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A greedy corporate analyst contracts a supernatural disease that forces him to help others and not make money for himself anymore. Every time he helps someone, they get it, too.

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@righteouscomic: Wow, that's a lot. Good Luck! :D
@UserofGames1233: Thanks! I'm so glad you are enjoying it -- means a lot. :) I've written 16 chapters, we're starting production on chapter 11, and I have an outline that takes us to 40-50 chapters in total...
@righteouscomic: Well, at least the world would be better place if everyone started helping each other instead of thinking of money. Money probably wouldn't exist anymore, since everyone would help each other for free. Great comic, by the way.
@UserofGames1233: :) If everyone had the disease, an incentive plan (capitalism, communism, etc...) would probably not even be necessary.
Hmm, everyone gets treated equally in a good way, even without money. Seems like a better version of communism. :D
@DarkBlood_CSTID: Nice! I could see that. (or should I say hear that...)
@DarkBlood_CSTID: :) Thanks, Darkblood! :D
Greg's voice
I keep hearing Ruben's voice from Rick & Morty Season 1 Episode 3.
Facial expressions
His facial expressions really crack me up.
@jeffersongorman: Yay! Let me know what you think! :D <3
That looks impressive. I'll give it a try ;)
Happy New Year!
@Zobazollia: I love receiving random brain thoughts! Keep em comin!
I really appreciate that you always reply to whatever random thought comes to my brain that I type up.
@wickedceltics: It is hidden elsewhere on the Internet. It's like a treasure hunt. :P
Chapter Zero?
Well, now I wanna read Chapter Zero.
@ShaRose49: Ha! Your Dad would probably like this comic, too! :P
I’m glad someone does
Wow cool!