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Art shit made by glitch


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Thank you so much! It looks frikin amazing and the contrast ahafsnahshxjjcj
G o o d
the fucking---
she should be oml
are you proud of me mom
@Glitchionius: o o f thank you so much sweetie ;w; <333
Bless color palettes tbh lmao
@EeveeEon: hhhh that means so much coming from you lysm<33
considering that like every one of tfm’s pages are GORG
The aesthetic is so pleasing;@;$/!oajdos you go queen I'm cheering you <3
trying a new thing to make it look more dynamic?
anyway fanart for ultrawandit’s comic bc it’s aMAZING
@EeveeEon: Sing and Double Slap is a good combo too
@Glitchionius: but

my eyes

they tell me hes a good boy
piplup is small
piplup is magnificent
and so is thy delcatty
@Glitchionius: Reviver seeds are a blessing from Arceus

The Bittercold would never have been possible without my arsenal of like forty seeds oof
@WiispNightmare: honestly i don’t even know how i ohko’d him I wasted sO much time stocking up on reviver seeds that all just went to waste right after
i guess i was just really lucky??
@Glitchionius: Zen headbutt was nice too

Holy fluff I've never heard of a one hit without cheats
W o w
@WiispNightmare: i think these two were my best run cause like weak enemies usually fainted with covet and if they didn’t I spammed sing+dig
i had a riolu shinx team at one point and i threw a stun seed and used focus punch once and dialga just d i e d
Blizzard was amazing
Best pmd run I've ever had
Caroline is best
Paired with Shinx's Charge-Discharge link and a vile seed, Dialga went down in like three hits
I was so proud of my beans
just spam sing and attract and then fucking kill everyone
replayed pmd eot and i really don’t know why people say skitty is hard to use?? i lost like 1-2 boss fights/dungeons throughout the entire game