Midnight Coffee

Two guys.

BL * Yaoi

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i do willingly want to share my blood with you, no discussion here. fun fact is, i do also feel like willingly sharing other fluids, and if you're not messing with my mind, then.. TT'
You're Back Early!
Wow, thanks for the early update! We weren't expecting you back till the 20th! Don't wear yourself out.

Levka is going to have to drag Matt back to bed again!
2 days ago
@redrambl: good on ya for getting two pages done. how would i help?
2 days ago
I managed to finish two pages before the 20th yeeey
now THAT is cute
January 9th, 2017
@Sasabu: im glad!! <3
January 9th, 2017
@Carman Sandiego: I can't help but notice your nickname lmao It's Argentina, yes.
January 9th, 2017
I'm loving this xD
Winter In June
Capetown, South Africa ?

Wellington, New Zealand?

Tierra del Fuego, Argentina?
@yuffierikku: nah, they are actually brownish like his hair, I just like to color them red
Oh man that was funny. His attempts of flirting were totally ignored and misinterpreted. Was he born with red eyes or is this an aftermath of a future event?
This guy ...
a Capricorn, I love it <3 happy birthday Matt!!
@redrambl: well its nice to see author's give there characters a birthday and celebrate them its thoughtful anyway happy birthday matt
Happy Birthday Matt!
I had to draw something for his bday, poor confused baby <3
Love it!
I just started reading like 30 minutes ago. Your art is really good and the story is funny and has so much fluff <3 Keep up the good job. Greetings from Mexico!
January 2nd, 2017
love that last frame, dat fanged smile XD. just started following hence the scarce comments..
happy new year and lotsa energy for those coming intensive weeks, looking forward to end of jan. ^^
December 31st, 2016
such brotherly love. He braids hair!
I hope you have a wonderful new year and you keep doing what you love! I very much enjoy this comic and it puts a smile on my face! I hope writing and drawing it does the same for you! <3