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The story of how two modern gentlemen stopped worrying about being transformed into centaurs and learned to love pantsless Fridays.
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The story of how two modern gentlemen stopped worrying about being transformed into centaurs and learned to love pantsless Fridays.

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hidden treasure tropes
@DarkwingDork: Good man; I think you'll like what you find... ;-)
@Centaur71: *checking Google now*
You call yourself a Centaur?
What? you don't know about Ayami no Centaur, DWD? She's as Equine as you and I are (and a Manga char. on top of it!) You BETTER find out all about her FAST!!!
June 19th, 2018
@DarkwingDork: Yes, how dare you not know everything in the universe ever. Shame on you.
It's one of those I have to research on what other people are talking about.
@Salen: It's my own fault for not already knowing everything about that show I was just made aware of.
June 18th, 2018
Google to the rescue!
Old Crow
June 18th, 2018
Transition again
@Guest: Yes, vehicles can be modified. It will take time. How much time will depend upon how much of the population got changed and if the change carries over through generations.
Hello again true believers! Nope, your eyes do not deceive you, here's our second of THREE updates for the month thanks to viewer support! We hope you enjoy this extra comic, and if you'd like to make sure we have more than 2 updates a month going forward, please consider supporting our Patreon. For every $100 level we hit, we'll add an extra comic to the monthly schedule!
June 16th, 2018
@DarkwingDork: And yet, I saw a Manga that showed how cars MIGHT be constructed to accommodate us Centaurs; bi-folding doors, collapsible seats and alternate placement of seat belts. with the redesign of typical cars, it could work...
Old Crow
June 15th, 2018
@DarkwingDork: And it can be so much fun to look at, not to live, but look at.
@Old Crow: And you're right, like most new social changes in society, there's going to be a messy, uncomfortable era of transition. We're still in the time in this story.
Old Crow
June 14th, 2018
I had a thought last night. Centaurs are going to be limited to local travel for quite a while. Flying somewhere? What airline could take them? Train? Not unless a cattle car. Bus? No way. Car or pickup truck? Maybe a pickup if you can ride in the truck bed with no protection. A centaur is limited to horse trailers and similar travel arrangements.
And bathrooms? Showers are going to be from a hose in the backyard unless bathtubs are heavily strengthened.
And so forth. A lot of ways to continue this comic to show the hassles of being "changed" and perhaps a lot of comic ideas as well.
from Cubist to cubicle
Somber though he seems, he should be thankful he still has a job...or does he?
@DarkwingDork: Ah, I see. Most of my working life is in the military; so, what's a Monday was, for me, a valid question.
@Old Crow: He's coming into office in a cheerful mood on a Monday. In some circles, that's a sign of mental illness...

This has been a while after his TF, so they know about him.
Work related
In Panel 3, if the bags were in hand instead of on his "back", it looks like he could fit through the doorway.
In Panel 4, are his co-workers annoyed at his being so cheerful or at his being a centaur? If the former, too bad. If the latter, problems ahead for them.
@Salen: Me during every meeting:
June 4th, 2018
DWD works for Lord Business. Also, DWD gets a job on this year's biggest sitcom smash, "Honey, Where Are My Pants?"
We begin a new story! DWD hopes to survive a new day at work, but can it survive him?

AND A REMINDER! This is the first of THREE pages this month! If you'd like to have more then two pages EVERY month, help support us on Patreon! For every $100 level we hit, we'll add an extra page per month!