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The Cosmic Star

The Cosmic Star

by superzentredi
This is an experimental quasi sitcom/science fiction adventure series that I will try to update once a month.
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The Cosmic Star

This is an experimental quasi sitcom/science fiction adventure series that I will try to update once a month.

Recent Comments

I’m glad to hear that there’s more.
Chapter, This story is just getting warmed up.
Please tell me that the webcomic will go on.
The End
The end of the chapter or the story?
Probably not because it does have a magnetic field generator to deflect small objects away (sort of like the deflector dish from Star Trek)
Is the Cosmic Star going to be hit by the debris?
@Francisco: hmmmm
His prayer
"Not just"? So he wants help with that as well?
@adam: We all have to work together, treat each other with respect?
I don't see how she demonstrated respecting diversity here.
@Xero: And where do you learn the math required to make the calculations to do gravity-well slingshots and more complex things? In elementary?

Again, space is not a hands-on environment. You cannot learn how to fly a spaceship like you would learn how to sail a boat. Simulators would help but you don't hand the wheels of what is essentially a nuclear powered controlled explosion to just anyone, any ship. Especially when you can turn a spaceship into kinetic kill weapon of mass destruction.
The same way you don't hand someone who flew biplanes and played a lot of simulators a Boing 747 unless you have no other choice.

There would be certificate and training systems involved that you would have to prepare for and qualify, which would likely consists of a high-level education in of itself.

I'm guessing that even with exceptional talent and early education, she would had to go through that and show decade or more years of experience.
Plus who would you want comanding the most exspensive ship ever some onewho spenthalf their earlycarrer in class rooms or someone who was doing slingshots off gravity wells at the age most kids are learning to ride a bike? In space there is what you knowand what you learn she KNOWS how to run a ship
@adam: Background stories will be fleshed out later. Needless to say she learned everything from her father from a young age. Plus, the ISEO is a private company so they can pick whatever Captains they want.
How the hell did she get the post then? Modern captains often have degrees related to the field, there are university courses specialized for preparing captains. Not to mention lots of training from non-university educational facilities.

Space is not a hands-on environment. It is a very non-intuitive one and you need to know calculus just to learn how to fly a spaceship. You need to understand orbits, rocket equations and much, much more. Yes, the computer can do it for you but you still need to understand what it is doing.
Well, it's nice to be turned into a strawman, I guess.
Having sensitivity and being able to think for yourself are two different, unrelated things. Frankly, "being able to think for yourself" is something that EVERY university, particularly science universities, are supposed to teach. It's kind of like saying they study students how to do research. That's not praise, that's the minimum.

As for sensitivity I actually looked up what "safe places" are on Wikipedia and RationalWiki (we have no such thing in universities in my country and hardly imagine that they are). As far as I can figure out they are about making educational facilities free from hate speech and harassment. Which is what universities are supposed to do and have done in the past. Make them places of learning and intellect, bastions from oppression due to religion, race, nationality and today, sexuality.

Prof's little rant does not come across as "grumpy" but bigoted. Again, the only people who I have ever seen use the term "SJW" unironically are bigots that are outraged that their bigoted beliefs are questioned and have no intellectual resort but mock those that challenge them by painting them with things like "perpetually offended".

Also, I would imagine that an explorer ship's university would be more in name rather than function in traditional function. That it would be populated with undergraduates and other already-qualified students (with actual degrees) who not only can already do science and research but are actually doing them. To put new scientists and students close to the field. Not freshmen who have to be taught science first (unless this is a generation ship), they can do that more cheaply on Earth or on habitats.
@adam: Oh don't mind the Professor, hes a grump. There is room for all opinions on the great Cosmic Star. Surely the most important statement was the one he made about people learning how to think for themselves...
To be frank, if that's the highest achievement he can name to an entire university, then he is a great dissapointment. You have an university on a city-starship, likely at the cutting edge of astronomical research and your best introduction to it is "we ain't like those wuss-loving earth universities"? Seriously?

I have yet to read or hear anyone who uses the term SJW unironically to be anything but a giant pissant themselves.
Perpetually offended...
You just went up several points in my estimation for that little "rant".
If they're travelling faster than the speed of light, how is their radio signal getting there before them?

{edit} Just re-read the previous page -- they're not yet going faster than the speed of light.