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The Enigma Box Comics

An assortment of comics about this, that, and whatever else.

Updates whenever.

Recent Comments

Lord Enigma
September 27th, 2019
@TimeSceo: That's fine. I wanted people reading this to be able to sort of understand the aliens.
September 25th, 2019
I can sort of understand him
Lord Enigma
September 25th, 2019
I decided to use a different font for alien language. The font the alien speaks in is called Gadetyper. If you're interested in such things.
Lord Enigma
September 21st, 2019
Jack may be in for it now.
September 15th, 2019
I like Jack
Lord Enigma
September 14th, 2019
Something new is here. May get a little nsfw. I haven't fully decided yet.
goodbye Chris
It now ends. I hope you enjoyed this nonsense.
So this got delayed a whole lot. Next page will end it.
@TimeSceo: No he did not.
The Homeless man didn't deserve this
Good ol face snake
@TimeSceo: That's the right way to feel.
Not a fan of Chris
I originally planned to never have the characters talk in Fredrik's tales. I didn't think it would work in this one.
I dunno I'm kinda with Dixie on this one.
This probably won't end well.
Lord Enigma
March 20th, 2019
Alright. So until I feel like making more. This will be the last of this for awhile. Hope you enjoyed it.
Lord Enigma
February 20th, 2019
Almost forgot again.