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@WildfireK: how much is that pika in the window
Erm what about ShiFi
How much does it cost?
Omr same I have low iron and tiny bones XDDD
@WildfireK: Oh I see what you did there

I just ordered Doom X Eon on Amazon, but the tracking says it hasn't been shipped yet
@Midnight : yes yes i do

but honestly i haven't seen too many people who don't XD
@NeonUmbreon: idk why but I do the same

I used to think I was a vampire lmao

But I have lower iron than the average person, so my blood is a bit more sweetish. Idk. I've found the higher level of iron a person has, the more metallic and bleh their blood is.

And no, I don't taste anybody else's blood. I just tasted my own.

I'm weird.
@espeon8812: I read u bio
U like twenty Øne PilØts
Really? I'm concinved it's "FedEx Truck Driver"
@WildfireK: Fren, I believe the correct terminology is "shipwright."
@WildfireK: woooo *wet tissues*
@WildfireK: so im not the one? that makes me feel so much better
@WildfireK: is it bad that i enjoy the taste of my blood? like, i get an injury and i just lick the blood coming from the cut
Here are some tissues that have already been used by Shad, Zorri and I, before getting run over by a train
@WildfireK: Sun base it on the Art storage pic
@NeonUmbreon: Ima gonna need some tussle

also wow Sun drew Rin good

Rin is pretty good-looking in this pic