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A Generic Kirby Comic

A Generic Kirby Comic! I think. This comic features Kirby and some friends as they cause complete randomness and was mainly inspired by 20 Times Kirby, Kirby Adventure, and Kirby's Dream Adventure, in no particular order.

Updates whenever I feel like it and get the chance to at the same time. Most of the time when I finish my work for my homeschooling (I'm only 12 years old), I play Super Smash Flash 2, or Kirby's Return to Dream Land, or some other game, so don't expect to see comics that often.


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@TheJGamer: I don't have a Switch. I got the Wii U version.

By the way, that's Karrie right now. Klorby's going to have a blue text bubble when he speaks.
Curse you, Nintendo Switch! (in a good way)

On the comic: Klorby must've had a disturbing past.
Sorry about the lack of updates, Breath of the Wild and Team Kirby Clash Deluxe got in the way and I wasn't sure what to do next in the comic.

As for the page itself, Kirby likes hearing his name (I actually just forgot to add some dialogue for him on that panel) and we'll get some backstory whenever I update next.
@Kirbyfan27: Oops, my mistake. As for the art, I always intend on improving my Kirby artwork, so in the future, I'm hoping that the art gets better.

Edit: The art looks much better hand-drawn, but thanks to my drawing tablet, the art does look pretty bad.
I like making comics, but I don't always have the time to make them.

"Klorby" is probably familiar to you because of names such as "Korby" and "Kordy".

Breaking walls is fun!

My shading is a bit more realistic than the sprites that they're based off of. Also, that sprite's smaller than the others. (To other readers, he had said "Also, why does Kirby's sprite look really weird in the third panel?" and then edited his comment.)

I like hitting the enter key, too.

I saw your new comic, but (no offense intended) you're really bad at drawing. Also, wasn't it called "Kirby; Pentaforce"?

"God" doesn't have a name yet, because I haven't thought of one. (He replaced this one with "Also, I also like saying 'also' for some reason.")

I never made the sandwiches anyway.
Well, Master Hand is a freaking wus- *shot*
Yay, a comic!

On the comic: Karrie/Klorby? The "Klorby" name seems familiar somehow.

Also, Kirby really broke the fourth wall again.

Also, I also like hitting the Enter key.

Also, I made a new Kirby comic. It is called Kirby: Pentasquad.

Also, I also like saying "also" for some reason.

No, I didn't want the ten thousand cheese sandwiches anyway.
Not a generic 4-panel comic
I bet that you're wondering why there are more than four panels, and here's the reason: BECAUSE! Not really, but whatever.

Anyway, Karrie/Klorby is really unique.

Also, Kirby sees us.

Also, I made the sprite for Kirby in the third panel all on my own.

Also, I like hitting the enter button.

Also, I say "Also" a lot.

No, I will not give you ten thousand cheese sandwiches.
Master Hand really is a coward.

Another comic should be available in a couple of minutes.
Olive what you did with today's comic!
God is good at solving problems.

Oh, I forgot to address this in the review; I think anti-aliasing speech bubbles are better.
If you're wondering what happened to the other Sword Knights, they were a bit slow and couldn't follow Shadow Kirby.

And no, I am not "Kimsy". Shadow Kirby just doesn't come to Olive Ocean much.
I've finished reviewing your comic!
Where do you think he went?
I'll answer that question when I review your comic!
Happy birthday! Nice new cover btw!
Poyo poyo

By the way, I tried turning anti-aliasing off for the speech bubbles (and not the actual text). What do you think?
Silly Shadow Kirby, don't ask where something is or a bunch of whatever you're asking about will show up and attack you.
well then

be prepared for two more comics in the next ten minutes

By the way, my birthday was on the 4th of this month! I am 12 years old now (and my brother is 16 years old now)!