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A girl with a golden voice is turned into a nightingale by a jealous friend. fleeing her village she finds herself in a kingdom where the King is trapped in a curse of his own.

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June 13th, 2007
Aw man the last panel makes me so sad...poor guy.
June 13th, 2007
This is the end of the prologe and the REAL fun begins Muahhhh XD.
when all else fails use a bishie to start the story...hehe I'm just kidding X3. I loved how this page turned out althogh I do wish paragraph would be more centered but oh well.
*story rambles* I really wanted move away form the evil step-mother archetype character and create a villain that is easy for the audience to sympathize with. Although now that I look back now I realize she isn’t that original she actually very common archetype in shojo manga T_T. But I also wanted to show how good people who are infatuated with an evil idea can turn evil. I love Shria's freckles she's so cute ^_^
Hi all; this is the author speaking . Although this comic is a manga it may have more of an illustration style of storytelling then just the characters talking and interacting. This is one my first so feel free to say what ever needs to be fixed and please comment.