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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Umbry the Thief

The world of Pokemon is in danger. A hero from another world is brought in to save them due to a supposed special power they have, but with no direction of what to do. With her bizarre new companions, will Umbry be able to fulfill the purpose she was brought her for? And if she does, what will happen next?

An alteration of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games.

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He ded.
@Aura flame: Summary:
RV(Random voice): Hi u r human and go save a world.
Hero: Wat.
RV: (Throws Hero into the pokemon wrld)
H: Oh nooooooo....
RP (Random Pokemon): Oh hi I fnd you nao you r going 2 live w me.
H: Ok.
RP: Join the guild w me.
H: Ok.
RP: Go on an adventure w me.
H: Ok.
RV: Blah blah blah evil is going to take over...
H: Ok.
(And the games take off from there.)
The Eevee is just doing some inaudible screaming.
Eevee fainted!
Eevee is out of usable Pokemon!
Eevee whited out!
Aura flame
December 10th, 2017
@Pokemon Fun and Craziness: yeah, i hear you...

the hero IS always kind of just thrown into things.
@Aura flame: It is pretty abrupt in the games, too.
@Aura flame: Don't worry, things will start to be explained soon.
Aura flame
December 10th, 2017

that was pretty abrupt lol.
Aura flame
December 10th, 2017
wait, so...

is the banette umbry's partner?