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An assortment of comics about this, that, and whatever else.

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@TimeSceo: Yeah. I like the idea of couple using questionable magic so death can't completely ruin their relationship.
At least they're not separated entirely
This should be it for now. This was fun. Gonna get back to focusing on the other comics. While figuring out what I want to eventually do with this.
Should've taken the shot
One more part after this.
That solves half the problem.
The thing with this eventual project is that I'm trying for better character stuff. Rather than my other comics which is basically just beat up the bad guys and move on to other bad guys to beat up..
Next part of this little story.
Got an idea for other characters I'll be using. So I made this. I don't know what the zombies are saying.
@ZSnazzy: Glad to hear you enjoyed it.
May 24th, 2018
i like this
This will be the last part for now. I'm happy with how this went. Need to do a bit more work before I start this properly.
I'm surprised I've been keeping this up so well. Since this is definitely not gonna be a daily series.
Still got a bit more of this to go.
May 18th, 2018
I can't believe the pig is dead
Continuing with this thing. Not sure how much more I'll make though.
So I managed to make the next part pretty quickly. So here it is.
A bit of a future project. The title will probably be changed.
March 15th, 2018
Lately I've felt the need to try another attempt at making my own comic series. It's still a long way off though. This is just me trying to figure out the characters.