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Pokemon Red: My First Nuzlocke

Okay, where do I start? Well, this is my very first Nuzlocke run in my life, and the first time I've played Gen 1. What a nice combination, isn't it? But anything can happen in Nuzlocke comics...

Updates Saturdays.

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Pokemon red
Still you guys playing this? How to do if I forget to pick the Map :'( I was like one step to MT.moon
June 13th, 2017
@LavaBidoof399: Thanks dude. I'll be sure to sub to you!
June 12th, 2017
Blarg. Auto correct is changing blarg to howdy. Its annoying! Also, hope you do well! I'm trying to make sprites for my own comics... Also, I have some videos on YouTube now!
June 10th, 2017
So guys, I'm going to participate in an event called the World Spriters' Tournament. I really want to work on it full-time, so no updates on my comics until that's out of the way.

If you want to join, then here:

Thanks for your patience!
And we're finished with the first Q&A! Next week, we'll go back to Kanto!

Thanks to those who liked the responses! See you next Saturday!
@LavaBidoof399: basically every pokemon game ever

especially gen 7 cuz EVs and IVs
@TheJGamer: Pokemon grind version
@TheJGamer: Grindemon!!!
@Mashed_Potatoes: Gotta grind 'em all!
I did some research, and Nidorino learns Double Kick (Fighting Type) at level 50.

Go grind!!
No, I didn't forget to translate on the second to last panel. I want you to translate that on your own.

Next week's going to be the last Q&A comic! After that, we'll get back to J-Gamer's adventures!

See you Saturday!
@Mashed_Potatoes: QUILAVA FOR DA WIN!!!!!!!
@Mashed_Potatoes: Inter-generational roasting commence!
Silly Misaki! I have a Quilava now!

2 more Q&A pages to go! w00t!
@Mashed_Potatoes: It's the Teachy TV! Now avaliable without electricity!

i know this is not gen 3 but still
But if there's a power outage... How is Ichigo able to watch TV?
@TheJGamer: your welcome (personally, I am so happy for it!)
@LavaBidoof399: This will be saved for the second Q&A. Thanks for asking questions in advance!