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Upcoming star Gilles Decker finds himself interested in Clement, a boy who is running away.

BL one-shot


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January 29th, 2019
I’m not...
I wasn’t prepared for that.
May 28th, 2018
Even though the story itself was left off with a major cliffhanger, or more so multiple cliffhanger's, and there were questions that never received any answers, I genuinely really enjoyed it overall.

Cancer has always been a rather sensitive topic for me, due to being a cancer survivor myself, after suffering from two bouts of it back in my childhood days. After finishing reading Clementation though, I felt more so relieved then completely and utterly heartbroken. Maybe that's due to you never actually showing Clemen passing away, I'm not entirely sure myself. But thank you for shedding some light on the fact that in order to pull through while having some form of cancer, you'll need someone there by your side to constantly be the light at the end of your never ending tunnel.
aawww its so beatiful! its so sad its over
this was really beautiful. it really rang true to some of y own personal experience trying to lend a loved one my strength, having to show them that i could only magnify what they already acknowledged in themselves because i can't do the emotional work for glad to see you putting this into a comic. thanks
Hi!! I've printed Clementation and it's now available for regular orders! It comes with 2 bookmarks!

>>> <<<
February 7th, 2017
His love life
February 2nd, 2017
I just wanna say that when I first come across this comic, it's like reading a beautiful picture book. And I love your characters and their struggles to earn their happy ending. It's just so heart-warming and fills me with hope.

Thank you so much ^^
January 30th, 2017
This is incredible!
Great job creator! Both for the artstyle and the story and how you represented it.
December 24th, 2016
This is so beautiful, it made me cry :')
The story is so cute and hopeful, and your style is so beautiful too! I love how each page is so unique <3
December 3rd, 2016
I love his quote, it's a good one
December 3rd, 2016
My aunt had that
December 3rd, 2016
That is awful, he has cancer he can yell :(
December 3rd, 2016
Ohhh no :(
December 3rd, 2016
This is so surreal and romantic. I love it
November 21st, 2016
Omg what? D:
November 18th, 2016
@Saqui Ayinleo: aaah thank you so much!! thank your for the nice comments and for reading! T_T

@Lils2Go: thank you sooo much! T__T all the things you said make me really happy!!
November 15th, 2016
This was absolutely amazing - thank you so much for sharing!! I love the way you use colour and page structure, marvelous
November 15th, 2016
Saqui Ayinleo
November 14th, 2016
Love <3
This comic was sooo cute!!! I loved it! everything of it, the drawings, the layout, the colors, and of course the story and characters ^^ <3 you are great, you are very creative! Keep up the excellent work, I'll look forward to more of your stories <3 <3
November 12th, 2016
That's the end!!!!!
There are an extra or two I might post here, but Gilles & Clement appear in another comic I'm drawing right now which you can read on tapastic~

Thanks again for reading! ^^