“The college student Yoni Arao gets abducted by ravens on his way to a workshop. As he comes around he can’t believe his eyes. Before him is standing a mythical creature beyond words: Garvan, the Raven King.

What is he planning to do with Yoni? And what’s with Yoni’s family and friends who are desperately looking for him back home? Will they ever see him again…”

RAVEN KING is an epic fantasy story with lots of ravens, culture clash, a friendship that's being put to the test and an unusual love story.

>> This story features LGBT characters.

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@ameoname: sorry i've been sassy TT' .. 'k master *bows down in deference*

bwahaha in your dreams XD
@ameoname: I bet he is, disrespectful little twerp! XD
@portisHeart: ୧(๑•̀ᗝ•́)૭ yo, get outta my soul! those are my crumbs XD :p (I'm hungry lol I get aggressive when I'm hungry)
@ScaryCircus: you don't know his parents XD YET! let's just say Yoni is spoiled hehehe
@portisHeart: I always try to imagine what I would actually say in the situation! from modern point of view he is either a mutant or an alien XDDD but he' not extraterrestial looking enough, so I went with mutant :3
and I see you're gettin' sassy, young lady! It's my part to say "we'll see" :p
@The Orange Cow: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
maybe... i can't wait until you find out what it is. :D
Didn't you mom tell you not to randomly touch other people's stuff, Yoni? 'Cause you get kicked in the butt for it!
lmfao @ "mutant guy" and "IT" stopped following XD..
you never get another chance at making a first impression - and Garvan, you def blew it XD.

and yeah, why did IT stop? - 'k, we'll see later, i know ^^
@ameoname: *plunges deep into soul* - *finds nothing because it's too dark* - *plunges deeper, with light* - *finds only a few crumbs loving side* - *shrugs* - *gives up until another day, wayyy later*... XD
Maybe he's protecting that 'shrine'?
what? Garvan lost interest?! *suspicious*
@portisHeart: hmmm seems like you DO know me XDDD but I have a kind and loving side too (somewhere deep deeeeeeep inside my dark soul wahahaha)
@ameoname: i know you. you'd rather put him ON a hook than off XD
@portisHeart: c'mon! you would at least try as well!!! maybe I'll let yoni off the hook on the next pages... or maybe not >D
@Rei_: XD I read you are Batman trash XD it's ok *pat pat*
yeah, cuz the huge feathery winged guy with talons is gonna be wayyyy slower than you XD. oh well, at least you'll make it more interesting for him when you run ^^
...time won't help you,cause karma has no deadline... sorry,I'm bmth traeesh
@The Orange Cow: I think at this point it's to late for that XD
Quick! Throw something shiney on the other direction!
@milkylata: omg someone knows Bulgaria *tears of joy* most people don't even know that country exists ;_;
yes I'm a mountain fan as well :D a few years ago I went to Stara Planina (Balkan) where it meets the black sea. so I had mountain AND ocean at the same time O_O basically hot days and cold nights + a loooot of critters XDDD
and yes, tarator is awesome in summer :D I'm also a big beans fan and banichki, byurek mmmmhhhh damn, I whish I could go there in the summer *sigh*