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What would happen if everyone suddenly woke up, committed to doing the right thing?

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Greg still sleepin' away! So precious...
So wait. Did they want financial aid, or are they here to donate? Hmm...
And you don't like STUFF anymore. I like stuff. You don't.
Daniel, you don't understand. We could live the American dream. But YOU just want to help people. What a waste of time! Seriously. We could live in the lap of luxury. WHY would you want to waste your life helping OTHER people?!? It makes no sense. Only a crazy person would want to do that. We're on the cusp of being the perfect capitalists. You disgust me!
It's amazing how much can be said with no words...
Chapter 4 BEGINS
Welcome to Chapter 4! I'm super excited about this chapter because you might consider it one of those "boring transition chapters" as we lead up to some BIG STUFF in Chapter 5 -- But it's not boring at all! Still lots more to do here! Reconnections, major events, character development and emotional moments! Woot! On we go with Chapter 4!!
Only 5 days left!! :) -- So many cool tiers. Read ahead in the story, get 10 copies for yourself and your friends! Thank you for considering!
Almost there!
The Kickstarter is at $3000 of $4000! 75% of the way there. I've been working on this project for a year now, and I don't intend to stop. I have too much story to tell! You can help me get there. :)
@Ultimate Legacy: Thanks, Ultimate! Hopefully you'll let me know what you think of the rest...
reminded me a lot of 'The Newsroom' by Aaron Sorkin, awesome start
Forget everything you learned in Chapter Zero. That doesn't apply here. Yet. (Maybe ever.) Oh, and page two will have much more content. Page 1 is just a teaser.
This is the big one!
Here we go. Last page of Chapter Zero. Monday we start the main story. If you believe in what I'm doing, if you believe that others could benefit, please share this. Tell everyone you know. Because it's only gonna keep getting better! Believe me. Join me on this journey. I'm doing it for you. For humanity. LOVE TO ALL.
@frankledan: Thank you so much! I'm starting off on a 2x / week schedule, ramping up to 3x / week in December. :)
Sweet! Super excited to see more of this!