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Heirs of the Veil

After a long journey, the young witch Victoria finally arrived in Port Arbores, the city on the edge of the abyss. Can the city's secret protector, the Strayer, help her find her missing mother?

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Seaquential Arts
September 16th, 2019
Hey there! We are now associated with SpiderForest! So if you want to stay up ahead on Heirs of the Veil, hop over to our website, where we update two pages ahead!
Our last guest-comic entry is by the wonderful Elissa ( the author and artist of the zodia-themed LGBTQ+ comic Seeing Starsigns ( As you can see Elissa excels with an amazing eye for color, movement and wonderfully detailed art, with it being lovingly painted and rendered, so that every single one of her pieces is a joy to look at. I highly recommend checking her out!
Seaquential Arts
April 14th, 2019
This weeks guest-art has been done by the wonderful Payton, who you can find over at twitter at Paytons art-style is colorful and expressive, with a lot of different characters and character types. The writing in her comics is amazing and even characters in minor roles have a ton of personality. I highly recommend checking out Help Wanted here on tapas and WOLA ( which is a collaborative effort with the also amazing Salty ( and will come over to tapas May 2nd!
This weeks atmospheric and action-packed guest-art was provided to us by the artist-writer duo Alchemist and Druid! In their works they go into all kinds of different genres like Horror and Fantasy but even educational comics about biology (they have some really neat shark comics on their site). Their works also often include Canadian settings, since they are both from Toronto, as well as historical subjects and LGBTQ+ themes. They have an amazing range and you should definetely check them out.
Their website :
Their twitter:
Their instagram:
Their ko-fi:
This weeks guest-art is by the lovely Kaz Rowe ( Kaz is the creator of Cunning Fire, a sapphic urban Fantasy comic about witches who try to create the Elixir of Life, which proves to be very difficult. Cunning Fire shines in both art and story-telling department and the comic had me at the edge of my seat more than once. You can read it both on its own website and tapas If you like what you see also consider supporting Kaz on patreon
Seaquential Arts
March 25th, 2019
This weeks guest-art is a beautifully moody piece by Annie ( In her work she focuses on interesting, varied and deep characters but you'll also see one or the other cetacean. I more than highly recommend checking out her work that's inspiring whether she uses digital or traditional mediums. Consider checking out her instagram as well:
The first week of guest-arts starts with a piece of art by Abso Katta. It absolutely warms my heart and makes me smile every time I look at it. Abso's work is delightful, focusing on diverse and creative character designs with a lot of personality. It's absolutely worth checking out! Please get a look at her work on! She also has commissions open currently so you might want to check out her info on them
Cameos: // // // //
This page features cameos of...:
Chloe from "The Blue Valkyrie" - /
Octavia and Cei from "Falconhyrste" - /
Frank/Augure from "O Sarilho" - /
March 31st, 2018
I'm pretty sure I have that phone xD
Seaquential Arts
October 28th, 2017
This weeks guest art comes from Wapy! In her art she focuses on action and characters full of expression in their facial features and movements. Her webcomic O Sarilho follows two brothers raised by the military, who were dispatched for rebuilding measures of a dam. Everything seems to go well, until an ancient satellite crashes into enemy territory. The comic captivates through its colorful art and the interesting, unique cast. As of now the story is in pretty early stages, so it's a good time to just hop in. You can read it here: If you want to support Wapy, here is a link to her patreon (! I also recommend following her twitter ( Tweets are mostly made in Portuguese, but even if you don't understand the language I strongly recommend a follow just for her art! Maybe also browse her society6 (!

With that I want to say thank you, to all artists having contributed to make our hiatus seem a little less long. Also a big thanks to all of you readers who beared with us during this time. Heirs of the Veil will return with its second chapter on the 31st of October, so stay tuned for this and some other news in regards to the project!
Seaquential Arts
October 14th, 2017
M. Lang is an illustrator and comic artist from Germany. Their on-going projects Herzblut ( and Dragon x Black Knight ( both deal with supernatural beings, a lot of dramatic stakes and romance. Both these series are on hiatus at the moment, because M.Lang is working on a new comic called Sister Jack about a female serial killer. This comic will launch on the 31st of October and you should already check out the site: ! M.Langs style is distinguished by very delicate looking characters and dream-like sceneries and scenarios. You can find them also on twitter ( and support them on patreon (!
Seaquential Arts
October 8th, 2017
Annie is an artist from Germany, focusing on very fluid and expressive character designs, illustrations and writing. Their art is mostly realistic looking in regards to color design, with very harmonic and fitting palettes that make her illustrations come alive. She is currently taking commissions, which you can check out here: Also make sure to follow her on twitter ( and Deviantart (
Seaquential Arts
October 3rd, 2017
This weeks guest-art contribution comes from the wonderful Risto. They are a german based artist, working on a project called Marrow Gates, that they mostly use for small comics and character interactions. These characters are unique and interestingly designed and Ristos art is absolutely alive and stunning. They are equally equipt with working digitally and traditionally and no matter what they produce, it is always an absolute treat! Please check them out, either on twitter or tumblr
Seaquential Arts
September 24th, 2017
Jey Barnes is a non binary artist working on the webcomic Job Satisfaction (, a wonderful comic about the assistant of a demon summoner Lemme and their daily struggles with romantic tension towards hellish creatures (and others!), summoning accidents and difficult clients. The art of the comic is simple and cartoony, yet of rich detail that makes the world accessible and feel truly alive. The characters are expressive and very well written. Jey absolutely knows their craft and I highly recommend checking them out on twitter ( or taking a look at their portfolio ( and tumblr (
This week's guest art is from the wonderful Melissa Capriglione (! She is specialized on cute, very expressive characters and has a very distinctive style. She works on a webcomic named Falconhyrste ( which is about a school and the mysterious secrets surrounding it. It has very colorful art, lovable characters, is witty and a lot of fun to read! If you want to support Melissa you should check out her patreon:!
Matt H. Taylor is a freelance artist who went from film to comic in 2015. His art is signified through very expressive characters and attention to detail in his environments. A while ago he launched his comic Admiral, telling the story of Thomas Andrews Jr. a shipbuilder on the RMS Titanic. It is a very promising comic that you can check out here: To get a better look at Matts other works check out his twitter (, his instagramm ( and his portfolio ( You won't regret it!
Seaquential Arts
August 26th, 2017
Esktasy is an Austria based artist with a serious skill for character design and expressions. Their art is fluid and their designs are wonderfully diverse and interesting. You can find them on twitter where they occasionally post sketches of different characters or wips for illustrations (, follow them on tumblr for more of their illustrative works ( or check out their page on facebook ( I seriously recommend a follow for some really great art!
August 24th, 2017
Is that soldier 76??? ahahaha
Seaquential Arts
August 19th, 2017
This weeks guest-art is from the lovely Elli, whose works you can also find on tapastic: Elli writes and illustrates a webcomic called Tag/Nacht about people who are not quite human trying to navigate through a very human life, with all their problems and prejudices that come from those around them. Ellis art-style is amazingly adorable and full of life, as you can see in the picture above. Her specialty are cute people in all sorts of situations, but many of her artworks are very sincere and deal with deep emotional turmoll as well. For more art you should check out her tumblr here: