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@EeveeEon: I second this
@Midnight-fox18: relatable
I'l try tomorrow if I don't forget or can't drag myself out of bed because I have to leave early tomorrow and also I'm on my phone and I saved my memes on my laptop so I can't access them butbI will tell you that have you ever heard of inspirobot or something I forget what it's called but it's AI generated inspirational quotes and I got one about believing in the power of excrement which I thought was perfect for you and you should hang it up in your bathroom right across from your toilet so that you can look at it everytime you go and ue the toilet
@WildfireK: okay i think im feeling good enough to comment now but Y E S send the memes and picture :3
Or you can just send them tomorrow, since I know there’s ... stuff going on ^^”
Thanks for drawing me and finding exotic memes! X3
Oh Middy!! I missed you all day <3

Would you like to talk? I have a repertoire of funny memes for you <3

I drew a picture of you in school
Would you like to see it?
when you’re secretly anxious and stressed but you don’t want to face your problems because you’re scared of them so you spend your evening disguising it from yourself by creating memes and funny pictures
The fishplant swimming in it's natural habitat
May 19th, 2018
I really ship keely, my cat, and river, my friends cat. yes it is gay.
Aww they're so cut- *nom*
Hey don't eat him.
May 17th, 2018
@BowtheSylveon: congrats you are now married to a seal
pfft xD
Hehehehe ;3
May 12th, 2018
Is this Carol and Barbara XDD
@I'llRaichuAComic: holy he c c that’s a nice cat
I come back from the dead to see so many cats where did they come from--? (Also I drew a cat rlly fast)
May 10th, 2018
I hear my calling
I want to be in that mug xD