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“The college student Yoni Arao gets abducted by ravens on his way to a workshop. As he comes around he can’t believe his eyes. Before him is standing a mythical creature beyond words: Garvan, the Raven King.

What is he planning to do with Yoni? And what’s with Yoni’s family and friends who are desperately looking for him back home? Will they ever see him again…”

RAVEN KING is an epic fantasy story with lots of ravens, culture clash, a friendship that's being put to the test and an unusual love story.

>> This story features LGBT characters.

Official RAVEN KING page:

My tumblr where I post RAVEN KING pics every now and then:

Yoni's Twitter (which I actually hijacked XD):


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It sounds like the Raven King needs a wall to Make Ravenland Great Again! :D
@LittleMissWissy: unless its in a good way, of course
Oh snap! Hope big bara king won't hurt him D:
I'm sorry Yoni! I taught you vrani so you would be multilingual!! -n- *clasps hands* Mianhae~ MY SON! (What the hell have I done? My poor son. Oops... *shrugs*)

I can speak English and French pretty well, but I know a handful of words in Korean, Spanish, German, and Japanese. So meh. *shrugs* I'm not really multilingual, I just know the same phrases in different languages.
@ameoname: hmm.. i'll write you a detailed how-to, 'k?
1) take garbage bag, cut openings for arms+head, put on. there! ^^

i don't freak out very often, but some days it's just better to make a large bow around me cuz i'm irritable, and some jerks pick just then to go on and on pissing me off until i lose it *shrug*. and - too many fuckwits around to be unfuckwithable XDD. but i admire you.
@ameoname: ooops. T_T'

nope, they talk about their grocery shopping, their kid's diarhhea (if it's really your lucky day, same kid will stand screaming at their side!), retarded tv shows, or what their equally stupid moronic friends are doing XD. and often, their voices sux big time too XD.

who forgets them? someone who al-ways keeps them in their huge pant pockets so ofc they know they will be there, no need checking... and oversaw that for once in a hurry they had stuffed them in the jacket ~ also, the things occasionally fuck up after a few months >_<
@portisHeart: you can make me a garbage bag shirt XD I already had a few (good for rainy weather) :D
I used to get vulgar as well but now I'm way to chill for that *leans back* I train the skill of being unfuckwithable yo!
@LittleMissWissy: amen on that!
@portisHeart: (>_<) must. not. spoil.

but maybe you can overhear someone talking about where they hid the bag with the cash while on the bus! Na, wie klingt das? XD
and who forgets their headphones -__- Anfängerfehler! :p
@boiseboo: let's squeal together
ヽ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )ノ
@FinyMime: XD nice one!
@boiseboo: Yeah, same. People who say learning a new language is easy can all go explode. *huffs*
ok, i didn't see that one coming! raven cave magic? Gawan's spell? or Yoni is a ravenbreed from the Xth generation (Gawan's little cousin)? i'm impatient to solve this mystery! ^^

ps: it's cool being multilingual, i agree - except when you're stuck in a full bus, forgot your headphones in your jacket @home, and you understand everything people say about their stupid boring lives in a few different languages... >_<~
Uh oh! Now he's in trouble!
Can I just say... That guy's hot
P.S. Fuck you. I'm taking two other languages. That shit's hard. So fuck you and your translation magic. hum *pouts*
AAAAHHH!!! *Fan-girl squeals*
@The OrangJake e Cow: bless this comment XD