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glitchs art dump

another dump on sj,,,,,,;;,;,
will I update 10 times in a day or will I not update for 2 months? who knows tbh

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i don't
i don't even know how to describe my awe?????????
used a ref for the Face Part of the face and the shading was supposed to be fucking uhhh practice? I actually like how this turned out tho so :,)
@Glitchionius: it's not really intentional but He is past the point of caring asdfgh
@Glitchionius: rip weird angles
@WiispNightmare: He is honestly the absolute unit of the edginess scale no one can outdo him and he KNOWS that
@ultrawandit: omg basically yeah :((
@ultrawandit: hnghhhh looking back at the old one and SOBBING
@WiispNightmare: yeah it’s supposed to be like,, tucked behind, so weird angle
Does riolu not have a tail or is it just out of sight,,,,,,,

But shading is weird and this is a gOOD
@Glitchionius: they turn into a strawberry
sort of a redraw of
also I. Can’t shade. uh
might re-upload but,,, nicer
@Glitchionius: Good Stuff

Every time I draw He, it's edgier than before,,,
@WiispNightmare: hey that’s
smart :0
but like it was the concept that was edgier skkfksd basically it had metal claws and shin guards idk??? bc of some Tragic Past accident that small me was too lazy to develop
@ultrawandit: congrats uve successfully one-upped me on edgy sonas,,,
also forgot to mention this nice child had an alternate evil version which was basically the same but r e d
11yo me was a coward
haha, foolish mortal, you think this is edgy?? This balanced and nice looking child???
my old sona was shadow the hedgehog as a raichu
I think the blue goes well with buizel's natural color scheme uwu

Lol y'all should see my old sonas

Except I'll never admit who they are bc I recycle them into less edgy ocs
@Glitchionius: just take 'em one at a time, and if you don't feel like one, don't force it! Set it aside for later uwu