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Midnight Coffee

Two guys.

BL * Yaoi

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@redrambl: you do have a point XD...
and in the old west, for not dying upon being shot, he would have been hanged. then, since still alive - and unlike in middle-agey europe where he would have been burned (big time bad juju for a vamp) - in the old west they would have made him a legend.. ^^

sorry. just had my coffee. does that to me. XD
now everybody from the 313, put your motherfucking hands up and follow me...
lol sorry, that's the first thing i thought of when i saw Matt's room number. btw this was a really good extra, i like the fourth wall break in the beginning haha
@portisHeart: if Levka was shot, he wouldn't die :P
devious lil' bloodsucker.

and thx for all the pages.
surprise. i was wondering about all the winning hands.
in the old west, you'd have been shot for winning hands like that. just sayin'.
uh oh.. is Matt really in kiss mood? he's not hot, he's fuming...
so cuuuute ^^
@NekoSeiboy: thank you! Im glad you enjoyed it :)
@redrambl: nice short story very amusing and well done
See you next friday C:
Levka. the smartest cheating horny pet. XD

take it easy, we'll wait!
awwww, c'mon Matt! don't be a party pooper! we wanna see skin! XD
i think being on your cell phone is the most polite way to ignore your company.. XD. like, better than staring intensively at the wall as if it had grown an arm or sumtin'..
This is even more funny because while I was checking the new updates I was also listening to a talk about manners and how it is rude to be on your cellphone in certain situations and low and behold the comic is about someone who was on their cellphone ignoring their company.
@redrambl: kk good night/good luck
I got a job for a week which consumed all my time and energy, I couldn't work on the pages at all :C
Tomorrow I'll upload the second part, now I need sleep <3
Then you call me Mattie XD
It's actually my real name lol
February 13th, 2017
@TigerShark: thank you very much, im glad you're enjoying it so far :) just call me red or ram :D
February 13th, 2017
@Auldr: since you noticed so much let me tell you this is a bit of a sneak peek into what their relationship will be like ;)