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Nu-City Blues

Charlie Lautrec guards the gate to the Underworld... but he fell asleep... and something got out - murder, mystery, mysticism and strangeness, it's all here, in a tale that promises to be both engaging and deep.


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The return of Domikron!
This week's offering!
Here we go, another couple of pages for you.
@JFP: :> Heartfelt thanx!
Just glad your comic is back and hope you're in good shape.
Back at it!
Nu-city Blues is online again. sorry for the months of absence. As previously stated my arm was kaput, see my news feed for more.

December 13th, 2017
Welcome to Part Three of Book One, Nu-City Blues.
This is the final section and a riotous journey with little respite awaits you.
Brace! Brace!
December 13th, 2017
Part two of Nu-City Blues Book One - brace yourselves!
And so departs Domikron the hunter.
Domikron is back!
I love Dom!
Welcome to Nu-City Blues! Chapter 10 begins here! Enjoy this!
And so a new chapter begins. Thus begins the escalation... the climax is scant weeks away!
Chop! Chop! Hurry up Marcy!
Yeah, probably best not to leave ole Derek laying about there Marcy! LOL!
Go Marcy Go!
Marcy Gray, your favourite Lesbian anti-heroine dealing out some pain!
Tough love huh?
Hallo there gentle reader... prepare for Marcy's anger... She's getting pissed!
Back to drip feed! Here begins Chapter 8... darker and darker we gooooo!!!
Downtown is fulla drunks and skanks and purveyors of the flesh, the fetish and the fervour of the passions. So I decided Charlie's best option, to hide from Baghead, was behind a large drunk - in the process of chucking up their previous meal.

You see, it's all about the details! ;>