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【YAOI/BL】Taavi is a slave that lives in a society divided by political and racial aspects. Living among the winged and being a victim of prejudice because of his impure blood, Taavi finds himself involved in a circle of conquest and defeat that fate reserved for him since the day he was born.

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Looks like Khedri is about to cause mischief! XD
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Oh, Khedri~! He such a curious little boy.
Early updates and exclusive rewards on Patreon:
@Vanessa Scarlett 45: Thank you. <3
We've seen authors like that. T__T
We're really glad to have readers that point out our mistakes so we can correct the pages.
One of a kind!!
You're one of the few authors I know who actually make corrections when someone points it out and you even take suggestions. I really like that about you. Most of the time authors just complain that reader should stop pointing their mistakes out but you don't and I really commend you on that. I'm going to stop rambling now. Just wanted to tell you that I like that about you.
@Ink-Mix Studio: You're welcome! ^-^
@Huntik13: Thanks again! <3
Oh, poor Khedri! Looks like he's regretting his decision to join Algort! XD I can't wait to see the "Entropia Facts" you'll be posting on Instagram!

SLIGHT ERRORS: First panel, Khedri's thoughts is phrase awkwardly. Try something like this, "And it also seems he doesn't want any company."

Fourth panel, Algort's first speech bubble is a punctuation at the end.

Last panel, the semi-colon can be a normal comma, so the sentence will looks like "...more annoying, studying or him.", and delete the "whether" in that sentence too.
@Ink-Mix Studio: Always happy to help! ^-^
Ink-Mix Studio
April 30th, 2019
@Huntik13: Thank you!! <3
Ahh, the tediousness of studying! V^^ Ah, Little Nox is pretty cute! Although, he looks so somber...

SLIGHT ERRORS: First panel, at the end of Algort's speech bubble, it should be "DO you understand?"

Third panel, Khedri's speech bubble is a punctuation at the end.

Last panel, it should be "He's always COMING back alone from the Academy." Or you use "WALKING".
Oh, a time skip! 0o0 It's seems Khedri ajusted well to Exclam. Although, I really wanna see what happen with his father....

Anyway, very interesting information here!! Khedri's magicc is black, so that means he's really one powerful wizard! That even means he's stronger than Nox! ^0^
I know Khedri turns out pretty fine in the future and seems to be pretty fond of his master, but Algort is such a scary looking man! OwO Algort needs to learn to look friendlier in of a child.
Ink-Mix Studio
April 16th, 2019
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He's only eight, but Khedri being scold by his father is the least of his worries. He's about to make a life-changing decision! >0<
Ink-Mix Studio
April 9th, 2019
Early updates and exclusive rewards on Patreon:
@Ink-Mix Studio: That makes Algort sounds even more scary! XP

You're welcome! ^-^
Ink-Mix Studio
April 3rd, 2019
@Huntik13: I can only say that Algort knows how to get what he wants. And thanks again! <3