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The daily life of Cho, Kotori, Manami, and many, many others! A comedy skit manga with loveable characters, situational comedy and heavily forced and awkward yuri relationships!
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I will continue following you ! Maybe your audience is too shy, I hope others readers will follow my example and will post comments, may they be silly !
@Follinette: You don'y know just how much that means to me <3 Thank you so much. Recently, I've been feeling pretty down about my lack of interactive audience, but your comments always make me smile. I'm so glad you enjoy it and I promise I have much much more to come! <3
Oh thanks I'm not a judge in this competition. I couldn't have make it ! I loved this special episodes (even though I do not know many mangas or animes, so I can miss some reference, but I see the parody here...) Thank YOU for This is Today, you makes my day whenever you posts... Yes yes yes I look forward for the next episodes to come ! I tried to convert all my friends to your comics by the way, but I'm afraid they're "busy people".
Please, she is already cute enough
@Follinette: This part will be an extended episode so theres many more cuties to come! <3
Oh yeah. I hope there will be more episodes with the other cuties !
Hey at least she is doing maths and not completely slacking off.
@rolling orange: just her goddamn luck, right?
The nicest view of the sunset is over this wall.
beautiful world :'^)
@SasakiSasaru: thank you! <3
I love it! You should keep going!
@00Stevo: i think she should just win the game
I think it should be a little more then that...
Thank you Kotori chan. Now I'm pretty proud of my school abilities.
Poor girl, She'll arrive on time for school eventually
@pongldr: Especially from a THICC CHICC
@Ian Evans: who doesnt love the SUCC??
they probably also love spelling words that end in CK with CC