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Fire Fang (Lara)

Fire Fang (Lara)

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@Midnight-fox18: wait you have bf?

<s>God why ddin’t I know that</s>
@BowtheSylveon: My bf is #403
... we’ve been together for over 1 1/2 years now XD
@Sky207: when did mid get a bf-
im still not caught up from the three years I missed-
@Bow doesn’t want to log in : yes. it is her boyfriend.
@Juice-Chan: oh i guess ur getting shot
that’s sad
but hey
the last thing you’ll see will be middy
@Bow doesn’t want to log in : i have a crush on middy :(
hey there fuckers i bet u werent expecting me back here

anyways i was drawing this a few days ago but it looked to hot and steamy and i didntt even realize until i sent it to micah and theyre liek "HHDOHDGLJDH HOMOSEXUAL CATS?????????" and im like OH SHIT BUT IM NOT REDOING IT?? so i thought yall might get a kick out of this feel free to make fun on me in the comments
Tubbs has Big Bastard energy
@Ima Fishtick: *insert velociraptor screeching here*
@Bow doesn’t want to log in :

dOES soMEbOdY HAvE a CRuSh oN MIdDy
love ya my good beach <3333

can i get shot now
I’ve gotten the same one before at a restaurant
*loads gun* i don’t know which one of you beaches is sending me love letters but someone’s going to get payback.................evil