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Wendy Macalister is a girl who was sent to the human world from somewhere
far way and mysterious. She was sent to Earth with a reason and a mission. When she become the age of 10 she realized the truth about her self, and remembers her real name. The truth unfolds…..and the heroine struggle to live as a human. Because the world where she come from is different from the world humans are living. It made her say things like; “is it just me? Or them?”

Then a twist of fate appears…
hearing a voice that said;
“you will live….or die….
depending the path you choose….”

Those words echoes and the heroine finds a way to get out of the labyrinth. On the way she learns about humans...life and death….humans’ feelings….and things that humans enjoys…..

Will the heroine finds the way out of the labyrinth and find the light…? If so…how?
Or will she become a human and be trapped in the darkness of the labyrinth..?