You Are Being Overwatched

A collection of comic strips about things I have witnessed in Overwatch, and musings I have had while playing it...

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To be fair, though, it seems pretty heavily hinted that Reaper may be infused with some kinda nanotech... So maybe he's not throwing out built guns so much as constantly creating new ones?
Aww, he's finally back! I was worried for a while :D
I just love how you draw these characters! It's so cool!

@H0lyhandgrenade: And I'm too busy playing as Reaper. ALL THE TIME
The mouseover text tho...
@HalfAssedChaos: And that, kids, is the MAGICAL WORLD of Blizzard!
@TheJGamer: Reporting from the future, Roady is still as OP as ever
SoldierxMercy! But I don't get the SoldierxReaper. They're mortal enemies... Right?

Also, the gremlin baby strikes again.
History class with Mcree
Reloading... is for wimps
Kenuru (Guest)
April 29th, 2017
I actually thought the "RPNT" meant "reprint." He wants to reprint all his guns, hence the buttload of guns he has.

Hi! I recently stumbled across your Overwatch comics. I simply love them, so I started from the beginning and am slowly reading all of them.
Oooh, I know the feeling, just won a 3v3 with no deaths and 9 kills on Hanzo, a hero I suck with
Aelia (Guest)
April 16th, 2017
I hate it when I'm the solo healer and say "We need a tank" and the team goes "If you want it so bad you do it and shut up" then that's when I switch to Mei and go "Lol now YOU need a tank AND a healer. Good working this out with ya"
Yeah I'm a Mercy main which tend to have more girls but I also will tank in a pinch and just say thanks. Or every now and again at the end come on to mic and in my most girlish voice go "Thanks guys! " Let it be known that back that broke carrying you to victory was a girl's gosh darn it! Also the flood of friend invites I end up ignoring afterwards sometimes is amusing. Don't friend grills just because they're grills :p
Aelia (Guest)
April 16th, 2017
While the comic was funny enough that last shot of Mercy pinned to the ceiling pushed me over the edge a hahaha.
dylan (Guest)
April 16th, 2017
Without the comment this seemed like a perfect widowXtracer interaction: tracer is happy with just staring at widow's back (that looks quite naked too)
April 12th, 2017
@Sharks: Not near as good as Solider tho.
@Riskfan: ...but she can tho.
@Avic: Naw. Self inflicted damage doesn't count toward ult charge when healed.
No Pharah, your not Solider, you cant rocket jump.