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The story of how two modern gentlemen stopped worrying about being transformed into centaurs and learned to love pantsless Fridays.
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The story of how two modern gentlemen stopped worrying about being transformed into centaurs and learned to love pantsless Fridays.

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@Centaur71: Holy schist, dude...
ROCKY movie?
@PJSam: Maybe he gets SEDIMENT-al for any STONE-hard evidence they produce and he's IGNEOUS of what they've changed into; What a GNEISS result that would be...
Yeah, I'd have left in a cloud of dust once I saw the spidey.
@PJSam: Who knows how Dr. Cervelet thinks...
No offense, but what good will a geologist do in this circumstance?
Throwing a ranch into the works...
Mathias may resemble a tarantula-type Drider/Arachne, but I believe his having more than 8 limbs no longer qualifies him as an arachnid...
well that answer the question of how and how fast. painless and almost instant.
now why? and can it be reversed
easy-rider spider insider
Instant Tarantula; just add ranch dressing...
August 5th, 2019
What, no extra eyes? Lame.
August 5th, 2019
Not that I don't feel empathy for others but alas all I hear is this intense internal screaming and the need for the world's biggest flyswatter.
side bar
I noticed on your tuarsday side bar of a centaur taking a dive. willing or not.
but to the point. Sioux city Iowa used to have elk diving. at a carnaval like place. its a fact. also their is a divining elk bat named after it in town.
look it up
Bad Text
I hate to say it but the text on this page is almost unreadable. It is not the size so much but the different line thicknesses
July 17th, 2019
@Centaur71: Oh neato. Back in the day they didn't have that. So that's cool to know they fixed that.
Guess what...
@Salen:my friend, they DO make Centaur figures! (Or at least molds you attach the upper half of a minifigure to)Look up LEGO Centaur minifigure on Google to be taken to various sites; that's where I got mine!
July 16th, 2019
Some feared the Soviet Bloc, others feared the Lego Block. But since Lego has Batman, I think that means they won. So yay Lego! Now when will they let me make Lego Centaur figures?
Well, I'll be Daned
Some people don't know when to let it LEGO...
PFFFFT "Denmark being a threat to world peace". Nah, they're the most peaceful folks you'd ever meet. XDDDD I was worried for a sec until I saw the Lego comment and then I laughed. Nice!

Apparently Dr. Cervelet's tie shares a similar property to my character Midday's shirt: even though the pattern changes between panels, it in theory isn't actually changing so much as the artist in question (in this case Cervelet and in my character's case me) doesn't care enough to make it consistent between panels. XD I mean, I completely understand it myself, I personally can't be bothered to draw Midday's shirt the same between panels in the little doodles I did on Swapnote/Swapdoodle.
Dr. Cervelet introduces himself and we learn that the Danish must be monitored at all times! (Any society that produces King Diamond must be kept tabs on).
handicapped van
@Cervelet: I had a frend nmaed micheal. with MS. he ahd a 30.000 van. but it was a 74 chevy. what made it 30k was all the lifts and equipment that went into it.brake was pushing forward on the steering wheel and speeding up was pulling back. it make sense in backwards way.
back end opening up like a ramp or a gull wing side door. when gull wing closes. your belted in. some cars used to do that.
@vangard: well....