“The college student Yoni Arao gets abducted by ravens on his way to a workshop. As he comes around he can’t believe his eyes. Before him is standing a mythical creature beyond words: Garvan, the Raven King.

What is he planning to do with Yoni? And what’s with Yoni’s family and friends who are desperately looking for him back home? Will they ever see him again…”

RAVEN KING is an epic fantasy story with lots of ravens, culture clash, a friendship that's being put to the test and an unusual love story.

>> This story features LGBT characters.

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@ameoname: Omo, jinjja... Is Tourmaline a spy from the Raven King?? O.o Hmm, I think that could work... *master plan unfolding*

(Nope. I'm just a horrible speller. XD)
@Liv3lafLuv: XDDD dear lord, you're having a panic attack again XDDD I can't wait to see how you'll be raging once the Raven King snatches Yoni!

Tomo is such a good friend. ;-;
@portisHeart: (°~°) psssht! don't say it to his face! he's allready depressed enough XD
hm, bro.. unless you grow wings, it won't be easy to track your buddy...
Tomo and Yoni are really good friends!
@Liv3lafLuv: LOL well maybe Tomo is married :p
2) Momma RaTcoon, how could you forget the cute pet raven's name TOURMALINE XD You're a busy momma, I know I know ♥
3) no snow for me though -__-

I thought you misspelled Raccoon on purpose XDDD
Okay, One: who's the married guy? Two: Who and/or what is a Tourmaline? Three: Thanks SOOO much for the hot chocolate. ^^ *sips* I needed it today because IT SNOWED~ OuO

(I just realized that I have been misspelling Raccoon all of this time. XD)
@Liv3lafLuv: I knew you'd love the chocolate ♥ And here's another one for your support *gives a big a$$ cup of hot chocolate*
Things are starting to get dark pretty quickly now!
@ameoname: I do not know about other Ratcoons, but I LOVE hot chocolate!! <3 *sips* Little bitty baby marshmallows!! XD

You're welcome. I'm always here, if you need me. C:
December 28th, 2016
@Liv3lafLuv: oh Momma, poor Momma *pats on the back* be strong now! Here, have a cup of hot chocolate (not sure if Ratcoons drink that but I mean, who doesn't like chocolate, right?)

And thank you for pointing out the grammer mistake! I noted it down and I will correct it for the print version ♥
*runs up to Tomo* WHERE IS MY SON?!?!?! *shakes him vigorously* ;-; I WILL HUNT THEM DOWN!! Worm Breath, this is NOT what I was taking about when I said I will ALLOW you to be with my Yoni!! *angry Ratcoon noises* >:L

Lovely shading as always, my dear. ^^

Though, I think you have a grammatical error. You use the plural pronoun "they" for "Police." So, it should say "Police are..." instead of "Police is..." (It's okay. I cannot spell, so we're even. XD).
December 25th, 2016
Tomo's getting really nervious O__O
@Liv3lafLuv: love your trash talk ♥
Have yourself a merry lil' Christmas, Momma Ratcoon ;)
@ameoname: So, you're endangering my son, intentionally... I see...

But, you better treat my son with respect, Feather Face! No being mean or feeding "momma-bird-baby-bird" style... Or, I'll make new pillows out of your feathers. *smirks*
@Liv3lafLuv: ooooh Momma Ratcoon's gonna go crazy later in the story!!!
Momma Instinct VS the Raven King!!! FIGHT
WOW.... This OFFICIALLY makes me scared for Yoni....

Damnit, Worm breath! SAVE MY SON!! ;-;
This is actually a spread in the printed comic but I designed it to work as a vertical webcomic spread as well. I uploaded a photo from the printed spread as a comparison over at Tapastic: https://tapastic.com/episode/510474
@ameoname: *laughs* Yesh, please. That would be sooo funny to see. XD