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PMD:Heroes of Ego

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Heroes of Ego is a story about a chespin and a charmander.

I'm back in school. Comic is on semi-perma hiatus. Sorry.

Recent Comments

October 27th, 2017
Good to see this comic’s still going.
October 26th, 2017
Sorry for the long wait! Since I've begun school again, I've been very busy with art stuff. Updates will be inconsistent, but there will probably be more. I might try making a few pages to complete the next scene, then uploading them over the course of a few weeks. This is a better resting point.
This is page 12, introducing Kelpsy's hometown! Due to it's unusual history, it has two separate disctricts, one where mostly grass pokemon live, and the other where ground and rock type pokemon live. I'm pretty happy with how this page turned out, though it did take a while.
Good job! C:
I really enjoy reading your comic and I look forward to seeing what you do with comic, also you have a unique color job with your comic so far and I love it, also take your time, I can't say for others, but I can say that for me, please take your time however long you need, you do a amazing and unique job and I enjoy reading your comic and seeing this unique blend of color, good luck and I hope wherever you are you have a wonderful day! C:
Pow Pow
June 27th, 2017
No worries about late pages. We're patient ^^ Can't help Artist's Block anyways.

Nonetheless, your comic is so pretty! ^^ Good luck on it, I'll most definitely be sticking around, regardless of how quick pages come out.
Sorry this page is so late, after I said that I'd update more frequently. Don't worry, I've dissappointed myself, too. I was doing gardening work, and had some bad Art Block. Hopefully from here on out I'll update at least once a week, though the goal will still be twice. Thanks for sticking around.
June 16th, 2017
Awesome so far, I love the art. It's very unique and you don't see this style too often. Keep it up!~
Take all the time you need, We're all looking forward to it!
Hiatus is over!
Exams are almost over, so it's time to start posting again! From her on out until the next chapter, new pages will be posted Mondays and Thursdays, likely around 5:00 central time. I'm excited to start getting this story told!
April 27th, 2017
"We lost?"
March 15th, 2017
YAY! Update!
That poor little pawniard, his face is just so adorable.
March 13th, 2017
It's finally here! Sorry this took so long. Hopefully I'll get this part all done soon.
January 5th, 2017
sorry the page is a little late. also, thanks for 50 readers! im very excited to have so many people seeing my comic.
December 14th, 2016
Aww, man, I really like how you draw.

I like the backgrounds.
The characters look cool.
And I presume that Chespin is gonna be one of the main characters? Just from what the description says, that is.

And I love the third panel the most, tbh.

Here's to hoping that you get plenty of fans in the future.