Candace 'n' Company

Meet Candace, a friendly young gal fresh out of college! Follow along as she wages her daily battles against boredom at the office, a lazy roommate with a short fuse, and a rambunctious little pet dog. Will she come out on top with a big smile as she wins the day, or be overwhelmed by the small but relentless frustrations of everyday life? Have fun finding out.


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@Ultimate Legacy: I actually drew this several years back, but it is one of my favorites!
@Ultimate Legacy: My dad, who also doesn't go for the tasteless liquid, inspired this cartoon! :-)
Never heard of it, I too am confused by the tasteless liquid
step up
Hey...the boss represents all the people thinking of how this 20th president shit for brains is going to take power...
@Evil jordan: Thanks! :-)
One of your funnier one!