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The story of how two modern gentlemen stopped worrying about being transformed into centaurs and learned to love pantsless Fridays.
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The story of how two modern gentlemen stopped worrying about being transformed into centaurs and learned to love pantsless Fridays.

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This 'scientist' is nuttier than a squirrel's winter stash!!!
@Nixie: Given that his reaction to being told "I will bite your head off" is to say "You have fascinating teeth", it's not begging to get his head bitten off. He's asking, admittedly not very politely, for the experience of having his head devoured.
@Nixie: I'm not sure that'd be enough to stop him!
Oh jeez
Okay yeah, there's a point where a scientist is just BEGGING to get his head bit off, and he just crossed it!
Hello gang! First update the month, and guess what? We hit our first Patreon goal, so that means we'll have 3 updates this month! Hooray! If'd you like to get even more updates per month, please support our comic!
September 19th, 2019
For the record: Still Alive, the song from the game Portal.
@PJSam: Yeah; that kind of accident could've given him the 'runs'
September 16th, 2019
At least it didn't break while he was going full gallop.
That's Cubist for you,,,
That's actually a really good question; what of our 'Taur-antula' cousins?
September 16th, 2019
Hello all! Cubist tries his hand at some exercise and the machine bravely gives it life in the name of science!

Also, we're less than $20 from our first Patreon goal level! If we hit $100 a month, updates will increase to three pages per month! A new monthly update is added at each $100 level! If you want more Off-Centaured, please support us @ our Patreon page!
@Centaur71: That was a reference to the game Portal. Even I've never played Portal and still got the reference. How did you not recognize it? O_o; It's even a meme, like "The cake is a lie!" one. HOW?! ...Maybe I'm just old or something.
@PJSam: Sam, I DEFY you to say that after going through their Centaur-fuge even once! ;-)
September 5th, 2019
@Salen: It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.
September 5th, 2019
I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS
@PJSam: That depends which of our stomachs has food in it; front of rear...
September 2nd, 2019
Can Centaurs vomit? Cause I know Horses can't.
September 2nd, 2019
Another month, another update! Also, we're less than $20 from our first goal level on Patreon! If we get over $100 a month, we expand to three updates per month!
@Centaur71: Ah, but centaurs have already been proven to gain 1.5 times additional limbs (4 to 6) from the taurification, so obviously a spider-taur gains that many as well (8 to 12)! 😝
@Centaur71: Holy schist, dude...
ROCKY movie?
@PJSam: Maybe he gets SEDIMENT-al for any STONE-hard evidence they produce and he's IGNEOUS of what they've changed into; What a GNEISS result that would be...