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A comic about people in university, only they're not always people and they're not all in university and also it's really unclear if I really have a plan.

So a succubus, a wizard, and a robot walk into a university...

- nudity and stuff
- sexy times and themes
- swear words!! NOOOOO!

U of What?

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Great Job!
This comic is really funny and clever! Loving it so far!
Incredible Guy 2
Calvin returns! Remember him from Chapter 3? If you don't, now's a great time to read the comic from the beginning!
An Update on Updates
From this point onward, I'll be updating three times a week. School's out and I've nothing better to do. It'll be fun!(?)
For anyone curious about the names next to the door in the second-last panel, we have Gwen Lynn (the Gremlin), Anne Droid, Holly Gram, and Rob Bawt (he's either a Robot or a Rabbit... or a Ribbit?).
Robotic Model J-9 (Janine) 5M1TH - Robotic android, double major in applied mathematics and geophysics. Her hobbies include calculations, statistical analysis of probability, and dancing. She's awkward at parties. Her friends are Sephy and Neil is okay.

Janine does not require sustenance beyond a period of recharge at night. She does not collect any paraphernalia or see the point in manipulating her environment to personalize it in any way. Her room is as empty as some say her heart is.
Persephone (Sephy) Sato - Succubus, English major in the honours program at her university. She likes to read, party, and nap. Sometimes she just naps. Her best friends are Neil, Janine, and Nym. Her favourite authors are Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, and Kate Beaton.

Succubi absorb attraction and arousal for sustenance, but they can eat whatever they want without taking in any calories.
I hope it looks like it knows what I'm doing because I don't. AND AWAY WE GO!