A Generic Kirby Comic

A Generic Kirby Comic! I think. This comic features Kirby and some friends as they cause complete randomness and was mainly inspired by 20 Times Kirby, Kirby Adventure, and Kirby's Dream Adventure, in no particular order.

Updates whenever I feel like it and get the chance to at the same time. Most of the time when I finish my work for my homeschooling (I'm only 12 years old), I play Super Smash Flash 2, or Kirby's Return to Dream Land, or some other game, so don't expect to see comics that often.


Recent Comments

Olive what you did with today's comic!
God is good at solving problems.

Oh, I forgot to address this in the review; I think anti-aliasing speech bubbles are better.
If you're wondering what happened to the other Sword Knights, they were a bit slow and couldn't follow Shadow Kirby.

And no, I am not "Kimsy". Shadow Kirby just doesn't come to Olive Ocean much.
I've finished reviewing your comic!
Where do you think he went?
I'll answer that question when I review your comic!
Happy birthday! Nice new cover btw!
Poyo poyo

By the way, I tried turning anti-aliasing off for the speech bubbles (and not the actual text). What do you think?
Silly Shadow Kirby, don't ask where something is or a bunch of whatever you're asking about will show up and attack you.
well then

be prepared for two more comics in the next ten minutes

By the way, my birthday was on the 4th of this month! I am 12 years old now (and my brother is 16 years old now)!
Kirby? Safe?
Kirby as in "crashes through walls at 100 mph with a warpstar Kirby?"
Kirby as in "goes against enemies that plan for complete destruction Kirby?"
Kirby as in "uses fire, water, energy, machines, overkill noises, and explosives Kirby?"

My point: Kirby and safe goes together like oil and water.
@Kirbyfan27: Yeah, I figured. Better try using Paint.net (I can't make the backgrounds in the sprites transparent in MS Paint, which is sort of important if you want to put sprites in a certain background).
@TheJGamer: Well, these have been sitting around on my computer for a while, and I just got around to uploading them.
SMASH BROS!!! Yaaay!!!
It did sound weird.
The term "Holy Sandbag" is from McleodGaming Forums, specifically the user "Bedoop".

I just REALLY wanted to use it.

EDIT: Edited. In the previous version of this page, Kirby said "Holy Sandbag..." in the last panel.
Dark Meta Knight and Shadow Kirby, in 1v1 combat as children. That sounds so weird.
i will boom boom you all

I like this page for some reason.