longer the sprite artstyle, now its crappy art done in FireAlpaca.

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based off this pop team epic art: ull.png
@NeatoranMale: every retweet is one tide pod I will eat xddddd
that would be
@ThatOneEnderMan: the planet of logangiron
sorry the world is just a giant tidepod now
this time
in space
@ThatOneEnderMan: you wanna see some magic how the heck did he get from the top of the island to the bottom in 3 comics

and I guess flooding but let's go with magic, that makes sense
How does an island sink from just a storm anyway?
here we
the star on his shirt looks like a random polygon and not a star
January 25th, 2018
@Starmanfan: fine ill pander to your standards gah (jk ily)
January 25th, 2018
I can't read that text in the fourth panel... Could you make it either outlined or darker?
すべての既知の航空法によれば、ミツバチは飛ぶことができません。その翼は地面から拡大した小さな体を得るには小さすぎます。もちろん、ハチはとにかく飛ぶ。ミツバチは人々が不可 能と考えるものを気にしないからです。
@ThatOneEnderMan: Nope not yet
is this lore
Ah. So that's where you've been. Can't wait to see the future comics!