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A greedy corporate analyst contracts a supernatural disease that forces him to help others and not make money for himself anymore. Every time he helps someone, they get it, too.

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@wickedceltics: It is hidden elsewhere on the Internet. It's like a treasure hunt. :P
Chapter Zero?
Well, now I wanna read Chapter Zero.
@ShaRose49: Ha! Your Dad would probably like this comic, too! :P
I’m glad someone does
Wow cool!
@ShaRose49: I agree with your dad...
@ShaRose49: The perfect set-up.
Yuck that is so sad
@ShaRose49: Hi Sha -- unfortuantely, very much so! The Ku Klux Klan is notorious. :(
This looks like an abusive relationship waiting to happen
Just goes to show that helping others all the time isn’t always a good thing if you’re neglecting your family.
Hmm...Imwonder if they’ll be a “thing”
My dad says if the government spent the amount of money that they do on war and the environment on helping poor countries, there would be no poverty
Wow do cults like that even exist?!
I looove this comic. We need content like this right now!
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@Givemenovember: Thank you! And if you give me October, I'll be happy to give you November. ;)